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Finding the Most Popular Games at the Best Mobile Slot Casinos in 2019

Finding the Most Popular Games at the Best Mobile Slot Casinos in 2019

Whenever you have a bit of free time, regardless of where you are, there’s nothing like a bit of gaming to fill your hours with some fun. There are some great beach games and yard games detailed here, plenty of which allow you to move around and promote being active while having fun. If you want to push your health and fitness activities to the next level, there are plenty of popular gaming options focused specifically around this, the best of which are detailed here

But we are the Armchair Empire, after all, so gaming is what we do best - and when it comes to this, it's gaming on mobile devices that is really on everyone's minds these days: nearly half of global gaming revenues come from mobile gamers. Online casinos recognised the surge in mobile popularity early and have created mobile apps filled with their biggest and best games to deliver top-class casino gaming on the go. Here, we’ll be going through the slot games on offer at these casinos as well as highlighting their most popular games.

BetVictor, 251 mobile slots

Successfully adapting to mobile has made online slots even bigger, and now, in 2019, you are just a few taps away from enjoying the best mobile slot casinos from BetVictor is one such provider, boasting a tremendous library of slots from a diverse range of developers, including the likes of NYX, Play ‘n Go, Quickspin, Red Tiger Gaming, and Yggdrasil. It's NetEnt, though, whose games stand out for many players, with many of them regularly ranking among the most popular on the mobile casino. Their recent release of Jumanji and its huge player base has even shown that the classic movie has a place in the world of gaming.

Mansion Casino, 155 mobile slots

Laden with the latest and greatest mobile slots from Playtech, the undisputed champion range of games at Mansion Casino is the Age of the Gods progressive suite. Once upon a time, the Marvel linked progressive jackpot suite of slots was one of the biggest in the world. If it was still running, there’s no doubt that the box office obliterating Avengers: Endgame, as shown here, would have enhanced its popularity further. However, when Disney acquired Marvel, they yanked the licence from Playtech. To make up for the loss of such recognisable names, Playtech added big features and even more exciting gameplay from new titles in the series when they converted the Marvel games into Age of the Gods, resulting in a sustained and massive fan base.

Betway, 90 mobile slots

The Betway mobile casino is filled with Microgaming slots. As one of the biggest slot providers in the world, Microgaming has become a recognised name among mobile slot players, with their licensed slots proving to be among their most popular. The likes of Jurassic World always provides some excitement, but it’s the slot game from the smash hit show Game of Thrones which never fails to draw in the players. Even though the final series was divisive, as reviews like this one show, there is still a huge love for the world it created. Now that the series is finished, fans turn to games like Betway’s mobile Game of Thrones slot to immerse themselves in Westeros whenever they want.

With the best games and so many others, these top mobile slot casinos are ready to deliver you entertaining gameplay whenever and wherever you may be.

Quick Update: Best CPUs

Quick Update: Best Cheap CPUs of 2019

While we are researching our new guides for 2019 and beyond we like to provide our readers with quick updates on the best of the best so everyone can stay up to date. We'll have more in our best gaming CPU guide which will soon be updated.

With AMD’s latest processors shaking up the low-cost landscape, there has never been a better time to get a cheap CPU after winning at betway. Today, you can get high-performing models with multiple cores and gaming capable graphics for about $100 or less. Let’s take a look at the top five cheap CPUs to buy in 2019:

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G

Cores/ Threads: 4/4
Base Speed: 3.5/3.7 GHz
iGPU: Radeon Vega 8
Power: 65W

When on a tight budget, the ability to game without a graphics card will save you a significant amount. Moreover, with the soaring RAM prices, working on a small budget means you’ll have to tighten the strings anywhere you can. That’s particularly where the quad-core, four thread AMD Ryzen 3 2000G appeals to players building a gaming system on a budget.

With Vegas On-chip graphics, the $99 chip offers solid 720P performance. It has a reliable CPU muscle to perform mainstream tasks, and you can easily drop it in an affordable 300-series motherboard after acquiring the requisite Bios update.

Intel Core i3-8100

Architecture: Coffee Lake
Cores/Threads: 4/4
Base Speed: 3.6/ ~GHz
iGPU: UHD Graphics 630
Power: 65W

The quad-core Core i3-8100 comes with a 3.6 GHz processor combined with Intel’s integrated UHD graphics 630. Wielding only four threads, the processor doesn’t support hyper-threading like the others in Intel’s Coffee Lake i3 lineup.

Price-wise, the core i3-8100 rivals AMD models which come without inbuilt graphics at this range. The processor is surprisingly powerful and effective in performing lightly threaded tasks which can be valuable if gaming isn’t your top priority.

AMD Athlon 240GE

Architecture: Zen
Core/Threads: 2/4
Base Speed: 3.5/ GHz
iGPU: Radeon Vega 3
Power: 35W

Packing a convincing muscle for low-end gaming, the AMD Athlon 240GE is among the company’s top budget CPUs. With Radeon Vega 3 graphics, it facilitates playable frame rates at lower quality settings and resolutions. However, its 3.5 GHz base speed sets it a notch higher than its counterparts.

Thanks to its unofficial support of overclocking, the Athlon 240GE can deliver the same top performance like other expensive options. Moreover, you can afford this chip will less than $100 and still, spare over $20 to try your luck at the betway casino and enjoy more bonuses.

AMD Athlon 200GE

Architecture: Zen
Core/ Threads: 2/4
Base Speed: 3.2/ GHz
iGPU: Radeon Vega 3
Power: 35W

AMD’s Zen-based Athlon is a four threaded CPU with Vega 3 graphics for light gaming at low settings and resolutions. Its lightly threaded performance is not something to write home about, but you can’t expect it to be better and sell this low.

With a compatible motherboard, you can overclock this chip to get that extra CPU performance. You’ll only spend $60 or less on this chip, and you won’t need to add a dedicated graphics card. The competing Intel’s Pentium Gold G4560 and G5400 offer better CPU performance, but it’s only an option if your budget stretches close to $100.

Our Recommendation

Depending on your budget and needs, any of these CPUs would be a great choice. Gamers would be great with AMD’s Ryzen 3 2200G which we'll be adding to our best gaming cpu guide, though Intel also has some very convincing offerings for over-clocking. Just remember to get a CPU cooler and a compatible motherboard if you plan on over-clocking.

The New Trick Online Casinos are Using and How You Can Make the Most of It

The New Trick Online Casinos are Using and How You Can Make the Most of It

If you hadn’t already guessed from the sheer number of adverts found across television, radio and internet, there are literally hundreds of online casinos competing against one another for - well, you.

Because online casinos generally use the same ten or so major companies to provide their services with games, the functional differences between online casinos are becoming less distinct. There’s no doubt that some are better than others, of course, but the differences are usually only evident after some time - when you have experienced the speed of withdrawing your cash or their customer support, for example.

Are Monthly Casino Offers the Solution?

This situation has led to casinos offering increasingly large sign-up bonuses and welcome offers to draw in customers. Great for consumers like you and me and essential for casinos if they want to beat out the competition. And now there’s a new wrinkle – monthly casino offers.

Put simply, monthly casino offers take the top casino offers that we’ve come to know and love (like free spins, matched deposits and free cash), but issue them on limited-time monthly cycles.

This allows them to do a couple of things. Firstly, casinos can run high-value welcome offers for limited times only, taking a temporary hit to their profits to bring in a huge influx of new customers, without compromising their own financial success down the line. Of course, online casinos aren't the first companies to recognise the power of limited time offers.

Secondly, it encourages customers to hop on board quicker. Casino comparison websites can often encourage customers to hang fire and wait for better offers. With monthly casino offers though, customers are encouraged to sign up before the cut-off date, potentially helping customers take the plunge.

What Kinds of Bonuses are Included?

[Source: Pixabay]

Much like a regular sign-up offer, monthly casino offers may include:

Matched Deposit Bonus – Matched deposit bonuses double, triple or even quadruple your initial deposit.

Free Spins – Slots have always been a huge part of the online casino industry and often, as a sign-up bonus, you’ll get a number of free spins on your choice of slot game. Should one of those spins result in a big win? Well, it may be yours to keep or otherwise to use to bet again.

No Deposit Bets/Spins – Don’t want to put any skin in the game? With no deposit bets/spins, you don’t have to. Simply sign up for an account and enjoy your free bet or spins.

How Can You Make the Most of These Offers?

The simple answer to the question of how you can make the most of monthly casino offers is to shop around. By regularly checking for limited-time monthly offers, you can catch great deals at casinos of which you aren’t already a member. It's like switching your energy company when they raise their prices - it just makes good financial sense.

It’s more of a hassle than simply logging in to your current casino account and playing a game or two, but when you can make your money go that much further, taking 10 minutes to create an account at a new casino has to be worth it.

The Software Developers Behind the Best Online Casino Software

[Source: Pixabay]

It’s 2019 and online casinos similar to are more popular today than they have ever been before, with global revenues hitting an astonishing $45.8 billion in 2017 – a figure that’s predicted to almost double to $94.4 billion in 2024.

Those numbers are being fuelled by softening of gambling regulation around the world and increased access to both the fast internet and mobile computing hardware. This means that more and more people will have access to games like bandarq or other similar online gambling games. Since it’s becoming more widely accepted, it’s no surprise that these sorts of games are becoming increasingly popular.

But when you load up your favorite online casino (such as, you probably aren’t thinking about the software which makes it all possible. In fact, most people don’t even know that behind most online casinos are widely used, easily customized software which provides almost everything about your online gaming experience.

Digging into the ‘about’ pages on most casinos will reveal which software operator they’re rolling with, but many still choose to hide their software partners in a bid to give the impression of uniqueness in the market.

Needless to say, there are very few casinos which do create their own games, instead of relying on dedicated casino software developers to create experiences which their customers will love. But who are these companies silently creating our favorite casino games behind the scenes? Join us as we share with you the best of them:


Founded in 1999, Playtech has grown to become of the biggest software providers in the world for the gaming space. They provide software to online casinos, poker rooms, bingo halls, sportsbooks and even live casinos. Operating primarily in the UK (a vast casino market) and the EU, Playtech are the parent company behind smaller operators Origins, Ash Gaming, Playtech Vikings, Psiclone Games, Quickspin, Sunfox Games, Eyecon and more.

There’s a very high chance that if you’ve ever played an online casino based in the UK, you’ve played a Playtech game.

Evolution Gaming

Fast-internet and lightweight video codecs like HTML5 have meant that streaming video is incredibly popular, a fact which has given birth to the ‘live dealer’ explosion – games which are played in real life and broadcast back to users, who bet and play in real time.

One of the leaders in the live dealer sector is Evolution Gaming, who have built their entire company on it. Their live dealer games are used by some of the UK’s biggest online casinos like Gala, William Hill, Paddy Power, Coral and more. Although not available in the US (yet), Evolution Gaming has received several industry awards, including Game of the Year.

RealTime Gaming

For a long while, RTG casinos (RealTime Gaming) casinos were the last word in US online casinos. In fact, the phrase RTG became closely associated with online casinos in the early to mid-2000s, before awareness of the industry became as widespread as it is today.

Powering a huge percentage of the USA Online Casinos, RealTime Gaming has made significant moves in recent years to expand its product range and channel delivery. Today, they offer sportsbooks, mobile casino gaming, download games, instant play and kiosk games.


A slightly smaller operator, Microgaming has built their reputation like RealTime Gaming – in the US market. Unlike RTG though, Microgaming has been at the forefront of the latest developments in technology.

Specifically, they’ve been working on VR online casinos, launching a VR roulette product which has already found significant success. VR aside, their vastly successful poker operations and Mega Moolah slots have meant that Microgaming enjoy a sterling reputation in the casino software development sector.


What do Playtech, RealTime Gaming and Microgaming have in common? They’re all companies born in the late 90s, at the birth of the online casino industry.

IGT (International Game Technology), on the other hand, can trace their roots back to 1971, when they started selling software and hardware to brick-and-mortar casinos with gaming machines. They quickly began to throve and, today, they operate in both the physical and online casino space – offering many of the same experiences online or off.

Although less prevalent offline than on, IGT owns the casino game licenses to huge names like Family Guy, CSI, the Wheel of Fortune and Ghostbusters, making them a major draw for potential online casino operators.

[Source: Pixabay]

The Stars Group

Formerly known as Amaya, The Stars Group changed its name in 2017 following the 2014 takeover of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker’s parent company for a huge $4.9 billion – hinting at one of their specialties.

Based in Canada, The Stars Group don’t offer games to the US casinos, but they are active around the rest of the world and offer some of the most popular slot games going thanks to their licenses for major superhero franchises like Superman and Wonder Woman, alongside other properties like The Italian Job, Jenga, Street Fighter and more.

Of course, these are merely some of the biggest companies in 2019. The industry is expanding at a remarkable rate and, as demand grows, who could say which companies will capitalize to become a leading light in the coming years.

The Classic Slots Concept Still Entertaining 21st Century Players

When you see row upon row of brightly lit slot machines lined up on casino floors, in locations as far apart as Las Vegas, Melbourne and Macau, it’s easy to forget this phenomenally successful gaming device had such humble beginnings.

The Liberty Bell

Back in the 1890s, there had already been some attempts at mechanized gaming machines. One machine, devised by Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn, New York, featured five drums with playing cards attached, activated by a lever. Popular in bars and taverns, payouts consisted of free beers and cigars, although establishments could easily tamper with the machines by removing cards from the drums, thus reducing the payout chances.

Meanwhile, over in California, Charles Fey of San Francisco is credited with creating the very first true slot machine. The key to the success of his concept was its simplicity, using just three reels and a total of five symbols. These were horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts and the “Liberty Bell” icon that lent this first truly mechanized slot game its name.

The “Liberty Bell” slot machine quickly became popular throughout the USA by the turn of the 20th century, as the first such gaming device to also feature an automated payout mechanism, which made it a resident fixture around the country in bars and tobacco stores, or even in brothels and barber shops.

Unfortunately, Fey was unable to patent his machine in California because gambling was prohibited in the West Coast state at the time, but other companies quickly jumped on the idea, copying and improving upon his original concept. That original idea remains prominent in the modern slots and “fruit machines” we know so well today.

Few of the original "Liberty Bell" machines remain, although an 1899 version is part of a dedicated Nevada State Museum Fey Collection, while others have been displayed at exhibitions in his home city of San Francisco.

21st-Century Slots

Mechanical slot machines had already become electronic by the late 20th century, as video screens replaced the mechanical need for physical spinning reels. As we entered into the digital age with the internet and high-speed mobile communications, slots have also been ushered into a new era.

 The rise in popularity of online betting and gaming has become an international phenomenon, generating global revenues in the hundreds of billions of dollars. A large chunk of that revenue for online gaming companies can be accounted for by slot games, although they have also evolved in ways that good old Charles Fey couldn’t have possibly dreamed of when he came up with his novel and original concept over 120 years ago.

One only needs to look at the hundreds of games and promotions at Aspers for an idea of how slots have evolved, taking the basic concept to a whole new level. These days there are slots games themed around popular movies and TV shows, celebrities and sporting stars, or even historical figures such as Cleopatra or Spartacus.

Compared to the 50 cents jackpot back in the days of Fey’s “Liberty Bell” machine, modern online slots can often pay prizes in the thousands of dollars, or even in the millions for some lucky winning players of progressive jackpot slots such as Mega Moolah by UK developer Microgaming.

The Basic Concept Lives on

The large majority of online slots have five reels and multiple pay-lines, making games more exciting and offering the possibility of additional prizes and bonus features. Nevertheless, there are still many games that fondly tip their hat to Fey’s original machine, featuring that iconic Liberty Bell or horseshoes, spades or diamonds, and they’re still entertaining people around the world in just the same way. Above and beyond anything else, they have always been about having fun.

Best Ways to Earn Money Through Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones have made us all into travellers. We use the word traveller rather loosely here. It doesn’t have to be about going on a vacation, but travel can be both, taking the bus to your work every day or flying across the continent for a business meeting. We presently live in a fast-paced world where money talks. Everyone has their day jobs, but want more, and this has led to an emerging market which incorporates secondary income for individuals with a passion and zest to make the most of their lives.

Mobile phones over the last decade have transformed into multi-tasking hand-held computers. With faster processors, amazing screens and graphics, top-notch sound, and of course the capability to store and perform numerous tasks make them the ultimate must-have gadget. We can now do so much more than call and send messages through phones. From email management and route navigation to the rise of phone photography, mobiles are full-on entertainment centres with innumerable possibilities. Interestingly, these powerful phones have also placed in our hands the opportunity to make money on the go.


Among the easiest of jobs to start instantly, without much investment, is freelancing. With many websites offering freelancers across various fields a chance to meet prospective clients, having the right smartphone with a big enough screen can work wonders for an individual who wants to make money while moving about. It’s no surprise then that the term “digital nomad” is popular with the millennial generation, who want a chance to travel while working remotely. For work that involves a considerable amount of typing, it is recommended to buy a Bluetooth portable keyboard that can be connected to the phone.

Online Casinos & Sports Betting

There are two sides to playing games on mobile phones. The entertainment factor is omnipresent, but for those looking to increase their earnings, having access to the right online sports betting website or casino can prove to be quite profitable. With sports events taking place across the world at different times, a handy website link to catch up on upcoming game odds and offers makes a considerable difference in the returns.  

Research into Niche Products

 Mobile phones not only help us make money but also save money. Smartphones and the possibility to research on the net in an instant means we can compare prices across various shops before buying something. Moreover, during travels, it is worth investing in niche products that can then be sold via seller websites such as eBay and Amazon upon return to your home country. The market for unusual and rare products is quite underrated and worth exploring as it is easily manageable thanks to the freedom provided by mobile phones.

Social Media Influencer

This is the age of influence, and phones are what keeps social media's heart beating.  All it takes for a person to become famous nowadays is one viral photograph or video, and suddenly there is an inflow of money from brands advertisements and promotional engagements. To become an influencer, it is essential to have a presence across all social media outlets, but focusing on one or two at a time is recommended. Once you have achieved influencer status on one particular social media channel, it has a domino effect on all of your channels.

 So, take out your mobile phones and look at them with new eyes. While they are there to entertain you, it’s never too late to make use of their full potential and start earning through them.  

Best Genres of Online Games

Video games started life as a personable avenue for entertainment that required players to play next to each other. This trend began in arcades and continued in the home with consoles such as the Atari 2600 and Nintendo Entertainment System. For decades online gaming was little more than a dream, but as technology improved and the Internet became dominant, online gaming slowly became a reality. Today there are many online-only games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends. Here are our four best online games to play.

Run and gun

The title says it all, run and gun games are just that - running around a game world and shooting at other players. There are many titles in this category, but Fortnite leads the pack in terms of unique gameplay, distinct cartoon stylized graphics, player support, and ports to popular gaming platforms. Fornite can be considered an enhanced version of the usual run and gun format, in that having the best gaming speakers can give you an edge against other players: sound is one area that gamers don’t focus on when playing these games, but being able to hear footsteps or doors opening and closing can mean the difference between winning and losing this one.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

MMORPG titles have come a long way since the early days of online gaming, where these titles were represented as text games and went by the name of Multi-User Dungeons (MUD). Taking on the challenge of a whole persistent world full of creatures, towns and other players can be a daunting task. One example of a successful online RPG is World of Warcraft, an older title but one that is still going strong against fresher, younger content. While there are many options in this category that run the gamut of fantasy to futuristic, World of Warcraft will hold your imagination with free gameplay and intriguing quests.


While many gaming categories are being picked up for eSports competitive gaming there is an easier way to participate in online games, with cash at stake and you as the protagonist. Online casinos are known for the quality of their slot machines and the best online slots have a variety of themes and varying payouts available. Slots Online Canada ranks newly released slot games so players can maximize play time and potential winnings. You might find the historic Egyptian theme of Book of Dead most appealing or perhaps the self-explanatory Mega Moolah is more your thing. Whatever your tastes, there's a theme, site and bonus for you.

World Building

We all have played with Lego's building blocks at some point in our lives. This creativity-based toy set tricked us into learning things such as spatial relation, weights and balancing - subliminal education through play. Minecraft epitomizes the basics of Lego, but in an online world. Still quite popular within the world of online world building, fans are still producing mods that enhance the base game, often adding much-desired tweaks and improvements. Minecraft requires precision when placing blocks which means you need a good mouse to get the most out of your game.

Online gaming is not a single genre or category, it is everything and more that gamers have been enjoying for years but it allows for regular updates and fresh content. Online gaming can be a rewarding and exciting avenue for gamers to enjoy, no matter the genre.

Gambling Community Seeing Changes in West Virginia and Virginia

All across the US, states are scrambling to put together gambling legislation that makes sense for each state’s residents. In the neighboring states of West Virginia and Virginia, it has quickly become a tale of two states headed in different directions.

In West Virginia, all forms of gambling (horse racing, charitable bingo, fantasy sports, casino, sports betting, lotteries) are now legal within the state’s boundaries with online gambling soon to come (see below). In Virginia, a more conservative approach has taken hold. While legislators are battling to get casino and sports betting in place for its resident, casinos in West Virginia are starting to flourish with the addition of sports betting.

In the latest news, it looks like West Virginia’s sports bettors and casino enthusiasts are on the verge of having their wildest dreams become a reality. With House Bill 2934 passing through the House with a vote of 72-22, the West Virginia State Senate will now get the opportunity to debate and vote on online gambling legislation for its residents. This important legislation was sponsored and introduced into Congress by Representative Shawn Fluharty (D).

As stated by HB 2934 “The Legislature finds that it is in the best interests of the State of West Virginia for the state to operate a lottery in the form of interactive wagering and that it is the intent of the Legislature to authorize interactive wagering within the state and through compacts with other approved jurisdictions.”

Furthermore, “An operator may accept wagers from an individual physically located in a state or jurisdiction with which the commission has entered into a[n] interactive wagering agreement using a mobile or other digital platform or a[n] interactive wagering device through the patron’s interactive wagering account, so long as the device or platform is approved by the commission and all other requirements of the agreement are satisfied.”

If the bill is going to meet any meaningful opposition, its likely to come from a senate that has struggled to push through gambling legislation in the past. It’s also quite possible that Republican Governor Jim Justice could pull the plug on the bill at the last moment due to possible conflicts with the DOJ over the 1961 Wire Act interpretation.

Virginia to Ban Sweepstakes Gambling Machines

In Virginia, the state legislature has moved to ban an already existing form of gambling, albeit disguised as something entirely different.

In a bill sponsored by Sen. Bryce Reeves, both houses unanimously pass legislation that bans access to sweepstakes gambling machines, often referred to as “Sham Sweepstakes” machines.

According to Reeves, the bill, which is expected to go into effect on July 1 of this year, "clarifies the existing code for prosecution of illegal gambling by specifically declaring illegal the so-called 'sham sweepstakes' machines." He added the legislation is "designed to make it easier for law enforcement to go after and prosecute these types of machines and establishments."

 The machines operate as gambling devices by selling products to customers, who then get credits they can use to play games of chance for sweepstakes winnings.

ESPN to Help Sports Gamblers

Over the past 10 months, much has changed in the world’s growing sports betting community. From one state to the next, legalized sports gambling is becoming a reality in the US thanks to an important 2018 decision from the US Supreme Court. At least 10 states (Oregon, Montana, Mississippi, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Nevada, Rhode Island, New Mexico and West Virginia) have already passed the required sports gambling legislation with at least another dozen states soon to follow suit.

With a growing interest in betting on sports, ESPN has decided to give its audience and dedicated sports gamblers exactly what they want, statistical data to help with the handicapping task. It’s a good bet that this information will give the most astute handicappers the ability to turn a Golden Nugget Casino bonus code into a serious bankroll.

The name of the new show is “Daily Wager”. The show is scheduled to begin airing on Mondays through Fridays on ESPNews at 6 PM ET and stream live on the ESPN app, starting on March 11. With the daily lineup still to be determined, the show will be hosted by Doug Kezirian, ESPN sports betting analyst, with help from some of ESPN’s expert pool of broadcasters with an occasional assist from guest handicappers.

Daily Wager’s focus will not be on handicapping games and making selections. Instead, there will be a panel of experts who will be offering up statistical information on the teams and players from the respective sports leagues. The analysts will provide the pertinent information and leave the handicapping to the real experts, ESPN fans. The panel will be looking at point spreads as a point of reference for comparing statistical data for each game.

In a press release, Norby Williamson, ESPN EVP and Executive Editor, Studio Production stated, “ESPN’s mission is to serve sports fans. The sports betting environment has changed and interest is increasing at unprecedented levels. ESPN is going to have a strong and vibrant presence across our platforms, and the launch of Daily Wager is the next step in what has already been underway for some time.”

For what its worth, Williamson is referencing ESPN’s commitment to give its loyal audience base exactly what they want. With a growing number of novice sports betting fans looking for betting news and relevant handicapping information, the long-standing sports only channel is ready to deliver exactly that at a level not yet seen on a major sports channel.

 ESPN is renowned for its access to a huge database of statistics and game analytics. Among the anticipated participants who will be tapping into that database will be the loike of “Stanford” Steve Coughlin, Scott Van Pelt, Chris “The Bear” Fallica, David Purdum, Anita Marks, Preston Johnson and Joe Fortenbaugh. Coughlin and Van Pelt currently serve as co-hosts for another one of ESPN’s betting -themed shows called “Bad Beats.” Bad Beats takes fans on a journey that covers some of the worst betting bad beats in the sports world from games covered on ESPN’s flagship show, Sportscenter.

Top Games Coming Out in 2019

Top Games Coming Out in 2019

New year, new games! What is 2019 looking like for gamers? Well let’s have a look. 

If there’s one thing we look forward to every year, it’s got to be games! Whether if it’s a sequel to a game or a new game entirely, we can’t wait to try it out and see if it makes it on our list of favorites. And just like in previous years, there are quite a few games we're looking forward to, so without further ado, here they are:

The Division 2

Various big names are set to release new games in mid-March. For this reason, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has gone a bit under the radar. But in early January, Ubisoft started to make amends for their laid-back approach in promoting their newest game.

They finally decided to increase their marketing efforts after realizing that their game was failing to build enough excitement ahead of its release. They started publishing a lot of information about the game and even released a full story trailer back in January. The information also revealed how the renowned Dark Zone will be designed in The Division 2.

From the information that we have gathered it is apparent that this game, set in Washington D.C., will have greater number of terrains. The online version features an eight-man raid, this gives you an opportunity to replicate the strong chemistry between you and your buds in the game.

Skull & Bones

You could say that this is a spin-off of Assasins Creed IV: Black Flag, which is the closest you can get to a pirate’s game. In fact Black Flag is so good that Ubisoft decided to launch a separate game consisting only of the naval battles, and that is how Skull & Bones came into being.

The game mostly focuses on multiplayer five on five battles which are designed to engage the players in enthralling sea warfare. But building an empire on your own is also an option as this game also features a dedicated single player campaign.

Ozzy Osbourne Slot

If you’re a heavy-metal fan that was born in the 70s and grew up listening to one of the world’s greatest bands, then we’ve got some great news for you, because one of the best games ever to be released on the market will the one and only legendary rock star Ozzy Osbourne, also known as the Dark Prince. Knowing that the people behind this game are NetEnt, nothing short of amazing graphics and music is expected.

If you’re up for a trip down memory lane and possible earn some cash in the process, then stay tuned for this Ozzy Osborne Slot release which is going to happen later this year. Unfortunately, we do not have a date yet, but stay tuned as we will be amongst the first to announce it.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fuelled

Speaking of a blast from the past, our favorite band of mischievous critters is back and better than before! It is a bit unfortunate that PC gamers will have to miss out on this game as it is available only on PS4, Xbox 1 and Switch. This game is targeting the generation that played Mario Kart back in the day. The game was initially launched twenty years back and is very similar to Mario Kart.

The latest version has refreshed the graphics and seems to have improved the game-play dramatically. And of course the game can be played online with your friends so better for the release as this game will be a fun filled journey to the past for the 90s kids. You can go ahead and pre-order yours here.


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