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Affordable Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

The Avantree 40 hr Wireless/Wired Bluetooth Headphones are definitely a solid pickup for 50 bucks! I’d give them an 8.4/10.

While you might not have heard of Avantree before, we’ve recommended several Avantree products including their Bluetooth receiver and Bluetooth transmitters. They consistently deliver affordable and quality electronics so we believe it is a brand you should look at regularly.

I must admit, I found myself somewhat uncertain if I had made the right choice after I made my purchase. When it comes to electronics you never know when a good price is the mark of a great deal or just a cheap product that’s going to break on you in a few weeks. I had bought two, knowing one would be a gift for a teenager who would care more about the look and capabilities than the actual quality I was concerned about. First let me say, they arrived very well packaged and I greatly appreciated that they were already charged when they got to me. I was able to use them right away, no waiting to play with my new toy. That’s always a bonus! Well, I’ve been using them for a few weeks now and I have absolutely no regrets. Plus, my teenager is still showing her’s off so that’s another bonus!

Although they are little smaller than I expected, the headphones are well-built and well constructed. I was surprised at how light they are and have continued to be impressed by how durable they have proven to be so far. I’m kind of particular on how headphones sit on my head and fit on my ears. These are perfect in both departments. A custom fit feeling is what I got. I’m a fan of the snug and soft ear-cups and the solid metal band with good crushing. Oh, and the carry bag is soft and a nice touch. It keeps the headphones from getting scratched up and makes them easy to find.

I’d say that I’m an average user with unrefined ears. I listen to a lot of youtube videos, Spotify and iheart radio. Sometimes I watch movies on my phone. The sound quality is good. Better than I expected. Even when streaming or being used for game audio. The same goes for the active noise canceling. Although the Avantree’s don’t seal as well as my pair of $200 Sony in ears, they are quite comparable. I work from home and I listen to ASMR while I’m working, especially when my kids get in from school. These headphones have no problem drowning out 2 children, so I can stay focused when I need to. That’s a big win in my book. Even when I’m on the go, I also prefer to wear the Avantrees for my dog walks, jogs, light workouts, housework, yard work, etc.

I like the clickiness and responsiveness of the buttons. They are positioned perfectly especially if you are a multi-tasker, like me, who may need to adjust the volume often. They are a much better choice over the more expensive Bluetooth ANC headphones because of the lack of weight. Speaking of overpriced options, my brother raved about his noise-canceling Sony headphones. They run about $300. We compared them to my new Avantrees and the Avantrees are clearly better quality and a better value, all while less than a quarter of the price. Nice! And In my opinion, the Avantrees are much more attractive so do yourself a favor and save yourself the cash before you run off and buy something just because of the name written on it.


There isn’t really a clear indication of whether the headphones are on or off. So the process of turning them on and off is a bit of a guessing game. When setting them down for a while, I take the extra step and double check the Bluetooth connection on my phone to ensure the headphones aren’t still connected or showing up as an available device. This helps to not waste the battery unnecessarily. The ANC light works but I wasn’t sure what it meant. It blinks red and blue. I did not test the microphone.

Overall, I am very pleased with the Avantrees. Worth the buy! You can’t beat it for $50. Well deserving a strong 8.4/10 rating. Here’s the link if you want to grab a pair