Best Gaming Chairs

Finding the Best Gaming Chair for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

Having a gaming room in your home is an excellent place for kids and adults to connect. When it comes to creating a gaming room, there is a lot to think about the screens, the games, the gaming consoles, and perhaps even a gaming computer.

When it comes down to it, good seating is the most forgotten, yet most important part of the gaming experience. When you’re enjoying a big Red Dead Redemption 2 session, you’ll want your back to be okay so that you can be comfortable when looking online at for cheat codes afterward. Proper seating doesn’t mean your typical couch either. You want to look into getting a video gaming chair.

A video gaming chair is a chair that is designed specifically with the needs of gamers in mind. It has a distinctive design that makes it better than your typical couch or recliner not to mention there are incredible benefits to investing in a good gaming chair.

Our Video Gaming Chair Recommendation

The video gaming chair that we would recommend is a coin toss between the Ewin Champion Series, Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair in Red and the AKRacing Pro-X Luxury XL Gaming Chair. Ultimately, it is going to come down to affordability. The Devoko Gaming Chair has many features similar to the AKRacing Pro-X gaming chair. Both chairs are excellent investments and show superiority when compared to other gaming chairs. However, the Devoko chair is about $100 whereas the AkRacing chair is about $500.

Being a Healthy Gamer

Despite what some gamers may want to think, they are mortal beings. Mortal humans are susceptible to health problems. Avoiding health problems means as a gamer if you don’t treat your body right you may face serious consequences. There are obvious tips like taking gaming breaks, eating right, and exercising and then there is the not so obvious like getting a gaming chair.

Why Gamers Need A Video Gaming Chair

In recent years, due to how comfortable and stylish they are gaming chairs have become more and more popular. There’s more to it though. Gamers spend a lot of time sitting down, and this can be troubling to your body for several reasons, and video gaming chairs are a solution to that problem.

  • Improved Posture: One thing gamers are not known for is good posture. This is especially true when they are on the edge of their seat engaged in battle. We know that playing your favorite games such as Diablo II after just visiting the online shop to get boosted is investing, but you have to live with your back forever, and games are never life-long. Over the years sitting poorly will cause you to develop bad posture. Good posture is an essential part of body language; if you have poor posture, you might come across as less confident thus missing out on dating and job opportunities. Most gaming chairs keep posture in mind. That way you can be comfortable, engage in gameplay, and not worry about being hunched over or developing poor posture.
  • Good for Spine Health: When you sit for too long in an uncomfortable or improperly designed chair you may start to feel back and neck pain from it. With long-term use, the way you sit as a gamer is essential. It can eventually lead to more than lousy posture but spine problems that could require serious intervention in the future. Spine-health is another reason why the design of your chair is important. Gaming chairs keep you as comfortable as possible without letting your neck or back go out.
  • Better Blood Flow: Your typical chair design has an edge that doesn’t allow blood flow to the legs. Ever get up after sitting down for a long time, and your legs are completely numb? It’s a very annoying feeling and could lead to leg and foot problems in the future if you are sitting like this for too long. The best way to avoid this problem is to get a gaming chair. In a gaming chair, the edges exist to allow blood flow to your legs instead of cutting off that flow. Not to mention you’ll be comfortable while it’s happening. You can have your cake and eat it too!
  • Improved Gameplay: Now that you no longer have any health concerns that come with sitting for long periods of time, you can relax, and tackle that high-level boss better than you ever could before. That is something to be excited about as a proud gamer.

Gaming Chair Reviews

Despite all this information, how do you pick the right gaming chair for you? There are so many gaming chairs on the market from video gaming chairs to x video gaming chairs, rocking video gaming chairs, reclining video gaming chairs, and so much more, the list goes on and on. Not to mention they range in price from just under a cool $100 all the way up to $500-$700 for a top of the line one, so what makes these chairs different or better than each other?

Never fear, here is a look at our top 5 video gaming chair picks for 2020:

X Rocker Wireless Audio Gaming Chair

Def. one of the best enhancements you can add to your gaming setup.

Tagged as ‘Amazon’s Choice’ the X Rocker Pro 51259 is the ideal choice for intense gaming sessions. Hardcore gamers can play for hours in this ergonomically designed chair that has vibration features and complete back support with an included headrest. It features durable grade vinyl upholstery making it easy to clean. It holds its ground when it comes to intense gameplay. The best feature of this chair, however, is that you can connect with other chairs, so players can interact and have the best gaming experience.

This chair features:

  • 4 surround sound speakers for complete immersion with a powerful Ace Bayou’s AFM technology subwoofer
  • All inclusive settings ideal for gaming, listening to music, reading, relaxing, & watching television
  • Built-in Radio with a wireless receiver and wireless transmitter designed to work with RCA outputs and the included RCA cables
  • Padded head and armrests for comfort along with stability
  • Durable easy to clean vinyl fabric
  • Vibration motors that sync along with the bass to complete the full body experience

8 out of 10 Stars Rating on ArmChair Empire’s Scale

People who rated the product 5 stars had nothing but excellent things to say about it. According to reviewers the chair is priced well, has a great bass, and makes a great holiday gift. It also appears that the chair fits a variety of people’s heights and weights comfortably. People also noted that they could sit in it for hours on end with no problems whatsoever.

People who rated this product 1 star found there to be some issues with their order. They found they had missing parts or cables, and one reviewer was upset because their chair arrived damaged. The most notable concern was how low the head and armrests were. Some felt that the chair was designed more for a young child.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

With that in mind, 88% of Amazon reviewers rated this gaming chair as 3 stars or more. Alternatively, 12% of Amazon reviewers rated this gaming chair as 2 stars or less.

We give this chair an 8 out 10 rating because while there are concerns regarding delivery errors, it seems the majority are happy with their purchase and find the chair to be a comfortable fit for their gaming needs.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair in Red

The Devoko Gaming Chair is made of PU leather and has thick padding, making it the perfect pick for anyone who needs an office style chair that duals as a gaming chair to be able to relax during lengthy work and gaming sessions. It is ideal for any home office due to its adjustability. By day it is your standard work chair and by night duals as an excellent gaming chair. Not to mention it comes in a bold red color that screams personality. Also, this chair will not break your bank.

This chair features:

  • Made with Premium PU leather
  • High curved back with a headrest and a freely adjustable lumbar support for good spine health
  • High-quality 360-swivel rotation with muted PU rolling wheels preventing any scratches on the floor.
  • Features a smooth tilt adjustment that locks along with a recline angle adjuster
  • Seats up to 300 LBS and comes with 30-day refund or replacement warranty.
  • The seat measures 1″x19.7″, with a backrest dimension of 4″x31.5″ it is adjustable between 16.1 and 20 inches and the product itself weighs 44.1 pounds.

9 out of 10 Stars Rating on Armchair Empire’s rating scale.

People who rated the Devoko Gaming Chair 5 stars on Amazon found it to be easy to assemble as well as exceptionally comfortable. They did note the material seemed stiff at first but that it adjusted quickly enough. Many pointed out that the chair was high quality, glided into a reclining position well, and did not wobble or rock. People also seemed to be pleased with the affordability of this video gaming chair.

People who rated the Devoko Gaming Chair 1 star on Amazon were few and far between. Some felt it was a waste of their money and overpriced, but stated no reasoning why. Meanwhile, another reviewer found upon assembly the bard under the chair was bent causing it to lean to the right and forward. They did, however, note that the chair was durable.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

96% of Amazon reviewers rated this gaming chair as 3 stars or more. In contrast, only 4% rated this gaming Chair 2 stars or less.

We give this chair an 8 out 10 rating because over 95% of Amazon reviewers were satisfied with their purchase. It is a great chair that many would recommend to their friends. Not to mention, the price cannot be beaten. See more details and pics on Amazon’s listing.

Homall Swivel Leather Gaming Chair in White

Emerge yourself in complete comfort with the Homall Executive Racing Style Chair. This is more than your ordinary office chair. It has numerous features that make it unique as well as an excellent price-point. It is a stunning addition to your home office or game room seeing as it plenty of seating space while maintaining a sleek look. If you are looking for maximum comfort and style without breaking the bank then, this is the chair for you. This chair fits your body’s natural shape and is designed with perfection in mind. It is currently the #1 bestseller on Amazon in the video game chairs category.

The chair features:

  • A lock and tilt mechanism that has a 90-180 degrees angle adjuster
  • The height is adjustable through a gas spring cylinder
  • A sturdy base
  • Ease of movement
  • Ergonomically and Orthopedically designed
  • Features PU leather
  • Comes with a lumbar cushion and headrest pillow
  • Can handle up to 300lbs

7.8 out of 10 Stars Rating on Armchair Empire

Those who rated the Homall Swivel Gaming Chair 5 stars believed it was #1 on Amazon for a reason. They were impressed with the quality of the chair for its price. Reviewers stated that it only took about 30 minutes to assemble the chair and that it was a solid quality gaming chair. The reviewers were surprised at how comfortable the chair was despite minimal padding. People also seemed to like how sturdy and flexible the chair was. Many were also happy with how easily it reclined and how well it remained well balanced. People who purchased this chair and rated it 5 stars found that it was just as good, if not, better than any $300+ chair available.

Those who rated the video gaming chair 1 star found that the lack of cushioning was a problem and felt it came with poor building instructions. One reviewer was upset because it took them a long time to put the chair together and it wouldn’t adjust well. Upon building the chair, it was leaning forward too much. So, as this individual was adjusting the chair, the armrests ripped out, thus destroying the chair. This particular reviewer suggested that the company make changes to the lock mechanism to make it easier to adjust without risking breaking the chair. Other reviewers also noticed that the chair didn’t support weight as well as they would’ve liked and the chair was susceptible to breaking.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

83% of the Amazon reviewers rated this chair 3 stars or more. Meanwhile, 17% of reviewers rated it 2 stars or less.

We give this chair a 7 out of 10 rating because of the issues this video gaming chair had with durability. While it is rated #1 for a reason, unfortunately, this chair won’t last, and you’ll eventually need to replace it. So, while you save money upfront, it will cost you more in the future. See More on Amazon’s listing

Ewin Executive Office Gaming Chair

By taking just one look at the Ewin Executive Office Gaming Chair and you know you are about to enter the lap of luxury. This chair is not only glamorous but functional as well. This gaming chair is a perfect addition to any gaming space you may have at home. Also, if you want something to match your work environment while maintaining style, then this is the chair for you. This chair has a little bit of something for everybody. You won’t find anything better than this luxurious chair.

This chair features:

  • Verification by UL, SGS, BIFMA, & Better Quality
  • It has a full circle swivel
  • Its backrest is adjustable by 155 Degrees
  • Features 2D Adjustable Armrests
  • High backrest for neck support
  • Steel frame with integrated foam
  • PU Leather

8.6 out of 10 Stars – Armchair Rating

Amazon reviewers who rated the product 5 stars found that it came in simple packaging and was easy to assemble. One reviewer was excited because the hardware was pre-installed. All you had to do was put the screws together with easy to understand instructions. Reviewers found that the base was not made cheaply and that it was firm, yet comfortable. This chair has glowing 5 star reviews with comments about its functionality and durability. Reviewers also found the foam used in the chair to be comfortable and that it was perfect. Especially for those long 8-10 hour days that are spent sitting.

Amazon reviewers who rated this gaming chair 1 star were critical about things such as shipping and logistic issues. Some reviewers felt it was too uncomfortable for their preexisting back problems. Collectively these reviewers felt the chair was not worth spending money on.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

93% of all Amazon reviewers rated this video gaming chair 3 stars or more. Meanwhile, 7% of all buyers rated it 2 stars or less.

We give this chair an 8 out of 10 rating because of how many people found it to be a good investment when it comes to preventing spine health problems. Plus, it is easy to assemble. See more on Amazon’s listing

AKRacing Pro-X Luxury XL Gaming Chair

Are you ready for the ultimate revolution? The Pro X series takes the lead when it comes to gaming chairs. It is a premium chair with cutting-edge ergonomics, panoply of luxury features that benefit your health, and enhanced seat comfort. The Pro-X delivers while other brands simply promise. Take action and do not settle for less.

This chair features:

  • Advanced ergonomic design
  • Stylish and colorful upholstery
  • Superior cushioning and support for long hours
  • Made from high-grade faux leather
  • A steel frame to provide firm stability along with flexibility
  • 3AK designed 3D armrests
  • Leading 5/10 warranty

9.6 out of 10 Stars – Armchair Rating

Those who rated the Pro-X Video Gaming Chair by AKRacing 5 stars had nothing but good things to say about it. Gamers of all heights, shapes, and sizes found that they could sit comfortably in this chair for hours. The consensus among reviewers was that this chair was worth the investment despite being expensive.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

This says a lot about this chair because no one thus far has rated it less than 4 stars. It holds a 100% rating of 4 stars or higher. It is the ultimate gaming chair and ideal for anyone who spends long periods of time sitting.

We rate this chair 9 out of 10 seeing as how many people rated it and recommended it on Amazon. It seems with this chair you can be the ultimate gamer you’ve always wanted to be.

Our Video Gaming Chair Recommendation

The video gaming chair that we would recommend is a coin toss between the Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair in Red and the AKRacing Pro-X Luxury XL Gaming Chair. Ultimately, it is going to come down to affordability. The Devoko Gaming Chair has many features similar to the AKRacing Pro-X gaming chair. Both chairs are excellent investments and show superiority when compared to other gaming chairs. However, the Devoko chair is about $100 whereas the AkRacing chair is about $500.

Considering Costs of a Video Gaming Chair

As noted you can see that a decent video gaming chair ranges from just under $100 to just over $500. When considering the costs of a gaming chair, you need to think about your needs and your budget.

If you want something that is going to last you a long time then, going with the AKRacing chair is going to be your best bet. However, if you cannot afford it realistically you, may want to opt for the Devoko chair and not break the bank.

Things to Consider

When it comes to this type of decision you may want to consider some important questions:

  • How easy is the assembly?
  • Will this chair likely last?
  • Is it comfortable?
  • Are the reviews on it fair?
  • What is the return policy?
  • Is there a warranty?

These questions are good starting points when it comes to determining which type and kind of chair is right for you and your needs.

Concluding Thoughts

If you want to have the ultimate gaming experience, it is highly recommended that you get a comfortable chair. Think about all the benefits of having a good gaming chair such as improved gameplay. Having a gaming chair that duals as an office chair is also a good idea because then you’ll have the best of both worlds.

Picking out the right gaming chair is a difficult task. The last thing you need is a mediocre gaming chair that leads to severe back problems, poor posture and lack of blood flow to the body. It is the honest truth. You will want to think about your personal health needs and put your comfort above and beyond any dollar value. Having excellent head and lumbar support is significant for gamers to consider.

Being the ultimate gamer means taking care of yourself and enjoying your gameplay. A video gaming chair kills two birds with one stone.