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Valeo Lifting Belt Review

Valeo Weight Lifting Belt

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Valeo Weight Lifting Belt Introduction

Before you start writing in to lambast me for writing a relatively good review on the 4-inch Valeo lifting belt, please take the time to read the review in its entirety. This is a good belt but not meant for everyone.

For starters, the Valeo weight lifting belt is made from split grain layered leather with suede. It isn’t a full-grain single layer leather belt. If it were one, it would cost exponentially higher than just $20 or so. This valeo lifting belt is best for beginners and new weight lifters who won’t be plying past 300 lbs. anytime soon. In fact, it only helps develop core strength, improve flexibility and endurance. It is not meant to go past your 70% weightlifting capacity.

As for specs, the valeo weight lifting belt uses double lopps and double prong roller buckle, double stiched edges and a suede lining on top of the foam lumber pad for a comfortable back support. It is made from just 1/4th inch cowhide. The point I am trying to make is that Valeo does not hide the fact that it is an entry level weight lifting belt, so let’s not make unwarranted assumptions.

Valeo Weight Lifting Belt Size Guide

Valeo does not do a good job of specifying sizes. In fact, you get a size reference for just the small and medium belts. For large and extra-large you have to make your own assumptions. In fact, I suggest you pick another belt if you need large or extra-large sizes.

  • Small – 24 to 30 inches
  • Medium – 30 to 38 inches
  • Large – Suggested to fit 38 to 44-inch waists.
  • Extra Large – No sizing from manufacturer.
Valeo 1240115 4-Inch Padded Leather Lifting Belt For Men And Women With Back Support for Weightlifting And Suede Lined Foam Lumbar Pad
  • Top Quality 1/4-Inch Cowhide
  • Suede Lining Covers A Foam Lumbar Pad
  • Double-Prong Roller Buckle

Valeo Weight Lifting Belt Review

If you have been lifting weights for at least two years or more, skip this review and move onto a higher rated belt. I am testing the Valeo weight lifting belt for folks who are just starting out with deadlifts and need a back support but do not want to invest more than $20 or get a Velcro type belt.

This Valeo belt is not made in US and it certainly does not have the same quality as a similarly shaped Inzer or Harbinger belt. Yes, it looks like it can take a lot of weight, but one week with this belt and I instantly understood the target market Valeo is catering to.

I believe the weight restriction for this split-grain leather weight lifting belt is somewhere around 270 lbs, though you could go all the way up to 300 lbs but I would advise against it. I can’t say for sure but either the buckle or the layered leather will give way under heavy load.

But what if you are a beginner who wants a leather belt for less cost and does not intend to lift anything heavy for some time? The Valeo belt offers sufficient back support and does not pinch the skin either. It uses foam padding at the back with a thin layer of suede running atop. The seude helps wick the sweat away from the leather while the padding provides sufficient support for more than just deadlifts.

As for sizing, I will suggest you stick to either the small or medium and if you need anything larger go with some other brand. The Valeo weight lifting belt isn’t accurate with its sizing and regardless of which belt you get, chances are you have to squeeze to the first peg or the last. In the event you find the perfect size though, it should serve you well regardless of the change to your waist size as you grow.

Like I have mentioned ample number of times, consider getting this Valeo belt only if you are starting with deadlifts. The rigidness is sufficient for moderate lifting but will not handle anything taxing.

Valeo Weight Lifting Belt Pros

  • The cheapest leather belt currently available on Amazon that has the right structure and comfort factors.
  • Great for beginners and light lifting.
  • Leather never really touches the skin at the back so it should help keep your back ventilated.

Valeo Weight Lifting Belt Cons

  • Poor leather quality, prone to tearing under heavy duress.
  • The buckle isn’t fixed and it wobbles around.
  • Not designed for intermediate and heavy lifters.

Valeo Weight Lifting Belt Conclusion

I say it one last time – do not purchase the Valeo weight lifting belt if you intend to use it for heavy lifting. You can keep this as a backup if you want something that is comfortable but supportive for light lifting. In my opinion, anyone who suffers from back complications and needs general support will benefit the most from this Valeo belt. Likewise, beginners have a lot to gain from the 4-inch full back support with foam padding.