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Here Are Healing Foods You Need When Recovering from Surgery

If you have just undergone a successful surgery, you should take special care of your body by eating well. At , we recommend taking your diet seriously since what you eat will determine how fast or slow your wounds and entire body will recover. In the remaining sections of this post, we have prepared a list of meals you should take in plenty as you recover your strength and health following a successful operation. Read on to discover more.

One of the things you lose after undergoing an operation is your normal body energy levels. Additionally, a major surgery reduces your body’s natural ability to eliminate waste. Therefore, invest in foods that will assist your body system to empty itself by taking meals that are rich in fiber. This way, you will not have problems moving your bowels and other challenges arising from constipation. Some of the meals that will help you to maintain a healthy digestive system are beans, oatmeal, bran, and legumes.


Since your body cannot support a speedy recovery and healing process with a weak immune system, it is necessary to embrace diets that will assist in building your immunity. One of the meals you need to take in plenty during this recovery seasons is mushrooms. This fungus will help your body to eliminate all forms of proteins that support inflammation.  You can eat them in fried or grilled form if you don’t want to make mushroom soup.

Oranges and Vegetables
You also need to take a lot of vitamin A since it helps in repairing and maintaining your body’s soft tissues, mucus membrane, and skin.

Sweet Potatoes

Another meal you need during this recovery stage is sweet potatoes. These potatoes are a good source of betacarotene, which the body converts into the vitamin A it needs. Additionally, they are a good source of fiber when you take them without peeling.


During this recovery stage, you should replenish your body with energy because your body loses energy after surgery. To replenish it, you have to eat carbohydrates that come from foods rich in fiber such as whole grains, legumes, and beans since such foods will enhance your energy levels without constipating you.


During your recovery, do not forget to eat good fats. You can get them from healthy meals such as avocados, coconut oil, and nuts. These will enhance your immunity and help your body to absorb vitamins easily. Moreover, they will help in the boosting of your energy levels.


Lastly, you should take probiotic foods such as yogurt, pickles, and dark chocolate. Taking enough of them will help in boosting your digestive system.

With an endless list, we leave it at this point. Since you know what you need to take if you underwent surgery, the ball is now in your court to help yourself, a friend, or a family member recovering from an operation embrace the right diet.

Rocket League Trading Guide

Trying to find the very best trading prices for Rocket League items? Don’t understand how to trade, or trying to become a highly skilled dealer? Follow this simple guide for tips and techniques.

Okay, let’s speak a bit about how exactly it works before we get into the nitty-gritty.

Trading is now a vital part of the video game “Rocket League” ever since player-to-player trading became possible. But a successful trade can only be possible when the player is equipped with the right knowledge.

Although items tend to be gained via numerous means within the game (such as unlocking them as rewards for winning competitions) a number of items are simply not that straightforward to come by. When a use for a specific item arises, a player will have a much better chance of gaining said item by trading with other gamers. However for an effective trade to be made, players should initially make an effort to enlighten themselves with the existing and specific prices of the items available within Rocket League.

A thorough list of the items plus the amount of keys that a player has to obtain them has been made available on the Steam Community forum. Understanding how much each item sets you back will make for a profitable trade and will also make certain that a player will get the very best deal for his or her item.

Getting a grasp on the current prices of items will also safeguard a player from deals which could put them at a loss, such as trading a higher priced item for a lower priced one. A sprinkle of effort put into acquiring considerable trading information will significantly help towards an effective trade.

Trading Tips

As a knowledgeable trader, I have discovered many things regarding rocket league trading. Listed below are a handful of tips to buying and selling.

Sites to Use for Trading

There are numerous trading sites that I make use of, having said that the one I find the best is Player Auctions. I regularly visit Player Auctions for rocket league trading – mostly because it’s a big brand that I trust. You see, there are hundreds of sites available to use when it comes to Rocket league trading, but it’s very important to choose a big company that is known in the community. Player Auctions have been around for ages, and they continue to be the market leader in this sector.

Overpay in Trades

Item overpay offers are generally difficult to make a decision on, they could be worthwhile, or detrimental. However, there is a smart way to determine whether or not to accept them or not. Making use of a price guide is a clear-cut way to handle this, but if you check out and the items are in high demand and selling for approximately the price as on the guide, you ought to consider it. On the other hand, if it is not in high demand, and is not selling for very much, do not accept the item overpay, as it might leave you in a problematic situation in which you are unable to sell the item. Item overpay is an excellent way to make profits, but it is also a difficult way and may require some practice and a little understanding of trading prices and item demand

Trading for Profits

A lot of traders intend to make as much profit in as little time as they possibly can. While some who really need an item would prefer to pay extra for a swift trade to get the item they are yearning for. If you are able to determine that a person wants an item, it is possible to get them to overpay for an item, and if they really are desperate for one, they will typically pay a lot more for it.

Guides for Item Prices

Many price guides are out-of-date or have incorrect prices; however the price guide that I would point you towards is the price guide by SajukX, his price guide is practically always kept up to date and has helped me a lot in buying and selling. However it is usually good to have a number of guides at hand just to make certain your prices are accurate, you can find more price guides listed here.

Fraudulent Tactics

There are numerous scam tactics and a lot of scammers in rocket league. Con artists might appear extremely pleasant and are really difficult to detect at times, nevertheless, these tactics and tips can help to prevent you from being scammed. As a victim of scamming I know, it is tough to sometimes spot them, but I have figured out how to steer clear of them.

Trading Crates for Items

This is a fairly recent scam technique. They claim they will trade you a secret decal or other items for possibly 30 or 40 crates, but you need to go first. Chances are, they will take your crates and you are scammed. Yet, not all of these are cons. If people are prepared to use a middleman that you choose then this is almost certainly a legitimate trade and is not a scam.

The Middleman Scam

Quite a few con artists will recommend middlemen which are with them and that will take your items. You should choose your middleman, people like Sajuukx, Work with middleman with heaps of credits and middleman history.

Scammer Lists

Should you ever be scammed or sense someone is a scammer it is always good to verify if the player is a scammer or post that the player is a scammer (if you have been swindled by the player). A good website to use is:

This is a brilliant list of fraudsters, and it enables you to post scammers on it too. It is always recommended that you record all your transactions to have evidence of fraudsters. However, at no time post a scammers name or profile on Steam, you can be reported for naming and shaming, so use rl-trackers scammer list for publishing fraudsters.

Kill Console

7 Reasons to Kill Your Console and Switch to PC

With technological advancements being made every day, there hasn’t been a better time to switch to PC gaming. If you’re not yet convinced of making the switch to PC, this article will illustrate 7 reasons why you need to kill your console.

1. Better Graphics

If you want lower frame rates/resolutions or just poor graphics, consoles are the choice for you. However, if you want the ultimate gaming experience, we recommend buying a gaming PC.

Console developers have to make money, so they use sub-par components in their consoles and expect game developers to optimize their games to run well. On the flip side, a gaming PC is full of powerful components that can run games at resolutions at or above 1080p with 60 frames per second.

Yes, if you want to game in 1440p or higher you’ll have to spend more than 500 dollars, yet a 500 dollar gaming PC is more than capable of gaming in 1080p at 60 fps. This is still far better performance than you’ll see out of your console.
Many games advertise a 1080p experience on consoles. This may be true, but often times the games are upscaled to 1080p. This means the resolution isn’t true 1080p. The difference can be astonishing. There are also more features you can use to improve your gaming experience on PC. For example, recently I got my reshade settings for pubg to make the game look even better. This isn’t something you can use on console.

2. Customizability

The flexibility and customizability that PC has to offer is unmatched across the boards. When you buy a console, you get what you get and you don’t get upset.

All consoles have the same specs. They all look and perform exactly the same. If your console breaks, you can’t just replace the component. You have to buy an entirely new console.
When you build a gaming PC, you know exactly what’s inside. You can build it specifically for you, choosing the size, shape, color scheme, noise level, etc.

If a component breaks, you don’t have to buy an entirely new PC. Simply replace or upgrade the broken part, and that’s it.
Building a PC is extremely rewarding. After researching, ordering your parts and assembling the finished product, finally turning the PC on is quite satisfactory.

Imagine a gaming room with an expensive PC gaming rig next to a flawless 1440p monitor, all sitting atop an awesome gaming desk. All of this is possible and more with a gaming PC.

3. More for Your Money

Why spend $500 on an Xbox One, $500 on a decent laptop, and $100 on an Elgato Game Capture HD to record when you can spend $1000 or even just $500 on a gaming PC that can do all three, but better?

Think about it. If you buy a $500 gaming desktop, it’ll perform better than an Xbox One. It will also be able to edit videos faster and more efficiently than a $500 laptop. Lastly, it can record the gameplay in 1080p for free!

This brings up a valid point. When you buy a gaming PC, it’s not just a gaming machine. It’s a desktop PC that is capable of all the things any other desktop PC Not only will you be able to game in 1080p with 60 fps, you’ll be able to record it, edit it, render it, and much more. You can surf the web, design a website, watch YouTube or Netflix, etc.

While Xbox Live and Playstation Plus have a yearly fee, Steam is absolutely free. Steam also has plenty of sales, including the Steam Summer and Winter Sale. They’re infamous for their amazing deals. Steam also offers plenty of fun free to play games.

A gaming PC is a versatile tool that you can use for pleasure, work, gaming, and much more. At the end of the day, it’s a lot more for your hard earned money.

4. Backwards Compatibility

If you’re like me, you can still appreciate an old video game. Unfortunately, unless your favorite oldie gets remastered for the Xbox One or the PS4, you won’t be able to play online with your friends. If you don’t have an older console to play the games in offline mode, you won’t even be able to play them at all.

With the PC, you don’t have to worry about backwards compatibility. If you own the game on your PC, you’ll always be able to play it. If you’re bored with the same game after playing it over and over, have no fear. With mods on PC, playing the game will be an entirely new experience. We’ll get to that later.

5. PC Exclusives

In case you missed it, the most popular game of late 2017, PUBG, started out on PC. There are so many great titles not available on console that can only be found on the PC. While the same can be said for console, we believe PC exclusives have the upper hand.

6. Keyboard and Mouse

If you’ve grown accustomed to gaming with a controller, you might be intimidated by a keyboard and mouse.

In reality, a keyboard and mouse is WAY better for gaming. It’s hard to be precise with a controller. If you’ve ever played Xbox, you’re probably familiar with your reticle auto-locking onto an enemy. This is called aim-assist.
Since PCs use a keyboard and mouse, there’s no need for aim-assist, as the mouse and keyboard is far more precise. Once you get the hang of the mouse, you’ll find this to be true yourself.

7. Mods

Mods are one of the best things about PC gaming. Mods enhance gameplay even after you’ve played the game a million times.

Even big titles like GTA and Skyrim have mods. If you’ve already completed Skyrim, have no fear. There are endless new quests that can be played after you install mods.
You haven’t experienced your games to the fullest until you’ve experienced them with mods.
If you weren’t looking for a new gaming PC yet, hopefully you are now. PC is superior to console in a variety of ways. PC is better than console because of these seven reasons and more. It’s time to kill your console and switch to PC gaming.

Art of War Book Review

The Art of War Book Review

Well, just a few days ago I was reading The Art of War, and while sipping on a cup of coffee today, an idea came into my head. Why not write a review about it? Well, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War certainly doesn’t need too much of a build-up because people have probably heard about it. This short yet very informative book, written by one of the most successful General in the Chinese Army. Written thousands of years ago, this book is still n considered to be one of the most amazing books. And the best part? It is not that long as well!!

Reading ‘The Art of War’

After finishing the book, I realized two things about it: one that it is an incredibly short book that can end in a single day, and two that every separate chapter and line has its meaning. Writing a review of the book is undoubtedly a tough task as the content itself is very terse and it is not easy to summarize such an extensive material in a short blog type review. With each chapter providing a bullet-pointed list of the different military pieces of advice, the structure becomes entirely diverse and dense. Such a context makes it difficult to summarize it. However, I am going to try and do that. So shall we start with it?

If you read the book, you will get an idea that in most parts of The Art of War, the content of Sun Tzu applies to the modern situation of the today’s generation. A line from the book that says “Consider your enemy’s personality defects and use them to your advantage” can certainly be considered as a great form of advice. Also, the line saying “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” is something that is so related that no one could argue with it.

Apart from the modern day relatable examples, there are other statements in the book that are just specific to the age and circumstances of his time. There are specific segments of the book that the author very carefully uses to describe the hidden meaning. One such line is in the Second chapter of the book, where the author advises about avoiding a particular ‘prolonged war’ which is good advice. But then, a prolonged war is the one that doesn’t last more than a week. And that inevitably excludes the World Wars.  

Several Other Documents from the Book

There are several other implications in the book that documents the specific costs associated with measured silver which keeps for every single troop that remains on the ground. These expenses are laughable in the new and polished era of industrial-military complex. Also, during some extensive quotations of the book, the overall tone doesn’t fit into the truths and facts of today. At the very beginning of the book, I Chapter 1; author Sun Tzu very intelligently states that the dependence of war is all on deception ad treason and he also offers different useful tools for keeping the villain in the unknown and the dark. But while he says that keeping your enemy in the dark is a good thing, he thoroughly contradicts his statements at the end of the book. Stressing the importance of maintaining the allies and the friendly troops confuse firmly contradict his statement.

The more I went on further with the book, the more I couldn’t help but think about the situation of the Chinese military General. What he had to put up with, in the ancient army of the Chinese. With the book, we cannot help but reflect on our military arrangements and think about the facts. The fact being the truth about all the other militaries with their soldiers and weapons in the foreign and the domestic sections of the world.

One of the most significant questions that I faced while reading the book was that whether the words written by an ancient military General, ages ago, can be a help to the new and improved military practices. It is true that author Sun Tzu doesn’t fail to provide the useful points for every single situation of the war-front. The title, The Art of War, clearly justifies the content of the book. What remains the best part of the book is that instead of being from an ancient time, the book provides excellent knowledge about the tricks and tips in the war-front.

With the fantastic attitude of Sun Tzu completely visualized in the book, it is safe to say that the quote ‘Be Prepared’ from the album does complete justice to the text that ties the whole book together. Even though the ideas of the Author are a bit far from the new and improved methods of military practices, however, the views and the teachings are pretty useful, to be honest.

The Message

The singular message that you need to know about the book is to see the enemy, know yourself and your team, and then you will be able to understand what exactly to do in the battle. This advice applies to the modern day tactics as well. Whether you are standing up against an army of books or terrorists, only by proper knowledge of your enemy and yourself, you will be able to achieve the heights of winning. It is one of the most important and highlighted messages in the whole text.

My Final Verdict

The book with its interesting pieces of advice and a great outlook on the trials of war and how to overcome them prove to be a fantastic read at a time. Even though most of the components are not relatable to the present day and face of war, but that doesn’t mean that it is not relatable at all. With joint concepts about the war advice from both the past and the present, The Book of Art indeed can be construed as a book worth reading.  

About author: Lesley Hummings is enjoying her maternity leave in the middle of university studies. However, she’s in touch with the academic routine and is regularly sharing some of her writing findings in

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Capabilities Set to Reach “Millions” of Android Devices

The concept of augmented reality (AR) is likely to become a “daily habit” among consumers worldwide, according to Google’s vice president of business and operations for virtual reality (VR) Amit Singh, as the tech giant anticipates “hundreds of millions” of Android devices to have AR capabilities by the end of 2019. The global adoption of AR technology via Android smartphone and tablet devices is expected to bring a raft of potential monetization opportunities.

Earlier this year, Google released a new AR platform in August, ARCore, designed to help innovative developers create useful AR apps for Android. ARCore was initially targeting Google’s Pixel smartphone as well as the recently released Samsung Galaxy S8 – both of which are considered high-end devices. Nevertheless, Singh predicts that owners of mid-to-low range smartphone and tablet can expect to see “augmented reality [become] a core feature of most of Android over the next few years”.

ARCore is designed to work with Java, OpenGL, Unity and Unreal, with a distinct focus on utilising cameras to provide accurate motion tracking, improving the environmental understanding for virtual objects and even use ambient light to make virtual objects appear even better suited to their physical surroundings.

Augmented Reality

The AR battle is well and truly hotting up between Google and Apple, with the latter’s ARKit already giving rise to a number of exciting AR demos, as Apple gears up to bring AR technology to the iPhone with iOS 11. Leading brands such as IKEA are beginning to get involved with their Apple-exclusive AR app allowing their customers to visualize precisely how their furniture will look and fit in their homes. The IKEA Place app allows users to choose a piece of furniture from their product catalogue and drag it into their own home to ascertain whether it will be a suitable purchase; without having to traipse around their miles of warehouses. Meanwhile, the UK National Lottery is already embracing AR with the development of industry-first AR scratchcards, utilizing technology from Blippar. Games of chance still remain very popular with casual gamers and have now found their way online through sites such as, which have adapted to consumer demands and provided new ways of playing lottery games around continental Europe.

While Google and Apple battle it out for AR supremacy, Microsoft is also quietly working on a fusion of augmented and virtual reality. Mixed reality is designed to allow physical and virtual objects to co-exist and work together in real-time harmony. The concept behind mixed reality is that the technology goes further than visual displays by incorporating environments and spatial sounds which blend human perception and conventional reality with digital interaction.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system has been built to integrate fully with Microsoft’s mixed reality devices, the HoloLens and the Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset. The Microsoft HoloLens is a holographic mixed reality headset, allowing people to see the real-world environment through digital lenses which overlay virtual objects, data and content in the real world as it if was physically there.

Already mixed reality technology is being put to good use in the healthcare sector with doctors from around the world assisting in surgical procedures, while a HoloLens app was also designed to assist visually impaired individuals’ navigation around their home and wider environment using the medium of sound. With all of these AR, VR and mixed reality developments, 2018 promises to be a truly exciting prospect for consumers, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in all areas of our lifestyles.

mobile gaming

Predictions for the mobile gaming market in 2018

Almost everyone that owns a mobile device these days has at least one gaming app downloaded, be it for traditional gaming or betting. With games and sites made simpler to use and easier to navigate on the smaller mobile screens, gaming on the go is a convenient and enjoyable experience for many. After another year of growth in the mobile sector, what does 2018 hold for the mobile gaming market?

AR here to stay

Pokemon Go, which was launched in 2016, has admittedly gone a bit stale. Many who played the augmented reality game from the beginning have grown bored of the common monsters and weren’t inspired by the legendary raid events that took place recently. Nevertheless, it’s still played all over the world, and Niantic is planning for more AR action to come in 2018.

Utilising another wildly popular franchise, Niantic will be releasing a Harry Potter AR game in 2018. Hopefully, the company has learned some lessons from Pokemon Go, which suffered a huge amount of problems in its foremost weeks and bring out a ready-to-go Harry Potter AR game for the world to enjoy.

Better betting apps

Almost every respected online betting site has an app for their gamers to play on the go. With apps for sports betting, casino gaming, and even for playing the lottery, people can get all of their gaming needs quickly via their apps.

However, with the field still being relatively new and operating systems updating and upgrading regularly, some betting apps have fallen behind. The mobile gambling market is growing at an exponential rate, with so many opting to play on the go, so the slower, less user-friendly apps will need to shape up and fast, as having a good app is crucial to keeping a player base these days. Also, the top of the range apps will be looking to stay at the top by fine-tuning their apps.

Higher quality games

Through 2017, console and PC video games held the majority of the global games market, with 58% to mobile gaming’s 42%. But, with the mobile gaming market expected to rise to $110 billion by 2018, it’s clear that people are making the most of mobile games.

With this surge in popularity, more top developers will be looking to make mobile games thanks to their relatively low cost to produce compared to the average video games production costs – such as that of Destiny ($500 million) or Grand Theft Auto V ($265 million) – and high revenue potential. This should result in higher quality mobile games being made as the better games will rise to the top of the very crowded mobile games marketplace and generate more revenue.

One very recent example of a very high-quality mobile game being released is South Park: Phone Destroyer. Created by Ubisoft (who also made The Stick of Truth, The Fractured But Whole, Watch Dogs, and Assassins Creed) Phone Destroyer has received stellar reviews through its first couple of weeks in circulation.

One of the reasons for this, alongside the much-loved South Park characters, is the fact that players can play on in continuously without needing to wait for energy to recharge. Add in the ability to earn cards – from which the game is based around – in regular play without needing to make microtransactions, as well as the unique and tactical gameplay, and it has the makings of a long-reigning chart-topper.

Hopefully, Phone Destroyer is a sign of more inventive, higher quality mobile games that have more immediate playing time available without the need to pay for more time on the game coming next year.

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2018, with increased quality hopefully being the focus thanks to the huge audience of mobile gamers ready to spend money on games.

Orbs And Scrolls In Path Of Exile Currency

For gaming enthusiasts who are looking for a simple introduction to the Path of Exile Currency, as well as orbs and scrolls, in particular, you have landed at the right place!

An Old Concept Rehashed

One of the most unique aspects of getting some hardcore gaming action with Path of Exile is that there is no currency in the game. The concept of bartering has been introduced, which is an uncommon path trodden by a role-playing action game.

So whether you are on the lookout for upgrading your equipment, enhancing your weapons or sprucing up your skill-tree specifically within the Orb of Regret, the concept is to barter currency. It is what makes the path of exile currency unique when compared with a majority of action role-playing video games in the genre. To do so, you compulsorily need to be familiar with the concept of orbs and scrolls.

What is an Orb?

Well, the simplest definition of an Orb in the Path of Exile would be a rare form of Path of Exile Currency that you can trade for getting your hands at a special list of equipment, one which is more powerful than the regular fare. Some orbs, however, are utilized during crafting. The different types of Orbs include:-

  • Blessed Orb
  • Chaos Orb
  • Exalted Orb
  • Divine Orb
  • Chromatic Orb
  • Orb of Using
  • Orb of Alteration
  • Orb of Alchemy
  • Orb of Scouring
  • Orb of Transmutation
  • Orb of Chance
  • Orb of Regret
  • Unshaping Orb
  • Vaal Orb

Here, it is important to remember that each of the above special orbs has its drop level, stack size and help text which tells you how exactly to use the orb as you deem fit. The best thing about this form of the path of exile currency is that there are different variations that can be bartered and utilized in multiple ways to strengthen your character.

What is a Scroll?

To talk in complete terms, a scroll is the most common path of exile currency. While orbs are rare, scrolls are much more commonly encountered during the game. The purpose of these scrolls varies from identifying rare items such as strongboxes or even enchanted ones and magic.

Here is a look at the various scrolls you would come across during your game. Remember, just like different orbs had their unique drop levels, stack sizes and help texts, exactly same is the case with the scroll types enlisted below:-

  • Portal Scroll
  • Scroll of Wisdom
  • Scroll Fragment

Apart from understanding all about orbs and scrolls, acquiring mastery over the path of exile currency and bartering has several other aspects. These include wise spending habits, divination cards and so on. This basic knowledge should be more than enough to get you started!

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  • November 19, 2017
  • PC

Gaming While Driving? It’s Possible – Soon.. I think?

Gaming while driving – it’s never been possible. It’s illegal in most countries. Using your mobile phone while driving is a serious issue in many countries, such as the UK primarily. However, with the launch of new tech-innovative cars, such as Tesla, comes the ability to self-drive. Self-driving presents many options to improve your driving experience, and one of which is gaming at the wheel.

We spoke to Gok-Jacky Wan at IntelligentCarLeasing, one of the UK’s largest car leasing companies, who said, “Gaming behind the wheel could definitely be a reality soon. Tesla’s auto drive module is seriously high tech stuff, and it’s accurate, too. Only time will tell whether we’ll be gaming behind the wheel.”


New Blockchain Platform Promises New Ways to Build and Run Video Games

Chimaera is a blockchain gaming development platform, which allows for the creation of all types of multiplayer open worlds. These include a range of video game formats varying from MMOs, real-time strategy games and more. The Chimaera platform provides the infrastructure and tools that game creators need in order to build their own games, while also providing a trading platform for the trading of assets and items in-game, a multiplayer arena which facilitates betting and one on one combat (player vs player), and perhaps most importantly, blockchain technology designed specifically for gaming. This will be a gain leap forward for supply chain management using blockchain!

Chimaera’s cryptocurrency, “CHI”, works fluidly with any of the cryptocurrencies that those who use the Chimaera software wish to create, by allowing the trading of game creators’ own currency for CHI. Andrew Colosimo, Chimaera’s founder and current CEO, says of his expectations for the platform that he anticipates witnessing “spectacular innovation”, “unstoppable games” and “new ways to socialise in VR worlds”, as he believes that video game developers “are some of the most creative people in the world.”

Accordingly, there exist possibilities to construct you own VR (Virtual Reality) worlds using Chimaera’s software, allowing you to own homes, land and even cities within the VR realm. Here, the blockchain technology takes on perhaps an even greater importance. VR has been steadily growing in use, popularity and accessibility over the past few years: use of VR headsets and corresponding technology is predicted to grow by approximately 146 users between 2020 and 2025 for the video games sector alone, from 70 million users in 2020 to 216 million users in 2025. The VR industry is also expected to hold a worth of 11.6 billion US dollars by 2015. As such, the importance of establishing reliable online currencies for VR now cannot be underestimated, as it is crucial that well thought out measures, procedures and guidelines for blockchain technology within VR are already in place before the number of users expands to the levels expected to be seen in 2025.

Cryptocurrency has been very much in the spotlight since the creation of bitcoin in 2009, it has allowed for anyone to be able to invest and buy bitcoin online, this idea originated from an idea developed by Satoshi Nakamoto (an alias whose owner is still unknown), and has since then been adopted by many online gaming services and projects, as a currency within video gaming, bitcoin gambling and numerous other areas. Correspondingly, the first video game to use blockchain technology was released in July 2013. The main benefits of the blockchain are that it grants user anonymity, a lack of third party interference, very low transaction fees and the opportunity to transfer payments via use of a mobile phone if it is connected to the internet, meaning that the blockchain allows for a currency of convenience anytime and anywhere.

The new paths being forged and opportunities opening for the creation of new games, new cryptocurrencies and new experiences for both creators and audiences paint an exciting future for the possibilities of technology, its advancement and its effects.

All You Need To Know About Old School Runescape Gold

For those who prefer playing the older school version of Runescape, here is a brief yet informative piece on everything that you should know about Old School Runescape Gold.

Abbreviated to OSRS Gold, you can basically mine gold ore anywhere below level 40 in the game. Always remember, the time taken for the gold to reappear would always be 60 seconds post-mining, the mining experience being at 65-level of course.

OSRS Gold Trivia

Always remember that selling gold ore is extremely profitable and this would help you gain instant points, even more than when you sell regular bars. As far as gaining smith experience is concerned, gold bar smelting is an easy process once you have it mined, and you can put it to good use for upping your experience. Based on whether you possess the goldsmith gauntlet or not, the points you gain for smelting will be 56.2 in case of the former and 22.5 in case of the latter. Therefore Old School Runescape Gold or OSRS Gold is a much-coveted ore and asset for players.

Choices, Locations and More

While there are detailed maps available online, the most important location to remember would be Al Kharid.  This is the Scorpion Mine to be specific, and as the name suggests, you will have to beware of combating scorpions in your quest for OSRS Gold.

As far as other choices and locations for Old School Runescape Gold go, the Rimmington mine with 2 rocks, Lunar Isle Mine with 6 rocks, North Crandor Mine with 3 rocks, Agility Pyramid Mine with 5 rocks and Grand Tree Mine with 4 rocks, are some of the most popular mining sites. And most importantly, the list of dreaded monsters that you would need to be prepared for combat include the Marble Gargoyle, Skeleton Brute, Insatiable Bloodveld, Angry Barbarian Spirit, Thermonuclear Smoke Devil and several more. Proceed with caution!

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  • November 16, 2017
  • PC
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