The Software Developers Behind the Best Online Casino Software

It’s 2019 and online casinos are more popular today than they have ever been before, with global revenues hitting an astonishing $45.8 billion in 2017 – a figure that’s predicted to almost double to $94.4 billion in 2024.

Those numbers are being fuelled by softening of gambling regulation around the world and increased access to both the fast internet and mobile computing hardware.

But when you load up your favourite online casino, you probably aren’t thinking about the software which makes it all possible. In fact, most people don’t even know that behind most online casinos are widely used, easily customized software which provides almost everything about your online gaming experience.

Digging into the ‘about’ pages on most casinos will reveal which software operator they’re rolling with, but many still choose to hide their software partners in a bid to give the impression of uniqueness in the market.

Needless to say, there are very few casinos which do create their own games, instead relying on dedicated casino software developers to create experiences which their customers will love. But who are these companies silently creating our favourite casino games behind the scenes? Join us as we share with you the best of them:


Founded in 1999, Playtech has grown to become of the biggest software providers in the world for the gaming space. They provide software to online casinos, poker rooms, bingo halls, sportsbooks and even live casinos. Operating primarily in the UK (a vast casino market) and the EU, Playtech are the parent company behind smaller operators Origins, Ash Gaming, Playtech Vikings, Psiclone Games, Quickspin, Sunfox Games, Eyecon and more.

There’s a very high chance that if you’ve ever played an online casino based in the UK, you’ve played a Playtech game.

Evolution Gaming

Fast-internet and lightweight video codecs like HTML5 have meant that streaming video is incredibly popular, a fact which has given birth to the ‘live dealer’ explosion - games which are played in real life and broadcast back to users, who bet and play in real time.

One of the leaders in the live dealer sector is Evolution Gaming, who have built their entire company on it. Their live dealer games are used by some of the UK's biggest online casinos like Gala, William Hill, Paddy Power, Coral and more. Although not available in the US (yet), Evolution Gaming has received several industry awards, including Game of the Year.

RealTime Gaming

For a long while, RTG casinos (RealTime Gaming) casinos were the last word in US online casinos. In fact, the phrase RTG became closely associated with online casinos in the early to mid-2000s, before awareness of the industry became as widespread as it is today.

Powering a huge percentage of the USA Online Casinos, RealTime Gaming has made significant moves in recent years to expand its product range and channel delivery. Today, they offer sportsbooks, mobile casino gaming, download games, instant play and kiosk games.


A slightly smaller operator, Microgaming has built their reputation like RealTime Gaming – in the US market. Unlike RTG though, Microgaming has been at the forefront of the latest developments in technology.

Specifically, they’ve been working on VR online casinos, launching a VR roulette product which has already found significant success. VR aside, their vastly successful poker operations and Mega Moolah slots have meant that Microgaming enjoy a sterling reputation in the casino software development sector.


What do Playtech, RealTime Gaming and Microgaming have in common? They’re all companies born in the late 90s, at the birth of the online casino industry.

IGT (International Game Technology), on the other hand, can trace their roots back to 1971, when they started selling software and hardware to brick-and-mortar casinos with gaming machines. They quickly began to throve and, today, they operate in both the physical and online casino space – offering many of the same experiences online or off.

Although less prevalent offline than on, IGT owns the casino game licenses to huge names like Family Guy, CSI, the Wheel of Fortune and Ghostbusters, making them a major draw for potential online casino operators.

The Stars Group

Formerly known as Amaya, The Stars Group changed its name in 2017 following the 2014 takeover of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker’s parent company for a huge $4.9 billion – hinting at one of their specialities.

Based in Canada, The Stars Group don’t offer games to the US casinos, but they are active around the rest of the world and offer some of the most popular slot games going thanks to their licenses for major superhero franchises like Superman and Wonder Woman, alongside other properties like The Italian Job, Jenga, Street Fighter and more.

Of course, these are merely some of the biggest companies in 2019. The industry is expanding at a remarkable rate and, as demand grows, who could say which companies will capitalize to become a leading light in the coming years.

Best Gaming Gear for Playing at Online Casinos

Online casino gamers, much like video game players, use games as a way to relax and have some fun, but with the added benefit of there being a chance to win some money. With so many different games to explore at online casinos, many casino gamers choose to indulge in a session of seeking and playing the best games.

To enhance the experience, gamers seek out special gear to buy and use when playing online casino games. Now, as these games don’t require specialist controllers or consoles to play, buying gear comes down to boosting the relaxation levels to their highest, getting completely immersed in the game, and using the best tech to play the games on.

So, if you want to play online casino games, these are the best bits of gaming gear that you should consider adding to enhance your experience.

The Best Device

Online casinos emerged into the world in 1994, taking the form of specialized websites with a few Flash/video form games. But along with the internet, online casinos have evolved into gargantuan sites with pages filled full of hundreds of high-definition games. They have also adapted to the demands of the modern gamer.

It was found that by the end of 2018, over half of the gaming market’s global revenue will come from mobile devices. Gaming from phones and tablets is immensely popular, so online casinos made themselves mobile-friendly, as did the developers creating the games.

To get the best of both worlds with mobility and a touchscreen interface as well as having all of the power of a regular computer, you should turn to the iPad 9.7-inch. The phenomenal bit of gear is perfect for scrolling through online casinos, touching into games and then tapping your way through play. It even supports the Apple Pencil.

Best of all, you can run multiple apps at one time, meaning that you can switch between your online casino website or app and a website or app showing you playing strategies for games like Craps, European Roulette, and All American Poker.

The Best Chair

If there’s one thing that gamers know, it’s how to stay comfy for prolonged periods of time. Playing video games often takes up hours of a day, so being at optimum levels of comfort is not only important to the player’s enjoyment at the time, but also to prevent back, arm, neck, and shoulder pain later on.

Many top-class gaming chairs are in circulation, but the one rated as the very best of all in 2018 is the Secretlab Omega. This bastion of gaming comfort boasts a very versatile tilt mechanism as well as velour memory foam pillows. Reviewers say that the Omega offers such comfort that you could put it in full recline and take a nap.

Online casino gaming is very much like console gaming in that the player will sit in one place while playing the games. It’s very important to be comfortable and ergonomically correct during these gaming spells, which is why chairs such as the Secretlab Omega have become so popular with all forms of gamer. They’re certainly comfier than the stools set out in front of slot machines at land-based casinos.

The Best Headphones

For those who live in a house or apartment with other people, you may have found that others don’t always appreciate the chimes of coins, the bounce of the roulette ball, or the wisp of animated characters as they appear in your online casino games. But, these sounds are part of the game and help to immerse you and raise excitement levels.

So, it is imperative for the modern online casino gamer to get some good headphones. Earphones like the Apple or JVC Gumy ones are okay, but a proper gaming headset is what will really sink you into the game. The best one on the market for comfort and the incredible surround-sound feel is the HyperX Cloud Revolver S.

Boasting Dolby’s digital signal processor, the 7.1-channel surround sound is exemplary. The need for this bit of gear to be comfortable cannot be overstated, which is why the HyperX Cloud Revolver S is given so much credit. The cushions sit very well on your ears and across your head, while also muffling out surrounding sounds to keep you in the game.

The Best Mouse

If you’re not part of the mobile revolution and much prefer playing your online casino games the good old fashioned way, you’re going to want a top class mouse. If you play on a laptop, you’ll certainly want a mouse to avoid the tedious use of the touchpad. You don’t need one because you could do with the extra buttons provided by a gaming mouse, but because certain models do offer extra comfort, ease of use, and a very special immersive feature.

The Steel Series Rival 700 catches the eyes of many gamers because it vibrates. Image playing a game, and whenever something major happened, the mouse rumbled away to add to that winning feeling. On top of this, the mouse is sleek and smooth for ease of use and comfort and it has side buttons for speedy back and forth web page navigation.

So, if you’re looking to enhance your online casino gaming experience, check out the top-rated bits of gear detailed above; see how much better your spinning and card gaming can get.

The Most Popular Browser Based Games

The best way to waste time in the world is on a browser-based game. There's no waiting for downloads, normally no need to pay a penny, and often a great community to boot. Whether you were an early adopter in the late 90s, or you've never tried a browser-based game before, there is certainly a game that will fulfil all of your procrastination needs. These are the most popular of their kind.


Fans of old-school gaming will love nothing more than a few hours of Runescape. One of the original browser-based games, Runescape holds a special place in many a gamer's heart. Part of the appeal is the total lack of rules or instruction. Players are given the absolute minimum necessary instruction initially to ensure that they don't immediately die, and then they're left to their own devices. Nowadays Runescape players have plenty of options. They can play Runescape 3 on browser, they can even take advantage of mobile gaming with the newest addition to the game. Purists enjoy being able to play the 'Old School' version, complete with glitchy simple graphics and the same core of players that you got to know back in your awkward teenage phase. A blast from the past that is worth indulging in.


If bright and colorful is what you look for, then Neopets will undoubtedly already be saved to your bookmarks. This cheerful game was founded all the way back in 1999 and allowed players to nurture a cute virtual pet to greatness. The game is based around nurture, reading books with your pet to help them to learn, buying them costumes and customization to help them improve, and playing puzzle games to gain enough cash to look after your mob of pets. Nowadays neocash has been added as a shortcut option, allowing players to part with real money in exchange for a special in-game currency which can allow them to progress more quickly. Many will remember Neopets fondly for its forums, filled with roleplaying stories and adorable fan art. It's not going to be a browser game that suits the battlers of Runescape, but if you've got a soft spot for cute things then it could definitely eat up a couple of your afternoons.

Goblin's Cave

Online casino games are amongst the most popular browser games that there are. They are accessible for all skill levels, developed by enormous professional teams and you might even win some money. There's nothing not to like. Whilst the king of casino games changes all the time, the most played last year was Goblin's Cave. It achieved a staggering 2679 unique visits from January to August, putting it ahead of other big-name contenders like Starburst and Sunrise Reels. This slot machine game is fairly traditional in its layout, using spinners decorated with gold coins, bejeweled crowns, and shining rings to decide the fortune of the player. Its popularity is probably mostly down to its generous RTP of as much as 99.32%, which is only improved thanks to the no deposit bonuses on offer at many of the online casinos that offer the game. If you're a beginner when it comes to slots games then this is an easy introduction with a return to player that won't break the bank.


Those who look for a bit of purpose in their gaming might enjoy Geoguesser. A relatively new addition to the list, this game allows you to travel around the world and visit new places via high-quality images. The browser places you in a totally random location and then asks you to guess where you are by dropping a pin on the map. The only way you can work this out is by using clues in the images. Looking out for distinctive mountain ranges, lakes, or distinctive vistas will allow you to work out rural locations, whilst in urban locations street signs and buildings are your biggest clues. Once you've dropped your pin Geoguessr will let you know how accurate your guess has been on a scale of zero to five-thousand. Five thousand is anything within 150 meters of the actual location of the place, where zero is right on top. Whether you actually learn anything is open to debate, but it is great fun and super satisfying when you get one exactly right.

Top 3 Progressive Jackpot Slot Games

The immensely large variety of slot games offered at online casinos of today sometimes makes it very difficult for even the seasoned campaigners to find one which perfectly meets their preferences and liking. There are actually thousands based on different features and themes. Nevertheless, there’s one variety of online slots that shines out among all and is commonly known to slot lovers everywhere. We are referring to progressive jackpot slots.

These are unique slot games with the potential of delivering huge, life changing pay outs, even at low-stakes. You can check some of them here at a highly reputed online casino platform called Spin Casino. In this short article, we will acquaint you with the top 3 progressive jackpot slot games available in the market today, which are a must-try if you’re after huge wins are feeling lucky!

Mega Moolah

Developed by Microgaming, a commonly known brand in the online casino world, Mega Moolah stands out as unarguably the best and highest paying progressive jackpot slot in business today. This is primarily because it has already delivered some of the biggest jackpot pay outs ever since its release.

To give you an example, Jon Heywood, 26, a UK soldier from Cheshire won a huge £ 13.2 million jackpot with a mere 25p stake! This slot game comes equipped with 25 pay lines and is themed around an African adventure Safari. The jackpot can get triggered at any point, from any spin, taking you to the Jackpot wheel, which when spun can deliver either of the four jackpots – Minor, Major, Mega or Mini. So, a prize is guaranteed once you reach that round!

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune from Net Entertainment (NetEnt) is another major hit amongst the lovers of progressive jackpot slots across the world. Like Mega Moolah, this game also once held the record for delivering the biggest jackpot pay out in the online slots’ history. It too offers 25 pay lines, however, is themed around luxurious lifestyle. Some of the commonly seen symbols on its reels include fancy cars, expensive wine bottles, yachts, watches and more. You can trigger its jackpot bonus round by getting three bonus symbols on a single pay line.

Jackpot Giant

Created by Playtech, this game despite being an excellent progressive jackpot slot never accomplished the level of popularity seen by the other two progressive slots above. The main reason behind this is Playtech’s inability to make their games available widely across the online casinos globally, something that other developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Realtime Gaming etc. have been able to do very well.

But you can easily neglect that fact if all you’re interested in is winning a huge jackpot amount! To throw some light on what’s on offer, a player won $ 12.3 million from a single spin in October 2018. Unlike the other two progressive slots in this list, this game comes with 50 pay lines and various types of rocks and gems as the reel symbols. Land 5 golden wild symbols on the first pay line and you’d be in with a chance to bag that typr of jackpot! Make sure that you place the maximum bet, in order to win the maximum!

ESPN to Help Sports Gamblers

Over the past 10 months, much has changed in the world’s growing sports betting community. From one state to the next, legalized sports gambling is becoming a reality in the US thanks to an important 2018 decision from the US Supreme Court. At least 10 states (Oregon, Montana, Mississippi, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Nevada, Rhode Island, New Mexico and West Virginia) have already passed the required sports gambling legislation with at least another dozen states soon to follow suit.

With a growing interest in betting on sports, ESPN has decided to give its audience and dedicated sports gamblers exactly what they want, statistical data to help with the handicapping task. It’s a good bet that this information will give the most astute handicappers the ability to turn a Golden Nugget Casino bonus code into a serious bankroll.

The name of the new show is “Daily Wager”. The show is scheduled to begin airing on Mondays through Fridays on ESPNews at 6 PM ET and stream live on the ESPN app, starting on March 11. With the daily lineup still to be determined, the show will be hosted by Doug Kezirian, ESPN sports betting analyst, with help from some of ESPN’s expert pool of broadcasters with an occasional assist from guest handicappers.

Daily Wager’s focus will not be on handicapping games and making selections. Instead, there will be a panel of experts who will be offering up statistical information on the teams and players from the respective sports leagues. The analysts will provide the pertinent information and leave the handicapping to the real experts, ESPN fans. The panel will be looking at point spreads as a point of reference for comparing statistical data for each game.

In a press release, Norby Williamson, ESPN EVP and Executive Editor, Studio Production stated, “ESPN’s mission is to serve sports fans. The sports betting environment has changed and interest is increasing at unprecedented levels. ESPN is going to have a strong and vibrant presence across our platforms, and the launch of Daily Wager is the next step in what has already been underway for some time.”

For what its worth, Williamson is referencing ESPN’s commitment to give its loyal audience base exactly what they want. With a growing number of novice sports betting fans looking for betting news and relevant handicapping information, the long-standing sports only channel is ready to deliver exactly that at a level not yet seen on a major sports channel.

ESPN is renowned for its access to a huge database of statistics and game analytics. Among the anticipated participants who will be tapping into that database will be the loike of “Stanford” Steve Coughlin, Scott Van Pelt, Chris “The Bear” Fallica, David Purdum, Anita Marks, Preston Johnson and Joe Fortenbaugh. Coughlin and Van Pelt currently serve as co-hosts for another one of ESPN’s betting -themed shows called “Bad Beats.” Bad Beats takes fans on a journey that covers some of the worst betting bad beats in the sports world from games covered on ESPN’s flagship show, Sportscenter.      

Gambling Community Seeing Changes in West Virginia and Virginia

All across the US, states are scrambling to put together gambling legislation that makes sense for each state’s residents. In the neighboring states of West Virginia and Virginia, it has quickly become a tale of two states headed in different directions.

In West Virginia, all forms of gambling (horse racing, charitable bingo, fantasy sports, casino, sports betting, lotteries) are now legal within the state’s boundaries with online gambling soon to come (see below). In Virginia, a more conservative approach has taken hold. While legislators are battling to get casino and sports betting in place for its resident, casinos in West Virginia are starting to flourish with the addition of sports betting.

In the latest news, it looks like West Virginia’s sports bettors and casino enthusiasts are on the verge of having their wildest dreams become a reality. With House Bill 2934 passing through the House with a vote of 72-22, the West Virginia State Senate will now get the opportunity to debate and vote on online gambling legislation for its residents. This important legislation was sponsored and introduced into Congress by Representative Shawn Fluharty (D).

As stated by HB 2934 “The Legislature finds that it is in the best interests of the State of West Virginia for the state to operate a lottery in the form of interactive wagering and that it is the intent of the Legislature to authorize interactive wagering within the state and through compacts with other approved jurisdictions.”

Furthermore, “An operator may accept wagers from an individual physically located in a state or jurisdiction with which the commission has entered into a[n] interactive wagering agreement using a mobile or other digital platform or a[n] interactive wagering device through the patron’s interactive wagering account, so long as the device or platform is approved by the commission and all other requirements of the agreement are satisfied.”

If the bill is going to meet any meaningful opposition, its likely to come from a senate that has struggled to push through gambling legislation in the past. It’s also quite possible that Republican Governor Jim Justice could pull the plug on the bill at the last moment due to possible conflicts with the DOJ over the 1961 Wire Act interpretation.

Virginia to Ban Sweepstakes Gambling Machines

In Virginia, the state legislature has moved to ban an already existing form of gambling, albeit disguised as something entirely different.

In a bill sponsored by Sen. Bryce Reeves, both houses unanimously pass legislation that bans access to sweepstakes gambling machines, often referred to as “Sham Sweepstakes” machines.

According to Reeves, the bill, which is expected to go into effect on July 1 of this year, "clarifies the existing code for prosecution of illegal gambling by specifically declaring illegal the so-called 'sham sweepstakes' machines." He added the legislation is "designed to make it easier for law enforcement to go after and prosecute these types of machines and establishments."

The machines operate as gambling devices by selling products to customers, who then get credits they can use to play games of chance for sweepstakes winnings.

Find the Best Business Premises Now

Commercial success doesn’t come easily, and your premises can have a significant impact on your future profits. Due to this, it’s important to think strategically when you’re buying commercial property or leasing a workspace. To ensure you find the best premises for your business, take a look at these four things to consider:

1. Costs

Every business has a budget, so don’t be tempted to overspend on your premises. With any luck, you’ll be in business for a long time, so expensive running costs will quickly chip away at your profits. When you’re calculating how much you can afford to spend on your premises, be sure to take everything into account. Sites like Utility Bidder can help you to find the best water and energy rates, for example, while IT managed services may be a cost-effective way of installing an IT infrastructure. There’s more than just the rent or mortgage to consider when you’re paying for business premises, so cost your operations carefully from the outset.

2. Location

Unsurprisingly, location is still a major factor for new businesses. While some start-ups can operate from any location, any business which relies on footfall will need to be situated in a busy area. Similarly, if you plan on inviting potential clients to your business premises, being located in a city or large town may be advantageous.

Remember – if you want to hire staff to work on-site, you’ll also need to ensure you’re located in an area that’s easy to commute to and/or desirable to live in.

3. Security

No matter what type of business you’re running, it’s vital that your premises are secure. If you’re going to be holding stock on-site, for example, you could have thousands of pounds worth of goods within your premises. Alternatively, your IT equipment, data and even office furniture will need to be kept secure to deter would-be trespassers and thieves.

Choose premises which are relatively easy to secure, or select a retail unit, office space, warehouse or factory that already benefits from on-site security. With digital CCTV, alarms and security personnel, for example, you can keep your premises secure and perhaps even reduce your insurance costs.

4. Space

Before you start estimating how much space you’re going to need, visit a few different options and get an idea of how much 10 sqm or 100 sqm really is. Empty units can be deceptive, so visit furnished premises, if you can. It’s easy to underestimate how much space you’ll need to run your business, but selling yourself short now could result in limited profits further down the line. Commercial leases can run for a long period of time, so make sure your space will give your business room to grow.

Branding Your Business Property

Before you sign a contract, make sure you know what your rights are when it comes to renovating the premises. If you want to brand your commercial premises, for example, you may need to get your landlord’s permission first. By taking this and other factors into account from the get-go, you can ensure your new premises are perfectly suited to your business.

Tips On How To Pack For a Photography Trip

Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, you will certainly feel the need of carrying your gear around with you when you’re going on a trip. However, knowing how much to bring, what exactly to pack what to leave at home can be a bit of a challenge and packing smartly can be considered an art in itself. Read the article below to see a few tips on what to bring for your photo trip:

1. Consider What Kind Of Trip You Are Taking

First thing you need to consider is what kind of trip that you are taking. Is it a dedicated photography trip, a road trip, hiking in the woods, a family vacation or even a trip with your friends to play at a UK online casino? You need to think about the purpose of the trip itself, and how much time you will have to dedicate yourself to your photos. And obviously, if your main purpose in the travel is not exactly photography, how likely you are going to take that many pictures?

1. See Who You Are Travelling With

Secondly, you’ll need to see who you are traveling with. If it happens to be with a friend or relative who also enjoys photography it can be very different than going with your kids or your loved one. It is necessary to think about the others going with you, and what they are also carrying along and wish to do with you on that trip.

An alternative to this is to go on a photography vacation, where you’ll be accompanied by other amateur and professional photographers and the sole purpose of the trip is to take as many photos as you can.

1. Know Your Method Of Travel

Another thing to think about is your method of travel. Remember that if you are going by plane, there’s weight and size restrictions on both of your carry-on and checked luggage. Maybe you can leave that giant tripod at home and pack a lighter and more compact one. Also, you can easily reach the airline carry-on limit if you want to take your camera gear and your laptop with you.

This would also apply to bus, train or bike travelling, but in a sense that you ideally need to travel as lightly and compactly as you can to make things easier and safer for you. If you are going on a car, then obviously the room inside your vehicle will be your only limitation.

Trip length is another good factor to consider, as trips that last 4 weeks or longer can have thousands of pictures taken, so you will want to carry your laptop and external drives to free up your camera memory on the go. For short trips, then maybe carrying a few extra SD cards should be enough.

1. Consider Where You are Going

Finally, as mentioned, you need to consider where you are going. Different scenarios require different equipment. In city trips it’s better to carry compact and versatile lenses and cameras, but for tropical and beach locations, then long lenses or wide lenses should be good to carry around if you want to take wildlife or landscape pictures, respectively.

The Best Of British Sport Tournaments To Watch In 2021

Britain might not be one of the biggest countries in the world when it comes to size, but they still manage to hold some of the best sport tournaments in the world. Here’s a look at three of the most exciting to watch in 2021.


One of the most popular sports across Britain will always be football. For some reason, football has become a hugely important part of the culture in most towns and cities across the country. The only problem is whilst everyone will support a team, it’s highly likely that the team they support might go years without playing a team their friend supports. This is because as well as there being lots of teams, there are lots of different leagues in which teams play each other around the country. That’s why there is so much excitement when it comes to tournaments like the EFL Cup. Just like the name suggests, any team from the EFL, which includes the 92 teams which make up the Premier League, the Championship and Leagues 1 and 2, all have the possibility to play each other. You’d imagine that any team who plays in a higher league would easily beat any team they’re drawn against in the lower league, but football often isn’t that simple. That means there are a lot of interesting EFL Cup odds on websites like Unibet for many of the games throughout the tournament. As these teams may have gone years, if not decades, without playing each other, it’s very hard for the bookmakers to try and predict the outcome of these matches, so you could end up winning some big prizes from very small stakes if you bet on the underdog to win.

Super League

If you like your sport a bit more physical and aggressive than football, then the Super League will be right up your street. The tournament is regarded as one of the world’s most popular when it comes to rugby league fans. Although the seasons are much shorter and involve a lot fewer teams and games than football, they still deliver a lot of entertainment. There are some extremely fierce rivalries, with some cities like Hull even having two teams in the tournament. The nature of the rules also means that teams regularly win the match within the very last few seconds of the game. That means there’s very few predictable games where the team dominates from the first whistle and even fewer frustrating draws.

British Superbike Championships

If you prefer to see individual athletes fight it out for the win rather than teams, then the Superbike Championships might be the sport for you. Whilst this isn’t a sport that gets lots of coverage in TV sports bulletins or in the general press, this sport has created some legends over the last few years. These include Jonathan Rea, who have won the last six championships in a row, and before that, Carl Fogarty, who even went on to win the reality show I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Of course, the action on the track is just as entertaining as their antics in the paddock, as it combines the fastest possible machines with the most skillful and often ridiculously brave driving of the rider.  

Why You Should Consider Enrolling for a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) as the Next Step in Your Nursing Career

If there is one thing that the current COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it is how vital our healthcare workers are. From doctors and nurses to medical researchers, the past year has shown us just how vital their work is for our society. One consequence of this realization is that many people have been inspired to switch careers and move into the healthcare sphere, and those already working in the medical industry have been moved to think about how they can take their careers to the next level.

If you are already working as a registered nurse and considering what options are open to you for career development, a doctor of nursing practice – or DNP – qualification could be a fantastic choice. DNP online programs greatly broaden your knowledge and skills and prepare you for a future leadership role within the world of nursing. This makes the DNP an ideal course for those who want to fully dedicate themselves to nursing and play a role in developing and transforming healthcare. It enables you to make a real impact on the country's healthcare system's future, changing policy for the better for years to come.

Sounds good, right? Read on to find out more about what DNP online programs involve, the benefits of studying for one, and the impact doing so could have on your future career. If you decide this is the path for you, there are also some practical tips at the end for what to do next to get started.

What is a Doctor of Nursing Practice program?

A doctor of nursing practice is the highest level of practical-focused nursing qualification available. Just like a Ph.D., it is a doctoral-level degree, but whereas a Ph.D. focuses more on academic research, DNP online programs concentrate more on the clinical side of nursing. Therefore, those interested in leadership roles within nursing, rather than a career in teaching or research, should opt for the DNP. Both qualifications are equally prestigious, so you should pick whichever type of degree best suits your interests and career aspirations.

DNP online programs are normally open to those who already have a master of science in nursing (MSN) from an accredited school, plus a current Registered Nurse (RN) license. Each institution that offers the DNP may also have certain extra admissions requirements that you will need to check you fulfill before applying. If you do not yet have an MSN qualification, in some cases, it may be possible to enroll in a program that first involves completing the master's course before moving on to the DNP, combining both levels of study into one cohesive whole.

These days there are lots of options for how to complete your DNP. There are both full-time and part-time modes of study, and you also have the choice between traditional campus-based courses and DNP online programs that enable you to study from home. The latter are particularly well suited to those who wish to combine their studies with their current job or who have family commitments that make attending college in person difficult. Whichever style of program you opt for, you will benefit from the same high-quality education and gain the same career advantages.

What is studying on DNP online programs like?

DNP online programs focus on building your advanced clinical skills and covering areas such as leadership, organization, ethics, management, and economics. Completing your DNP will involve undertaking three main types of study:

  • Core courses
  • Clinical hours
  • A DNP project

The exact modules that you complete will vary according to the institution that you study with, but you can expect a selection of topics such as:

  • Organizational and systems leadership for quality improvement
  • Healthcare finance
  • Healthcare technology and data management
  • Epidemiology and population health
  • Healthcare policy and advocacy
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Ethics in complex healthcare systems

You may also have the opportunity to specialize in an area of nursing that interests you the most, for example, gerontology, anesthetics, midwifery, pediatrics, or mental health. Alternatively, you could focus on an area such as informatics, depending on the type of job role you wish to progress to.

In terms of your clinical hours, these will be completed at a site that is relevant to your focus – for example, a hospital, community clinic, or private practice. You can expect to be required to complete about 1,000 hours of fieldwork, and for those enrolled in DNP online programs, these can be carried out near to where you live. Most colleges will offer you comprehensive help in finding a placement and support during it to focus on your studies. It could also be a great networking opportunity, so be sure to make the most of it!

When it comes to your DNP project, this will be a systematic investigation into a topic of your choice. It should be either a clinical or administration based problem, which allows you to put your knowledge and skills into practice and demonstrate the mastery of your specialty. For most students, this is the biggest part of the course, and you should take your time choosing a topic that you are genuinely passionate about because you will be dedicating yourself fully to it!

First, you will have to identify a problem to focus on and then conduct a literature review before carrying out the project itself. Of course, you will have help from faculty along the way, so do not worry if it sounds overwhelming! This part of DNP online programs gives you the chance to make a real difference by contributing to improving the practice of nursing and patient outcomes and paving the way for future scholarship. All of this means your project has the potential to be extremely rewarding to both yourself and others.

How Can DNP Online Programs Help Advance My Career?

Studying for DNP online programs can give your career a huge boost, especially if you are hoping to move into a position as an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). While the qualification is not necessarily a strict requirement for all such positions, this may well change in the future. Even if it does not, having a doctoral-level degree instantly puts you in the top tier of candidates for job applications.

DNP online programs also give you high levels of employability and job security. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that job opportunities for advanced practice registered nurses are set to increase by 45% between 2019 and 2029, which is much higher than average. With a median salary of $115,800 per year for advanced practice registered nurses, it also gives you the chance to earn a higher salary and enjoy greater financial stability.

Nurses who complete DNP online programs have the choice of not only a career involving direct patient care, like an APRN but also to move into a more administrative or organizational role. For example, this could include working in healthcare policy, public health, informatics, education of nurses, or executive leadership. These sorts of positions are ideal if you want to be part of the drive for change in the healthcare sector by developing government healthcare policies, creating innovative healthcare programs, or working as a Chief Nursing Officer. Thus, DNP online programs open a huge number of doors to future career opportunities – including many that you may not even have considered before!

What are the Other Advantages of Taking DNP Online Programs?

There are many more benefits to DNP online programs than simply the jobs that they qualify you for. Firstly, studying for this sort of program gives you the chance to delve deeply into a subject that you are passionate about. For many people, this alone is motivation enough! It also provides an opportunity to develop your clinical skills to the highest level, enabling you to serve your patients' needs best regardless of whether you seek a new job after you graduate. Therefore, even if you already work in your dream job, if your specialty lines up with one of the areas you can focus on in DNP online programs, obtaining the qualification could still be highly beneficial. It also helps you stay up to date in a rapidly changing field and keep on top of new nursing trends.

There are more general advantages to DNP online programs or any higher education programs in addition to these subject-specific benefits. For instance, studying for qualifications like these enables you to develop further your transferable skills such as written and verbal communication, time management, teamwork, self-motivation, confidence, research skills, problem-solving, and decision making. All of these are valuable regardless of the job role you have or the industry you work in.

You may well also find that DNP online programs offer great opportunities for networking with like-minded professionals. This can be advantageous for your career, but in addition, it is a good chance to make some new friends in your field and broaden your social network.

What are the Next Steps if I am Interested in DNP Online Programs?

If reading this article has sparked your interest in doing a DNP, the first step is to start researching available programs. Decide whether you want to study on a full-time or part-time basis and check the entry requirements to see if there is anything further you need to do to be eligible to apply. It is also worth thinking about what fields of nursing you might want to specialize in to help you choose which DNP online programs will be the most appropriate for you.

Once you have narrowed it down to a few programs, it will be time to start putting together your applications. This might involve getting transcripts from your previous studies and proof of your clinical experience, asking people to provide references for you, and writing a personal essay about why you want to study for a doctor of nursing practice program. You may also be asked to have an interview as part of the process. It is generally a good idea to apply for two or three courses, just in case you do not get accepted for all of them.

Sometimes the application process can feel a bit overwhelming, in which case it can be helpful to talk to an admissions counselor at the colleges you are considering applying to. They will be able to answer any questions you have about the course, how to apply for it, or what the experience of studying DNP online programs is like. The latter might be especially useful if you have never undertaken distance learning before.

How Can I Prepare for DNP Online Programs?

If you are feeling nervous about returning to college-level study after a long break, do not worry – this is completely natural! Luckily, there are plenty of actions you can take to help you prepare and confirm with yourself that you are making the right choice. For example, you could ask your college for some suggested reading materials that you can start looking at in advance of the course start date to allow you to get acquainted with some of the topics you study on DNP online programs.

Another possibility is to sign up for a short online course in a relevant subject area before enrolling in your DNP. This will give you the chance to test out whether online study suits you and to figure out how you learn best. Do not be afraid to experiment with different study methods to see what works best for you. For instance, try and find out which times of day you are most productive, whether you prefer to work in complete silence or with the background noise of a bustling coffee shop, and whether you work best in short, frequent bursts or longer sessions once or twice a week. Knowing all of these factors will help ensure that you hit the ground running!

If you’re just starting out in your career, or you’re ready to take the next step, hopefully these facts will help. Good luck.

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