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Features to Consider in Gaming Desks for The Gamers

For some people, gaming is love and life. They play games all day long and do not get bored. If you see on the other side, there are some people who play games to get paid in return, and they are professional gamers. The professional gamers play games maximum times that enhance the viewing of the games thus benefiting the game developers. There are some accessories available in the markets like gaming desks to facilitate the gaming.

The gaming desks are mostly required for persons who have a passion for playing games and love to gather different PlayStation games. For all these, a gaming desk is required to manage all related accessories and gadgets on it. Following are the features that you should consider while making a purchase of gaming desk:


The first and foremost thing is to keep a check on the price range. You can many gaming desks which cost too high, but everyone cannot afford this. So try to move towards a cheaper one that provides satisfactory outcomes. The quality and price should go side by side in order to satisfy the needs within the budget range.

Which gaming desk you will be buying depends on the budget that you have set for this. If you have spared a large amount of money for this as many game lovers do, then you can buy a branded gaming desk. Otherwise, you can search online about the cheaper gaming desks. You will get to know about many websites that offer such products in deals or cheap prices.

Size and Shape of the Gaming Desks:

Want to buy a gaming desk? Evaluate the physical features of the gaming desk in order to prevent any mismanagement afterward. The size of the gaming desk will depend on the size of your playroom. Buy the gaming desk of such a size that fits in your room, and still, spaces will be left to sit. The shape of ten gaming desk can be of any type depending on your requirements and choices. If you want to fit your gaming desk on the corner of the room, then a triangular gaming desk is preferred.

The triangular gaming desk provides a small area to place a chair. Before ordering your gaming desk, check the size and length dimensions, and compare it with the room’s space, buy such if it fits well.

Cable Management:

Try to buy such a gaming desk that provides a proper space to place the cables in order to prevent the messy look. Some have provided space in back to manage cables, or some have made a small whole box to keep the cables.

Desk Material:

 The gaming desk is available in wood or glass or any sub material. This depends on the preferences of the game players as it has to fit in your room. Mostly the wood gaming tables are preferred because of the durability and long activity factor.

1 4 Best Gaming VPNs in 2019

In a time where the quality of your internet connection can mean the difference between an embarrassing loss and leader board bragging rights, fast speed and low latency are crucial.

When it comes to why they use VPNs, gamers will tell you it simply makes for a nuisance-free, safer session. But not all providers offer the performance you need.

 Here’s our rundown of the 4 best VPNs for gaming this year.

Hotspot Shield

If you’re looking for performance and price, try Hotspot Shield. The VPN has over 2,500 servers in 25 locations and can support up to five devices at a time. Subscriptions start from as low as $5.99 per month, and this VPN offers incredible performance, even over long distance servers. It’s also a simple service to use, and while they don’t have many server locations, the performance more than makes up for it. Hotspot Shield also offers apps for iOS and Android users.


If an interface is important to you, try the IPVanish VPN, which boasts an informative and slick UI. What’s nice about this one is that it allows you to see just how busy individual servers are before you connect. You then have the option to filter them according to latency. IPVanish also lets you cycle your IP address from time to time for added protection. The VPN comes with three pricing tiers, starting at $7.99 per month. This software is ideal for professional gamers, as serious gaming is more than just playing around with friends. It’s a dedicated pastime that requires concentration, a superior connection without latency, and that all-important speed.



This brand offers a tried and tested VPN service that checks off a lot of key features for gamers who aren’t just serious about the CPUs they use, but also their network and accessibility. Besides being one of the fastest services around, it makes use of excellent proprietary encryption technology and is backed by a knowledgeable customer service team. VyprVPN supports three devices at a time and provides superb speed and encryption at pocket-friendly prices. Month-to-month plans start at $9.95.


As a gamer, there’s no doubt you’ve come across NordVPN, but have you tried it? The VPN has a global server network of over 5,000 servers along with some of the most advanced security networks, so there’s no need to stress about DDoS attacks. The high-speed servers mean your connection won’t take a hit mid-game and, if you’re a versatile gamer, this is the flexible, high-performing VPN provider for you. When it comes to speed, NordVPN comes out tops, too. The connection quality is constantly being improved.

Choosing the Best Gaming VPN for Your Needs

Source: Pexels

There are a few things to consider if you want to get the best gaming experience from your VPN. The more servers a VPN provider has, the better. This increases your chances of finding fast connections so you can get online and get gaming quickly.

Along with fast connections, speedy performance levels are vital, as is having a reliable and stable connection. It’s also important to look out for bonus features like dedicated gaming servers and solid DDoS protection so you can sit back and play without a worry.

Top 3 Casinos in UK

If you go about researching the best online casinos in UK, you will find a great multitude of them out there, making it difficult to pick out the best ones for your needs. To be able to filter out the top-rated ones, you need to factor in their range of casino games, types of bonuses, payment mediums, reviews and various other aspects. We have done all the hard work on your behalf and have detailed some of the UKs best casinos here in this article. You can go through more of them by clicking on the above link.

Plush Casino

As is evident from its name, Plush Casino is all about offering a highly luxurious experience to gamblers all over the world. Apart from its excellent design and attractive features, all new signups to Plush Casino receive a handsome £ 500 welcome bonus. There are over 300 casino games on offer, easily searchable through the search bar. All the games have their own respective demos, to help gamblers decide which ones they would like to play first. Powered by some of the top notch online casino software providers, Plush Casino is also pretty solid on the security aspect. The platform is protected with the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, which is very important for such websites.

Bronze Casino

 Established not too long ago in the year 2015, Bronze Casino is counted amongst some of the highest standard online gambling portals that offers a large number of casino games to the interested gamblers. A large majority of these games are mobile friendly and can be enjoyed even while being on the move. There are attractive bonuses for both returning players and new signups. More specifically, all new signups receive a minimum of 100% credit bonus apart from 20+ free spins on the initial 3 deposits. The games are well-categorised, providing for easy navigation. Some of the prominent categories are – classic slots, video slots, action games, video poker, scratch cards, card and table games and live casino. Their customer service is very effective and can be accessed through live chat at any time.

Classy Slots

 Launched very recently in the year 2019 by Game Tech Group, Classy Slots offers a very realistic casino experience apart from an interface which is compatible with all kinds of devices. This online casino offers a wide variety of games, with all the new ones getting added as and when they arrive in the marketplace. All new signups at Classy Slots receive a 400% bonus up to € 800 on the first 3 deposits. Another one of the popular online casinos where there is immense focus on the customer satisfaction levels, their customer service team is available round-the-clock, throughout the year to answer any of your queries. Their featured games undergo constant changes, based on the recommendations made by the casino gaming community. There is a search bar available as well to facilitate easy spotting of the favourite online casino titles

Top 5 Budget Headsets Under $100

5. SteelSeries Arctis 1

SteelSeries Arctis 1 shares the same sleek headset design, soft fabric ear cups and rich drivers with all the higher-end Arctis models. Its removable mic and handy 3.5mm connection make it the perfect gaming companion. Not only that, but aside from the great quality of its microphone, they can be more than your gaming headset, they can be your go-to headset.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Removable microphone;
  • Subpar microphone quality.

4. Astro A10

Astro A10 was conceived to provide the highest-quality sound for the ultimate gaming experience. The in-line volume control and the unidirectional mic featuring flip-to-mute functionality provides total command of the gaming audio experience.

 Knowing just how important is a clean voice chat for an eSports tournament, its developer added to its build a durable, flexible microphone that provides clear, low noise communication
  • Comfortable
  • Flip-to-mute microphone;
  • Impressive microphone performance.
  • Durable design;    
  • No 7.1 surround sound.

3. Logitech G430

Being powered by advanced Dolby technology, these headphones position the user in the centre of an immersive 360-degree sound field with the help of its 7.1 surround sound. They allow you to hear every detail from every direction, just as the game developer intended. The source and the trajectory of an enemy shot, sirens, even your opponent’s footsteps. It's common knowledge that if you can identify the direction of a sound without seeing the actual source, you'll have better chances of winning.

Its sport-cloth ear pads reduce moisture build-up and heat to keep the ears of the one who's using them comfortable for long, intense gaming sessions. Durable and washable, they can be easily slipped off for easy cleaning. Also, the ear cups swivel up to 90 degrees and can be laid flat to protect them when they're not being used.

  • Noise-cancelling technology;
  • Super comfortable design
  • Both 3.5mm and USB jacks.
  • Poor-quality build.
  • Not suitable for watching videos or movies;

2. Sades A60

Sades A60's special design is very comfortable and cool, using a special material for the ear cups and headband that reduces sweat and heat which makes it suitable for long-time wearing. Also, its unique virtual speaker technology realizes sound reverberation that is building amazing sound effects which will make the experience of a game to seem closer to reality.

 Rather than a 3.5 mm jack, it has a USB connector that only has to be inserted in its dedicated plug. There are no drivers or software that need to in installed in order to use this headset.
  • Adjustable microphone;
  • Noise cancellation;
  • No dedicated software.

1. HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud  Stinger is one of the best headsets available out there for the gamers that are looking for lightweight comfort and superior sound quality. Its design makes it super comfortable for both your neck and ears, weighing just 275 grams. Also, it's ear cups can rotate in a 90-degree angle for a better fit.

Looking furthermore at its design, on the exterior of the left ear cup, we can identify a non-removable microphone. This microphone has incorporated a noise cancellation feature that makes it perfect for team orientated games.

Depending on what kind of games one prefers, this headset works perfectly for both multiplayer games such as shooters or MMORPGs and solo player ones like slots and table games. In fact, their sound quality is so high, the player won't have any problem in hearing even the most silent whisper of a live casino dealer.

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight;
  • Compatible with several platforms;
  • Excellent sound quality;
  • No 7.1 surrounding sound.
  • Impossible to customize the sound;

Top 4 best paying online slots in 2019

Every online slot game that you play at an online casino has its own specific return-to-player (RTP) percentage, and it’s this figure which decides the odds of you ending up with a profit after a playing session. The higher is the RTP of an online slot game, the lower will be the house edge and hence you will have a better chance of either scoring an overall profit or at least suffering minimum losses.

While a large majority of online slots display their RTP to the players, but there might be some which are not as transparent as others. Hence, you should be cautious about which online slot games you should play and which ones not. We’ve done some study on this and have come up with the top four best paying online slots in 2019.

Many people might argue why the likes of Mega Moolah, that has delivered the biggest jackpots in the world, is not here on this list. Please note, those kind of progressive jackpots usually have a very low RTP and hence cannot be featured here. For instance, Mega Moolah has an RTP of 88.12%, clearly indicating that you can’t win its jackpot easily!

Mega Joker

With an RTP of 99%, this online slot game from NetEnt is the most promising one when it comes to winning at online slots. Consisting of 3 reels and 5 pay lines, although it doesn’t have any bonus rounds and free spins, it does offer a progressive jackpot which can become pretty huge in no time. It doesn’t come as a surprise that this classic online slot title is still going strong despite having been around for the last 5 years. You can start spinning its wheels for anything ranging from £ 1 to £ 10 per spin.

Hot Ink

A product of Microgaming, a well-known name in the online slots development world, Hot Ink has also been around for close to 5 years and is still going strong at online casinos everywhere. What really clicks for this online slot game is its RTP of 97.5% and a handful of lucrative features like a mini game, free spins and re-spins. Consisting of 5 reels and 1024 pay lines, this game is themed around tattooing and you can place bets ranging from 50p to £ 225 per spin.

Wild Orient

Another popular title from Micro gaming, Wild Orient was released in 2016, and is a 5 reel, 243 pay lines online slot game based on the Oriental theme. As you go about spinning its reels, you will be in a chance to win some handsome cash prizes owing to its attractive RTP of 97.5%.

In terms of graphics, it’s a comparatively better online slot title than others, as there are impressively drawn animal symbols such as that of baboons, pandas, tigers and elephants. Set inside a rainforest, Wild Orient online slot game can have you spinning with bets anywhere from 20p to £ 225 per spin. There is a lucrative free spins round where you can when 15 free spins along with 3x multipliers for any wins scored during the free spins.

Blood Suckers

Creating some of the highest RTP online slots, NetEnt’s Blood Suckers offers a return to play a percentage of 98%, and is a 5 reel, 25 pay line slot game. It has a spooky theme and features very smooth graphics. While playing this online slot game, you can bet anywhere between 25p to £ 50 per spin and witness spooky symbols on the reels such as that of potions, garlic cloves and vampires.

VPN Services In Nowadays Life

Nowadays, more and more users think about their private data protection and anonymity on the network. It’s quite difficult and time-consuming to get insight into the new laws and regulations, however, it’s essential to protect yourself on the network.

There is a proven way to do that – to install a reliable VPN you can find on cooltechzone. This is a kind of a tunnel between a computer and a server, and the information passing through it is securely encrypted.

Do You Really Need The Service?

There are several reasons why you need to take advantage of VPN:

  • It helps you protect data on your PC. Anonymity is useful for those who use Wi-Fi in public places.
  • VPN for a computer on the network helps you remain completely anonymous, so the ISP won’t be able to track your browsing history since the user will have a different IP address.
  • Due to secrecy, you can access content blocked in your region, for example, visit an online casino or adult websites, various forums and so on.
  • With VPN turned on, you can visit all the websites with no limitations. When you establish a connection to the VPN server, you connect to any of the selected servers. They can be located anywhere. Exactly the server you’re connected to gives you access to the web.

For smartphone users to be able to take advantage of anonymous services, lots of VPN servers have been adapted to them. Server users have begun to use special authorization methods for two-way data transfer. Accessing websites from the phone utilizing VPN makes it possible for them to use the Internet in public places remaining completely anonymous, as well as preventing traffic interception and hacking attacks.

Traveling And Internet Access

In addition to the unavailability of services in some countries, there is a certain problem with Internet access when you are traveling. It is not always possible to buy a local SIM card, so you have to connect to Wi-Fi networks in hotels, airports, and cafes.

VPN connection while traveling will provide security when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. Neither the Wi-Fi network administrator nor the attackers intercepting the traffic will be able to find out the websites you have visited. When you connect to public Wi-Fi networks, you put yourself at risk. A hacker can easily access your device through this network and steal such info as passwords, bank card data, etc. If you connect to public networks through VPN, there is no such risk since all the traffic that VPN sends and receives through your device is encrypted.

The second reason to take advantage of the service is installing or watching movies through the Kodi program, as well as the use of unlicensed programs downloaded from the web. If you do all these through VPN, it becomes hard for third parties to find out whether you have downloaded pirated content or not. A VPN connection will provide access to the resources blocked in your country or the country where you are currently located.

Belmont Gold Cup Winner Amade Has Melbourne Cup Target

European horses have a fine recent record in the Belmont Gold Cup Invitational and that trend of transatlantic success continued in New York this year with victory for the French-trained five-year-old Amade.

Although bred in Ireland, the gelding is based across the English Channel at the stables of Alessandro and Giuseppe Botti. In the aftermath of Amade's big race win at Belmont Park, one half of the training duo highlighted another globetrotting adventure was the ultimate aim.

"He will prepare for the Melbourne Cup," Alessandro Botti told the Racing Post. "This was a test he had to win to go to the Melbourne Cup."

Amade's journey from Irish import in France to a hopeful for Australia's most famous race and one of the world's richest handicaps is quite remarkable. His form in minor French events saw him win his last three starts in 2018 over trips in and around two miles.

Looking at his pedigree, you wouldn't think Amade was bred to be a stayer. His sire Casamento won over a mile and also 10 furlongs, while the dam was by American sprinter Five Star Day of Vanderbilt Handicap fame.

Nonetheless, Amade has relished tests of stamina belying his breeding. After winning a handicap on his British debut at Kempton Park on the polytrack, he followed-up at Chelmsford City in a fast-track qualifier for the All-Weather Championships.

Although then beaten in the All-Weather Marathon on Finals day at Lingfield on Good Friday, Amade then prevailed by a neck when taking a big step up in grade at Belmont Park.

<iframe width="853" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

As the Belmont Gold Cup is over two miles and the Melbourne Cup is roughly the same distance and often doesn't need a true stayer to win it, it's a logical target. The race that stops a nation Down Under attracts worldwide interest given how valuable the purse is.

British bookmakers believe other horses have more pressing claims than Amade at this stage. The likes of Master Of Reality, Falcon Eight and last year's Melbourne Cup winner Cross Counter look sure to be among Betting.Betfair's horse racing tips in the futures market on this one.

Connections of Master Of Reality, trainer Joseph O'Brien and owner Lloyd Williams, teamed up with the 2017 Melbourne Cup winner Rekindling. As this horse of theirs was a close-up third in the Ascot Gold Cup over half-a-mile further, there are absolutely no doubts about his stamina.

Falcon Eight hails from another Irish stable that knows what it takes to have a Melbourne Cup winner - that of Dermot Weld. He's saddled the winner twice in the past, including the historic success with Vintage Crop in 19993, and his latest hopeful toughed it out to win a Group 3 over two miles at Sandown Park on Eclipse day.

Cross Counter triumphed at Flemington 12 months ago despite being hampered and denied a clear run. He represents the world-renowned Godolphin operation and was far from disgraced when fourth in the Ascot Gold Cup after previously winning the Dubai Gold Cup on World Cup night at Meydan in March.

This is the elevated company Amade will find himself in if balloted in to the Melbourne Cup. He has proven he can win on lengthy journeys overseas, however, and that is a key asset for any European horse heading Down Under.

Top Tips on How to Find the Best New Casino Experiences

Source: Pixabay

Gaming can be a great way to relax for a few hours and opting to try your hand at casino games is a particularly good idea.

A huge number of people across the world love the excitement of traditional card classics and slot games, but how can you ultimately go about finding the casino experience that’s right for you? Here we provide a few pointers on how you could go about judging both online casino sites and their land-based alternatives.

How to judge new casino sites from your armchair

It is fair to that the online casino world has become a bit of a crowded marketplace in recent times, with many different sites competing against each other to attract your attention and – most importantly – your custom. So, how do you go about picking the best ones?

All in all, you need to take some time to consider the experience you’re hoping for and whether specific sites are able to provide it. More specifically, you might want to consider a host of issues, including:

  • The payment options you can use
  • The welcome bonus which is on offer
  • The number of games available
  • And the software developers behind the titles.

As this Mr Bet online casino review highlights, there are sites like that go to great lengths to compile a lot of this key information so you can compare and contrast specific online casinos with their rivals. Ultimately, that detail means you can make an informed decision on whether a certain site is the one for you.

How to judge land-based casinos

You will not be surprised to hear that a similar thought process applies when you’re considering a visit to a land-based casino, too. After all, we all want to know that the site or resort we’re heading to can cater to our gaming needs and offers the selection of different experiences that we expect.

Source: Pixabay

However, when it comes to land-based casinos, there are other matters to put on the agenda, too. For instance, depending on the type of evening you’re hoping to have, you may want to judge it on its look and style. After all, if you’re seeking a glamorous night out, you would want to know that the casino’s ambience can provide that.

Another issue you have to consider is what is on offer away from the gaming action. As this study into US casino visitors by Ipsos Marketing outlines, people who head to such establishments tend to spend a reasonable amount of money on a lot of non-gambling activities including:

  • Accommodation
  • Spa facilities
  • Dining
  • Entertainment

If you haven’t checked already, consider what the casino offers in addition to gaming as you plan your evening out or weekend break.

Get gaming!

Thanks to the rise of online services, casino gaming is arguably more popular and accessible than ever before. However, with so many land-based casinos and online sites vying for your attention, it is important to spend time discovering the ones which are right for you.

 We hope these tips above will set you on the right path as you begin your casino gaming journey.

What Book Writing Software to Choose

Just like any other creative labor, literary work also benefits from the use of various tools that help the writer in achieving better performance. As time went by, writing tools experienced improvements, while the digital era enabled the development of book writing software to facilitate the demanding writing process. In this article we are going to introduce some of the best software solutions you can put your hands on in order to write better, faster, and much easier.


Unlike generic word processors which can serve any given purpose, Scrivener is a tool designed specifically for writers. Its main features are a simplified user interface which allows you to concentrate on your work by leaving out unnecessary toolbars and icons. Furthermore, you can outline your story simply by saving separate subheadings as sub-files, so you can jump right at the part of your content that you wish to work on. In addition, you can move your content around as you see fit, there's also a useful plotting feature that enables you to create a story plot for your fiction writing projects. Finally, the software allows you to publish your work on several online platforms seamlessly without navigating outside the software environment.


When deadline draws near there is no room for unwanted distractions. The latest research shows that an average user spends more than 2 hours each day going through their social media news feeds and messaging. Freedom is not a writing software, yet it is a useful app that allows you to create a list of websites and apps that can shift your focus from work. You can set a schedule according to your work needs and the software will automatically block listed apps and websites during your most productive period.


This is a minimalistic word processor that allows you to work in a distraction-free environment by leaving you with nothing but a blank page and your imagination to fill the workspace with amazing content. However, FocusWriter is not just a featureless outsider that pales in comparison to other writing programs, it grants you the chance to track your statistics live, has a spell-checking feature, and places at your disposal the ability to set daily goals. With a series of customizable themes and adjustable background, you can create a personalized working environment for added comfort during your creative endeavor.


Among numerous novel writing software solutions, HemingwayApp, a browser-based application allows you to proofread your work, and improve your writing using the suggestions for a simpler and more stylish expression of your thoughts. The app will also help you with SEO enhancement, which is essential for web content.

Proofreading is a time-consuming process which can drag you away from your college obligations. Without proofreading software like this one, you would be compelled to look for an online service that writes your essays while you are struggling to make your content ready for publishing. With HemingwayApp you get a free proofreading and editing assistance without too much effort.


One of the best things about being a writer is that you can set up your office anywhere you like, as long as you have access to a computer and internet for research purposes. Dropbox is a tool that allows you to upload your content and keep it safe and available wherever you might be. You can start writing on your laptop and continue your work in a different place, using a different machine simply by accessing your Dropbox folder. In addition, if you’re collaborating with a fellow writer or editor, you can share access and allow people to edit your content if you wish.


Available as a free version and premium software, Grammarly is arguably the best proofreading software solution on the market. It allows you to upload your files, fix spelling and grammar issues, and download the improved version of your content while keeping the original formatting unharmed. Moreover, the premium version allows plagiarism check and features in-depth proofreading and style improvement suggestions.


This piece of software is built especially for Apple Mac users, and its main purpose is to help you create and publish eBooks. The software offers a string of versatile design options that you can set up in a manner that fits your target audience or eBook genre. It has an abundant choice of formatting options, connects you with publishing platforms like Kindle, Apple Books, and others, and lets you share the links to your social media accounts, with just a click so your audience could get their hands on your latest work more easily.

Final Words

These were some of the best writing tools you could find according to their purpose, ease of use, and functionality. Most of these software solutions are available as free and paid versions, depending on your personal and professional requirements. It doesn’t matter which of these apps you decide to use, as well as you put them in service of your growth as an author.

About the Author

Robert Everett is a freelance content writer, engaged with a number of respectful online publishers invested in the writing industry. Robert creates informative and educational content for aspiring writers as well as seasoned scribblers looking for professional improvement. Apart from publishing articles, Robert uses social media to share his experience with an army of followers

How Will the iGaming Industry Fare in the Rest of 2019?

The iGaming industry is one that remains buoyant and continues to grow regardless of any other industry’s success or failure. The industry adapts each year to challenges and grows from opportunities presented both in the world of gaming and tech and in the trends that players might be interested in engaging with. Being halfway through 2019, it’s important to see what was promised from the world of iGaming this year and what there is still to come. So, here is a check-up review of the iGaming industry as we head into the second half of 2019.

Source: Pixabay

Slot Storytelling

For those who play online slots, there are a wealth of changes that look to be taking effect that will hopefully allow the 21% of revenue made on slots to challenge the 34% revenue from on table games. Those playing slots online will already notice how many themes there are that provide a storytelling approach to playing slots rather than just a numbers game. Wrapping the gameplay in a theme or audio-visual content shows the move towards fleshing out the slot game. Indeed, the number of crossovers there are with franchises has also increased so that fans of Game of Thrones, Family Guy, and Jurassic Park can indulge in slot games framed around the franchises they enjoy.

Mobile Optimization

70% of all gaming revenue comes from mobile gaming – which means developers should be thinking about how best to package a game for a mobile audience while retaining features that would be needed on desktop. Most iGaming sites do offer an app or mobile-optimized version of the site, but there are many that only provide a selection of the games on offer. Given that mobile is bringing in the money, perhaps we can see the rest of the catalogue of games being delivered onto mobile-ready platforms.

Source: Pixabay

Live Dealers

Games such as Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will reinvigorate the gamer’s desire to interact with something that isn’t just a programmed game. Thus, the popularity of live dealers for poker, roulette and blackjack will likely increase. The live streaming technology gives people an added depth to the gaming experience and increases excitement when it comes to table games. Indeed, those who want to indulge in the latest technology will be able to play the games to see how it works. The very facet of the tech itself may convert many over to the form of gaming. Live dealers show a marked advancement on the standard table game format that users have interacted with previously.

50 iGaming titles launch every month to add to the 3,000+ that currently exist – so the content and gameplay that is being engaged with is important to get right. The iGaming industry has a lot of growing room ahead of it, especially as other modes of gaming are evolving. The future is bright for iGaming and the industry understands the need to appeal to a wider range of people and is already making the necessary steps to do so.


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