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World of Tanks Accounts

World of Tanks Accounts

World of Tanks Accounts

If you are a true fan of World of Tanks getting a Ready account is essential. A ready account for World of Tanks will allow you to play under the best circumstances possible. So, you’ll spend more time in battle and fighting than you will on leveling your character up. Which means, you get to enjoy World of Tanks that much more. All you need to do is choose your account package and order it.

You can get as many World of Tanks accounts as you like. The sky is the limit. You can even get accounts that allow gameplay in Europe, Russia or the USA depending on your preferences. Find a World of Tanks accounts for as low as $6.

You will get plenty of incredible tanks, real battle numbers, and premium warm machines. Plus, you’ll get tanks in garages as well.  Plus, we have regular sales. With just one purchase of an account, you can get everything you want and an excellent discount too. Not to mention, we offer warranties and instant delivery. With this offer it means you get more bang for your buck.

Do not hesitate to sign up today. Your ready account is up waiting and ready for you!

This Wearable Tech Will Get You that Kardashian Look

Waist Trainers Are The New It Thing

Kim Kardashian West put waist trainers on the map. If you follow her on Instagram, you’ve probably even seen her wearing one. This wearable tech comes in a variety of styles, sizes, and will fit any budget. These waist trainers aren’t anything new. Women have been wearing their predecessors ‘corsets’ for a long time now. What is new is how they are quickly coming back in style.

Get the It Look with the Right Trainer

When it comes to picking out the right waist trainer, there is a lot to think about, and it may be overwhelming to pick out one or two waist trainers for yourself to wear. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie to waist trainers and corsets or if you are looking to switch things up a bit. You can find the right waist trainer for your body size and shape without it being overwhelming.

Things to Consider When Getting a Waist Trainer

  • Your Lifestyle is essential to think about when it comes to picking out the right waist trainer. If you are a career woman working in an office setting you want to be able to look your best while spending long hours seated. This means you want a waist trainer that’s tailored towards improving posture to make sure you have the support you need throughout the day. On the other hand, if you are a new mom, it might not be a back idea to get a more everyday waist trainer that allows you to trim tummy fat while still giving you the comfort and mobility you need after a pregnancy.
  • The Color of your waist trainer is up to you. When you see the Kardashians flashing their bright and bold colored waist trainers on Instagram, it is likely that they are workout bands and designed to be flashy. For every day at home use, use you may want to consider a more neutral nude color. Or something merely black or white might do just fine too.
  • Body Shape is so important because not everyone is built to look exactly alike. If things were like that then, the world would be a boring place! Anyway petite girls under 5’2” might find that workout band clinchers are best because they are not too long in the torso area. Some women have a fuller bust and prefer extra chest support. You might want to invest in a vest style waist clincher if this is you, along with adjustable straps for the best possible fit.

Being Comfortable with your Waist Trainer

Overall, it is all about how comfortable you are with your waist trainer and what works for you. Everyone is different so don’t box yourself in when shopping for a waist trainer. These waist trainer reviews can be very helpful in helping you decide what works and what doesn’t for you. After all, it’s all about you!

Two of the Most Exciting Android Phones Out Today

Android phones are going through a bit of a golden age. For a long time, there was a huge gulf in quality between iPhone and Android, as much as android aficionados hated to admit it. The issue was not with software, where, for many, Android didn’t just competed but actually won. However when it came to build-quality, unfortunately, they were years behind. Companies tried to make something as sleek, as well built and as appealing as the iPhone, but they just could not get close.

That has begun to change, with more companies coming into the market, more drive to innovate as well as a lot more investment in android phones. So with the improvement of android phones, it comes as no surprise to find that phones like the AGM X3 is the world’s best IP68 protected smartphone with JBL speakers. As technology develops, so do the types of phones that are available to us. You only need to look at the latest iPhone, the iPhone X, which looks to have taken many cues from the Galaxy S8 and its near bezel-less screen. In recognition of this step forward, we thought it would be fun to look at two android phones which are particularly worth getting, as well the best type of app to run with them. Some phones are productivity machines, some are made for gaming, some are all-rounders and we even have phones that are made to be our best photography friends. These are two of the best.

The Razor Phone

The Razor phone was exceptional when it first launched, owing to the fact it was designed for gaming, it came with the best speakers on a smartphone (according to and it had a magical 120HZ screen. Even though they are better known for making gaming accessories, computers and monitors, their phone is not too shabby at all. Even better, it has a great mid-range price which makes it very competitive and a great bargain.

And to go with your Razor Phone…
You should download online casino apps. The phone’s screen, the high quality of online casino games and the speed of the screen refresh should give you an advantage over your competitors. No longer will you have to worry about the screen glitching or you missing the chance to pounce in a poker game. With so many super casino games for Android at Android, you can make the most of having a phone that is built for games while making some money for yourself in the process.

Samsung Galaxy S8

When the S8 first came out, the main thing you noticed was its stunning screen with thin bezels and curved edges. It was, and arguably still is, the most beautiful phone on the market and the screen is still jaw-droppingly good. If you want a phone that looks like a work of art, while also performing very well, then this one is ideal.

And to go with your S8…
Load all the video apps you can on it, whether it’s Netflix or Hulu or, it is the perfect device for watching any of your favorite programs on the go. It has a beautiful screen that you have to make use of.

5 of the best games at 888

5 of the Best Games at 888 Casino

888 casino

888 Holdings has come a long way since the early days of online gambling. Founded as Casino-on-Net by Israeli brothers Avi and Aaaron Shaked back in 1997, one of the UK's original online casinos began life with 2D poker, blackjack and slot games. At the time it was limited by early-era technology and internet speeds, but it’s flourishing in the post-digital world. Now, 888 Holdings is one of the market-leading online gambling offerings globally, with dedicated websites for poker, sports gaming, slots and casino gaming.

888 Holdings PLC (888) is listed on the London Stock Exchange, their sites include games with casino-style virtual tables where you have the option of talking in real-time with dealers and competitors and wonderfully immersive slot machines. 888 Holdings also offers a collection of bingo sites – including Wink Bingo, Posh Bingo and Tasty Bingo – as well as a host of B2B activities through Dragonfish, which provides flexible Total Gaming Solutions.

888 casino

With such a huge choice of great games to choose from, it's hard to know which games are most fun, and which ones could end up netting you a small fortune if you manage to win. To help players get the most out of their 888casino experience, we've put together a list of the website’s five best games – in terms of design, features, and of course your chance of winning. Follow our tips and you'll soon be enjoying great online casino games available on their website.

3D Roulette

3D Roulette

Originating in France, one of the world's oldest casino table games is brought to life over at 888casino in stunning 3D. The site has a good selection of American, European and French wheels, but 3D Roulette is probably the best in terms of look, feel and closeness to real life. Betting on 3D Roulette is exactly the same as wagering on any other table, with players able to opt for individual numbers from 0-36, as well as groups, colours, odds and evens, and even neighbour bets. You can even place corner bets, splits, line bets and column bets just like you would in any casino.

Roulette is one of the easiest games to play – a ball is thrown on a roulette wheel, and you have to nominate which colour, and what number, it will land on. The return on investment is around 35 to 1. 3D Roulette is our favourite Roulette wheel at 888casino, thanks to the swish look and feel of the table. Because the graphics are high end, and because it uses the latest web technologies, the gameplay feels like an AAA game and not just a basic roulette wheel you'll find on other websites – making it feel a lot more like a trip to a casino.

There’s also Live Roulette, in which you can communicate with a dealer and other players in real time. The other big difference between Live Roulette and other online roulette games is that it lacks an RNG (Random Number Generator). This is how virtual roulette wheels usually work, with random number sequences providing what will appear on the reels or wheels. However, with live roulette, the dealer controls when the ball is dropped, creating a more 'human' gambling experience. The real decks of cards and the physical roulette wheel mean that players can employ strategies.

American Blackjack

American Blackjack

A trip to Las Vegas may be every gambler's dream, and American Blackjack goes a long way to recreating the exciting atmosphere you'd experience playing blackjack in one of the Las Vegas' top casinos. Getting started is easy, with players able to choose multiple hand options, as well as a cool variety of virtual tables, including traditional green baize all the way through to a cool blue background. You can also opt to play in turbo mode, for dealing faster than any human croupier could manage, allowing you to fit more games in and win more!

The rules are simple. The cards 2 through 10 are worth their face value, while picture cards are worth 10. Aces can be used as either 1 or 11. You are dealt two cards and the object of the game is to get as close to 21 as you can without going over that total, as you decide whether to ‘stick’ or ‘twist’ and have more cards dealt. The beauty of American Blackjack is the huge choice of wagers and gaming options, so any budget is welcome at the tables. Gameplay also goes at your pace, which is good if you find that the lightning speed gameplay at the local casino can get stressful. You've got all the options from splitting to doubling down too, so you aren't limited at all just because you're playing online. The other big bonus with American Roulette is that you can simply walk away and re-join if you need to do something important in the 'real world', handy if you're on a roll and want to come back to your game later.

Again, there’s live blackjack at 888casino too, where you get to interact with dealers and competitors in real time, offering a virtual experience that’s as genuine as the real thing.

Treasure Fair

Treasure Fair

There are literally thousands of slot games out there, all with the same old graphics and side games that can make them boring pretty quickly. Treasure Fair, however, is a breath of fresh air, with a really unique set-up and a theme you won't find elsewhere.

Players are transported to an old-fashioned night-time carnival, complete with circus tents and sideshows. You're greeted by a strange ringmaster, complete with a performing monkey, and the aim of the game is to match themed symbols including a strongman, fire eater and policeman to win coins, gain free spins and unlock the bonus rounds. Treasure Fair has several carnival-style side games where players can pick up free spins, coin multipliers and big money wins, with fun games including a heads or tails coin flip and a wheel of fortune.

The best part of Treasure Fair is the progressive jackpot. This means that even if someone manages to win the big prize, the pot doesn't automatically empty, so you can still win big. All of the money collected from virtual machines around the world adds to this jackpot too, so the sums of money on offer can be huge, and can be won by a single bet. The jackpot regularly exceed £400,000, making this one a great way of potentially winning a life-changing sum of money with a decent slot game strategy in place.

Millionaire Genie

Millionaire Genie

Another superb slot game with an original theme, Millionaire Genie is based on the famous tale of the Djinni from 1,001 Arabian Nights. Players are transported to an enchanted treasure cave in the desert, where they must match up symbols including a spell book, magic lamp and a bag of gold coins. Getting started is easy, and all you have to do is deposit funds which are exchanged for coins to feed into the machine.

The aim of the game is to link these together, along with the wild symbols, to unlock coin wins and the bonus round. Here, you'll have access to free spins and bonus coin payouts, getting you closer to the progressive jackpot.

Millionaire Genie is one of the best slot games at 888casino thanks to generous 95% return to player percentage, which means you can expect to win back 95% of what you put into the machine over time. This keeps gameplay going for longer, but also means you've got a better chance at the jackpot too, as you won't run out of coins as fast.

Live Casino Hold 'Em

Live Casino Hold 'Em

Texas Hold 'Em poker is one of the most exciting casino games out there. As well as the luck of the draw, you need to have strong skills including bluffing, knowledge of the odds and maintaining a solid poker face. Playing online makes things a bit different, however, and the lack of human interaction can sometimes take the fun out of the game.

This is where Live Casino Hold 'Em changes everything. Players go head to head against a dealer just like other varieties of online Texas Hold 'Em, except real-life professional croupier is broadcast directly to your PC, tablet or phone. They will run the game, just like in an actual casino, and interact with you as you make your bets and play cards. Live casino is one of the best ways for players who aren't fans of 2D environments that lack the excitement of the casino, as the whole experience is brought straight to the screen in real-time. Online casino is no gimmick either, with very good odds and huge bonuses on offer every day of the week, just like the offers you get in a land-based casino.

888casino has many other great games besides these, so you won't run out of new games to try out even if you feel you've played enough of these ones. The games are all available on the 888casino app too, which is a great way to take your favourite games on the go. Just don't be too tempted to start enjoying your favourite casino games when the boss is around…

What are betting exchanges and how do they use technology?

Sports betting was, for a long time, in the technological dark ages with a real refusal to use anything other than good old-fashioned intuition and guesswork, both for bookmakers and punters. Many tried to come up with systems but would view stats and figures with a certain disdain and unhappiness that amounted to a sort of reverse snobbery.

We can see it today with football and xG, expected goals, a term that is very common for professional gamblers to used but your regular run of the mill punters view it with subscription. It is easy enough to understand, it basically just calculates how valuable a chance is and if a team is over or underperforming based on the chances it creates. This can, of course, help you to see patterns and how likely teams are to win a match based on previous performances. It can also help to evaluate players.

For a long time, despite there being so many new pieces of technology, be that hardware or software, technology was simply ignored by people who liked to places bets and the companies who let you place them. There was no competition, no need to innovate before the internet people had to go into actual shops so why make it easier for punters if it was paid for them to find a new place to bet.

However, there were some innovative and driven companies which felt there were ways which we could change and alter betting in order to both freshen it up and make it more exciting. As there are a number of ways in which you can bet, there is also a variety of sports that people can place their money on, just like betting on the NBA. Within the world of betting, there are so many new ideas being introduced such as betting exchanges. with a number of companies pioneering this idea, this would change the way people bet and interact with each other. One of these companies is Matchbook, who run one of the worlds biggest sporting exchanges and there are many different matchbook promotions people can use in order to get introduced to the platform without having to spend any money. They have worked hard to create this new system which makes betting better. If you’re still sceptical about sports betting, checking out sites like The Vegas Dave may change your mind a little. Doing some research into this industry could at least help you understand the basics a little better.

In essence, what it does is seek to set odds in a way that other companies had never even considered. Rather than using an algorithm no-one knows anything about or having a secret sect of employees who bicker and argue before putting the price up, betting exchanges give control back to consumers and allow them to interact with one another.

They have embraced technology which allows people to interact with one another, they have created a betting space which uses the latest technology to quickly and easily interpret what real people are betting on in order to change the prices. You are able to bet on or to bet against something happening, the more people doing one affects the price of the other. If a lot of people are betting on something to happen, say Manchester City to beat Leicester this weekend, then you will get good odds on betting for that not to happen. You can still bet on Man City to beat Leicester at a site like FanDuel, but the odds for that will not be as good.

Like the stock market, prices are affected by real time events and by actual people’s confidence in something happening. This technology then has given power back to the consumers and made betting a more open and democratic process.

Three tech innovations in betting that have changed the way we bet

For a very long time, the technology behind betting was very stagnant. However, that is changed now thanks to it being so easy to create an online betting website here in minutes. When we first were allowed to go into bookmakers and stick on a bet, there was a closed market with little choice of how, where or on what we decided to bet. If you wanted to bet on something already in progress, too bad. If you expected the bookmakers to give you anything, well that’s too bad as well.

Bookmakers knew that, basically, they only had other high street shops to compete with and in small town and cities, they knew it was a big pain for you to find a different place to wager at. Finding a new bookmaker meant looking in the yellow pages, or driving around in hope, maybe asking a friend. This gave them no incentive to make things easier or better for their audience. Why risk losing money or giving a customer more of an edge if they would keep coming back.

However, as with many things, this all changed when the internet age became mainstream and people had more choice across many aspects of life. Suddenly companies were reinvigorated by the fact that they faced new competition. Local bookstores suddenly had Amazon to compete with, clothes shops had online retailers armed with the ability to slash prices and bookmakers, well, they suddenly had to deal with a whole slew of new companies armed with fresh web hosting technology, that forced their closed shop was suddenly open.

If you wanted to find a new casino, now it was a click of the mouse away. If you felt you weren’t getting good odds, if you thought there wasn’t enough keeping you there or if you could see new and exciting ways to bet online then suddenly you could just move to a new place. This meant regular casinos had to go online and do something in order to compete with the new boys. This brought a number of exciting changes and innovations to online betting, here are two of the most celebrated ones.


Betting exchanges

Suddenly, with the internet around, there were new ways for people to interact, be it over social media or using other techniques. In terms of betting, what this ability to interact with each other brought, is the ability to create betting exchanges. A number of companies began to offer these, like sports betting Matchbook exchange which allowed betting to become more like the stock market.

Prices changed and fluctuate depending on who was backing bets or who was betting against them happening. Now you had prices that were set more by a community than some corporate algorithm. This made it much easier to understand and see how and why prices were what they were, it revolutionized betting.

Cash out

Another wonderful innovation that helped customers, if you have a bet on that is winning but worry it might be going south, you can now take an offer from the betting company to end it early and make sure your pocket at least some of the winnings. These innovations have given us as customers a degree of control which we should celebrate.

The two best odds casino games to play online

When online casino games first came out, they were really very poor. They were no fun to play, they were slow, the UI was embarrassingly unhelpful and the security was a real worry. This was especially true of online card games which were just awful, didn’t work properly and the cards were always fuzzy. If you were playing blackjack the dealer was always just too good and it just became a waste of time to try and win money playing them. How hard is it to find a fair casino? Well, today that stops. With, it searches hundreds of casinos to find the best, just for you.

Nowadays though the games are miles better, they are quite a bit more fun and you can actually win money with them. If you have spent big money on a gaming machine or a great gaming monitor, now online casinos have graphics worthy of your machines.

One of the biggest reasons for this is the fact that a number of bookmakers have stepped into the casino market. Before, when it was just small online casino companies trying their hand, they didn’t have the resources or the expertise to create great games. However, when companies that have been around for decades doing sports betting and other bookmaking stepped in, they used all their knowledge to create great games. Coral is one of the best example, this excellent, and most importantly impartial, Coral Bookmaker review, explains why it is one of the best choices for online betting and online casino gambling. It is a real golden age for online betting.

One of the few problems though is knowing the right game to play and if you’re not sure about the different games on offer, click here. There is an assumption that the house always wins when it comes to casinos. However, this is not always the case with many different casino games being better to play than others. Everyone thinks the games all have an equal chance of seeing you part with your hard-earned cash but some games actually have very good odds. Here are two of the best.


This game has the best odds of any casino game with it often being close to 50-50 and there are a number of reasons that this is the case. The main one is the fact that you are not playing against anyone but the dealer. In other games, you are playing against other patrons, as well as the house, but when it comes to blackjack, it’s just you vs the dealer, sometimes you even have help from other players who can force the dealer to go higher to beat them. It is also very easy and hard to make tragic mistakes owing to the fact that, in essence, you are only counting up to 21. There are not many very hard rules for you to observe making it well worth your time to play.

Red or Black on Roulette

The odds in roulette are quite well explained on the table with many of them being obvious. Red or black is near to 50-50, the house has two of their own slots with 0 and 00 in US casinos making it slightly less than a 50% chance you will win. Still, it is very simple and totally down to luck making your chances higher than in a game of skill, where you can easily mess up.

How Modern Phones have Helped to Root Out Cheats


In today’s modern world of technology, we have come to rely on various gadgets and devices on a day to day basis. One of the things that many people are most reliant on when it comes to tech is their smartphone, with some people carrying it around with them no matter where they go. With the number of features that we get on today’s phones, it is little wonder that we spend so much time on them.

Smartphones have helped to make our lives easier in many different ways. For instance, we can now go online while we are out and about. We can stream movies and TV shows direct to the device, we can chat with friends and family via social media, and we can take and share videos and phones. However, one more thing that can be done with a smartphone is rooting out a cheating partner.

If you believe that your partner is cheating, it is likely that his or her smartphone will play a big part in this. Cheating partners often start to spend a lot of time on their phones simply because this enables them to liaise with the person they are seeing with greater ease. In the past, people had to make sly phone calls to be able to communicate when having an affair. However, these days the modern smartphone offers a host of different options for communication.

Many cheats will get on Facebook on their smartphones so that they can private message the person they are having an affair with rather than do it on the computer where there is more of a risk of being seen. Many others will send texts back and forth via their phone to the person that they are having a fling with. Some will use instant messaging apps like WhatsApp to contact the person that they are seeing. Finally, many resort to the traditional old methods of actually calling the person that they are cheating with, although this is obviously behind the back of their significant other.

So, what does this mean for people who are trying to find out whether their partner is cheating? Well, in a nutshell if you can get your hands on that mobile you could be presented with a wealth of information that will enable you to determine whether your partner has been up to no good. You can check on people that have been calling your partner and use a reverse phone app to find out who it is. You may be able to access their Facebook account to see if they have been sending private messages to someone else. You’ll b e able to read any messages on instant messaging apps that they have used. You can also check on outgoing calls to see who your partner has been calling.

This vast array of information means that you can quickly and easily root out a cheating partner with relative ease when you have access to their phone.

Successful Couponer

4 Things You Have To Do To Be A Successful Couponer

If you are like most people, finding a way to save money is a top concern. With all of the different ways to save money out there, doing a bit of research to find out what methods work for you is important. For years, people have been using coupons to save money on everything from electronics to groceries. While most people like the idea of couponing, they fail to realize just how much work it takes. If you are not dedicated to finding deals, then it will be extremely difficult to cut corners and keep more money in your pocket each month. Here are just some of the things you will need to focus on in order to become a great couponer.

  1. Combining Coupons and Offers is a Must

One of the biggest keys to success as a coupon enthusiast is learning how to combine various offers and coupons. Finding an aggregate site, like Couponbuffer, is the best way to see what deals are out there and which ones can be combined. If you are able to reduce the price of the goods you need by using multiple coupons, then you need to invest some time into researching the deals available to you. The only way to find out about these deals is by going online and doing your homework. Some of the bigger deals will require you to use coupons within a certain time frame. Planning out your shopping trips in detail will allow you to save money and avoid making mistakes. You can find discounts such as WeatherTech promo codes, and they can really add up and save you a lot of money. Organization is a must when it comes to saving big bucks on goods and services. People who try to rush through the research process usually find it very difficult to take advantage of really good deals.

  1. Who Accepts the Coupons You Have?

The next thing you have to focus on when attempting to be successful at couponing is which stores will accept the coupons you have. Often times, newcomers to the world of couponing fail to realize that not every store accepts these discounts. The last thing you want to do is to get a bunch of coupons ready and go to check out only to realize the store in question does not accept. Looking at the website of a retail establishment is the best way to find out about their policy on coupons. The more you are able to find out about the stores in your area, the easier it will be to get the great deals you are looking for.

  1. Starting Small is a Good Idea

We have all seen television shows where people are saving hundreds of dollars on single transactions. While this is possible, you will have to work your way up to these large ticket savings. The best thing you can do when first starting out in the world of couponing is to start small with your transactions. Trying to do too much too soon may lead to a number of costly mistakes being made. As you gain more knowledge of how couponing works, you will be able to plan larger hauls and get better deals on the goods and services you need.

  1. Utilize the Power of the Internet

When trying to find the best possible deals on the good and services you need, utilizing the power of the internet is a great option. There are tons of different websites out there that are dedicated to providing their users with information on the best deals out there. Finding and using these websites is the only way you will be able to reduce the amount of money you are spending each month on things like food and clothing. Researching the various couponing sites out there is the only way to figure out which one is the right fit for what you need. The same thing can be said for making sure you have the right energy provider. It is always a good idea to compare your utility quotes with what the going rates are online.If you’re interested in learning more, read more here.

Saving money will require a lot of work, but the benefits you can reap will make the effort invested worth it.

Overwatch League Begins

Streaming Figures in the Spotlight as Overwatch League Begins

The moment that the gaming world has been waiting for ever since it was announced at BlizzCon back in November 2016 has arrived – Blizzard Entertainment’s eagerly anticipated Overwatch League is finally up and running.

Arguably the eSports world’s brightest new hope absolute global domination, the competition has attracted a lot of attention in recent months for a number of reasons including its format of using city-based teams in a manner reminiscent of traditional sports like the NFL or MLS. It has also developed serious star power too, with the likes of Shaquille O’Neal and even Jennifer Lopez known to have invested in the competitors involved in the event.

Considering all of the hype, it is unsurprising that now it has launched attention has turned to whether it is proving a hit with gamers. With this in mind, a big focus has been put on its streaming performance.

Of course, the ability to stream video has had a huge impact on many areas of our lives – just ask the millions using Netflix or Amazon Video for instance. However, it has particularly played an important part in gaming in its various forms for a number of years now, whether it has been to simply watch top performers in action or had a use as part of playing a game. For example, only a few years ago there was lots of buzz around online casinos and how they were using such technology to create ‘live dealer’-style experiences in which players could participate in games controlled by a real-life dealer.

Streaming has also had a major role in bringing eSports to its avid fanbase, with Twitch undoubtedly being the go-to brand when it comes to watching top gaming action. Considering how huge the service is, it was not exactly surprising to see the recent confirmation that Twitch would carry livestreams of all Overwatch League matches in its capacity as the ‘exclusive worldwide third-party provider’. According to Blizzard Entertainment COO Armin Zera, the decision was made in order to “drive significant viewership” in the competition’s first season – so how is it faring so far?

It remains very early days, but the signs are promising. According to estimates, the first day of action saw streams reach more than 415,000 viewers. Such figures would be impressive enough on their own but as PCGamesN point out, they do not include results for either Chinese viewers or those watching on the official phone app or MLG stream. When all of this is taken into account, the final number could well have been significantly higher.

While the initial figures for Overwatch League are hugely positive and will no doubt be welcomed by Blizzard, there should, of course, be a word of caution that interest was inevitably going to be high as the action first got underway. The key will undoubtedly be for the competition to maintain such streaming figures and, if it can achieve that, we could well be looking at a competition with the potential to push eSports right into the mainstream.

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