About Me

Thomas Boxtiger

Hi. I’m Thomas Boxtiger. I used to be part of the band known as the “The Box Tiger”, although the band is now redundent.

Our band was located in Scotland, and we had a blast travelling all across Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Germany and even the States!

My real name is actually Thomas Cham, although I go by the name Thomas Boxtiger because the band represents a significant part of my life that I never want to forget. It was great while it lasted, and all of the band partners were fantastic. We had fun producing music, and had even more fun touring the world. Our live sessions were very much like karaoke sessions – we strongly promoted that our audience joined in and enjoyed the fun.

I now reside and live in the United States after the band disbanded; I just felt like I didn’t belong in Scotland anymore!

I’m an avid karaoke fan, a karaoke lover and karaoke enthusiast. My family call me “Karaoke Man”, quite literally. If I see a sign saying “Karaoke Session Tonight”, I’ll stop and buy a couple of tickets – but I’ve always been that way; ever since a child.

I’ve got a total of 86 karaoke machines at home; which I have collected through the years. I’ve got a couple of Children’s Karaoke Machines, quite a few Home Karaoke Machines, and the bulk of my collection being labelled as Professional Karaoke Machines.

A list of all the reviews I have put together thus far include: Digital PianosKaraoke Machines and Electric Guitars.

I’d also like to make it clear that I work alongside the legend himself, Bill Chase. Bill is widely regarded as one of the best trumpet players in the world – and I have the pleasure of having him on the website; writing reviews and contributing to the site. To learn more about Bill Chase, visit here: https://www.armchairempire.com/about/bill-chase