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Last Updated April 10, 2018

Amsterdam: My Abstract ABC Guide

Amsterdam is famous for so many things. Whether you’re a keen sightseer, budding blogger or a student looking to escape the exhausting university environment for something more exciting – there is something for everyone in Amsterdam.

The capital is built upon layers and layers of history, so much so that you could say Amsterdam is a mountain of historical monuments. From tourist hot-spots such as Anne Frank’s house and Van Gough’s museum to architectural attractions like Hubertus House, 17th-century canals and best of all, their famous cafes.

However, unlike many, I got bored of hearing about the popular tourist attractions and wanted to take an abstract approach to exploring the city. So, I turned my attention to the finer things of capital and no, it wasn’t a waste of a journey! If anything, I advise you take a walk in my shoes for the day, and I guarantee that you’ll have a weird and wondrous experience.

That said, here’s my ABC guide of Amsterdam!

Amsterdam: My Abstract ABC Guide


Art is one of Amsterdam’s key sectors. However, rather than vent about Van Gough or rant about Rembrandt, I found a far more attractive alternative which I believe to be one of the best things to do in Amsterdam.

If you’re a fan of the rave culture, a nightclub owl or even want to see something a little more mesmerising, then Electric Ladyland is your best bet!

This bright and vibrant museum is the first and, quite possibly, the only fluorescent gallery around. With spectacular sculptures dotted about, this beautiful combination of science and art is perfect for those that want to embrace the beauty of Participatory Art. If you’ve taken a bite of a peculiar cake, then you’re trip could turn out to be, what I can only describe as, a raver’s rendition of Alice in Wonderland.

Just one advice, though. Don’t wear sunscreen as the chemicals will affect the artist’s work!


Although I did state that I was going to move away from Amsterdam’s classic attractions, I couldn’t help but mention this bizarre and brilliant little boat – well, it’s not exactly little. Especially since this oddly shaped floating shed is home to the most adorable little kittens!

Now, you would think that most cats hate water; however, this quirky boat is a result of a loving story, one which the cats and the tourists have taken to!

Back in 1966, a lady called Mrs Weelde – also known as Amsterdam’s Crazy Cat Lady – stumbled upon a family of kittens hiding under a tree. After taking care of them, more stray cats came to her door, with locals soon delivering kittens they could no longer care for. However, Mrs Weelde and her feline friends soon had no room, so two years down the line, she acquired a sailing barge which she converted into a cat sanctuary. To this day, the boat continues to take in abandoned animals seeking affection.

Who knew that cats and water would be a purrfect combination?


I could have chosen to write about something a little more exciting, such as the city’s famous cafés, concerts or even the condom museum. However, this seemed to fit into my bizarre equation quite nicely.

Ctaste is one of Amsterdam’s most talked about dining experiences and one you may want to try. Rather than heighten your senses with the good stuff of Amsterdam, diners can book a table to eat their meals in the dark!

Although this may be a good idea for conscious eaters or an ideal place for blind dates, you may be thinking, why on earth would I want to do that?

For starters, the food is fab! Well, “excellent” according to Trip Advisor reviews, but Ctaste’s sensuous setting is enough of an excuse to spark a lot of fun! If that is, you like to get creative in the dark!

Successful Couponer

4 Things You Have To Do To Be A Successful Couponer

If you are like most people, finding a way to save money is a top concern. With all of the different ways to save money out there, doing a bit of research to find out what methods work for you is important. For years, people have been using coupons to save money on everything from electronics to groceries. While most people like the idea of couponing, they fail to realize just how much work it takes. If you are not dedicated to finding deals, then it will be extremely difficult to cut corners and keep more money in your pocket each month. Here are just some of the things you will need to focus on in order to become a great couponer.

  1. Combining Coupons and Offers is a Must

One of the biggest keys to success as a coupon enthusiast is learning how to combine various offers and coupons. Finding an aggregate site, like Couponbuffer, is the best way to see what deals are out there and which ones can be combined. If you are able to reduce the price of the goods you need by using multiple coupons, then you need to invest some time into researching the deals available to you. The only way to find out about these deals is by going online and doing your homework. Some of the bigger deals will require you to use coupons within a certain time frame. Planning out your shopping trips in detail will allow you to save money and avoid making mistakes. Organization is a must when it comes to saving big bucks on goods and services. People who try to rush through the research process usually find it very difficult to take advantage of really good deals.

  1. Who Accepts the Coupons You Have?

The next thing you have to focus on when attempting to be successful at couponing is which stores will accept the coupons you have. Often times, newcomers to the world of couponing fail to realize that not every store accepts these discounts. The last thing you want to do is to get a bunch of coupons ready and go to check out only to realize the store in question does not accept. Looking at the website of a retail establishment is the best way to find out about their policy on coupons. The more you are able to find out about the stores in your area, the easier it will be to get the great deals you are looking for.

  1. Starting Small is a Good Idea

We have all seen television shows where people are saving hundreds of dollars on single transactions. While this is possible, you will have to work your way up to these large ticket savings. The best thing you can do when first starting out in the world of couponing is to start small with your transactions. Trying to do too much too soon may lead to a number of costly mistakes being made. As you gain more knowledge of how couponing works, you will be able to plan larger hauls and get better deals on the goods and services you need.

  1. Utilize the Power of the Internet

When trying to find the best possible deals on the good and services you need, utilizing the power of the internet is a great option. There are tons of different websites out there that are dedicated to providing their users with information on the best deals out there. Finding and using these websites is the only way you will be able to reduce the amount of money you are spending each month on things like food and clothing. Researching the various couponing sites out there is the only way to figure out which one is the right fit for what you need.

Saving money will require a lot of work, but the benefits you can reap will make the effort invested worth it.

Overwatch League Begins

Streaming Figures in the Spotlight as Overwatch League Begins

The moment that the gaming world has been waiting for ever since it was announced at BlizzCon back in November 2016 has arrived – Blizzard Entertainment’s eagerly anticipated Overwatch League is finally up and running.

Arguably the eSports world’s brightest new hope absolute global domination, the competition has attracted a lot of attention in recent months for a number of reasons including its format of using city-based teams in a manner reminiscent of traditional sports like the NFL or MLS. It has also developed serious star power too, with the likes of Shaquille O’Neal and even Jennifer Lopez known to have invested in the competitors involved in the event.

Considering all of the hype, it is unsurprising that now it has launched attention has turned to whether it is proving a hit with gamers. With this in mind, a big focus has been put on its streaming performance.

Of course, the ability to stream video has had a huge impact on many areas of our lives – just ask the millions using Netflix or Amazon Video for instance. However, it has particularly played an important part in gaming in its various forms for a number of years now, whether it has been to simply watch top performers in action or had a use as part of playing a game. For example, only a few years ago there was lots of buzz around online casinos and how they were using such technology to create ‘live dealer’-style experiences in which players could participate in games controlled by a real-life dealer.

Streaming has also had a major role in bringing eSports to its avid fanbase, with Twitch undoubtedly being the go-to brand when it comes to watching top gaming action. Considering how huge the service is, it was not exactly surprising to see the recent confirmation that Twitch would carry livestreams of all Overwatch League matches in its capacity as the ‘exclusive worldwide third-party provider’. According to Blizzard Entertainment COO Armin Zera, the decision was made in order to “drive significant viewership” in the competition’s first season – so how is it faring so far?

It remains very early days, but the signs are promising. According to estimates, the first day of action saw streams reach more than 415,000 viewers. Such figures would be impressive enough on their own but as PCGamesN point out, they do not include results for either Chinese viewers or those watching on the official phone app or MLG stream. When all of this is taken into account, the final number could well have been significantly higher.

While the initial figures for Overwatch League are hugely positive and will no doubt be welcomed by Blizzard, there should, of course, be a word of caution that interest was inevitably going to be high as the action first got underway. The key will undoubtedly be for the competition to maintain such streaming figures and, if it can achieve that, we could well be looking at a competition with the potential to push eSports right into the mainstream.

Best Kitchen Gadgets

The Best Kitchen Gadgets for 2018

With the new year come different resolutions, expectations and promises we will all struggle to keep as 2018 unfolds. We might have even gotten ourselves a new armchair, the best exercise kit to lose those extra pounds that the holidays left us with and/or we probably have some great gaming gear lined up and ready to be tried out. However, in the spirit of making our lives easier, this time, we’ll focus on the best kitchen gadgets we can get our hands on this year.

Best Kitchen Gadgets

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a personal chef (like Adrienne “talonchick” Rowsome) or self-cleaning kitchens (not a thing yet) or food that stores itself. For this reason, we have looked at a few simple things that might give us an extra hand when it comes to keeping this sacred place of our homes tidy and help us save time so that we can spend it on other worthwhile activities. If one of your New Year’s resolutions includes cooking more, then you will be interested in the Amco Rub-AWay bar. This stainless-steel bar that can be used with or without water helps remove smells — like garlic, fish or onion — from your hands, so you don’t have to worry about unpleasant fragrances lingering after you finish preparing a meal.

Now, if you’re seriously thinking about cooking more in 2018, then you will need a proper knife. There are many options out there, and different chefs have their personal favorites, but the Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife has proven to be infallible. User-friendly and safe, which is designed so it won’t slip away from your hands, the Victorinox razor is one of the best ones around, and it will surely help you cut with precision as you prepare any dishes this year.

If you’ve read our site carefully, then you know that we give importance to kitchen faucets — here is the complete list of the five best faucets of 2017 — and we look forward to delving further into the newest and most comfortable ones as the year unfolds. The same goes for home vacuum sealers that help us store food, which we always look forward to reviewing on a continuous basis as new models come along. However, in the meantime, we have found this fruit and veggie keeper, which has a delightfully funny design. It comes in different colors and helps preserve the freshness of your food, especially specific kind of fruits and vegetables like onions while also keeping unpleasant smells away from your fridge.

From an almost magic steel bar to help you smell great even when you get your hands dirty to the perfect knife to a fun food keeper, these are just a few of the best gadgets you can discover in 2018. So, if you have planned to spend more time in the kitchen this year, then these are all tools you’ll find both fun and useful. And when you go back to your armchair, make sure you check the rest of the updates we’ll be posting about, from electronics to toys to the latest gaming specials. Enjoy your 2018, which apparently comes full of pleasant surprises!

Runescape Gold

4RSGOLD For When You Need An Instant Resupply Of Runescape Gold

As a long time Runescape fan, my goals have morphed over the years. When my love affair began a decade ago, stuff like getting a 99 attack or getting ovls was considered difficult. Achieving such feats was more than enough recognition. Unfortunately, with time and the steady rise in players, these achievements are no longer hard to achieve.

Going beyond and breaking the barrier requires spending Runescape gold, at least in my opinion and that is where I spend the majority of my time nowadays. In fact, nearly half of my time goes in trading RS coins, and this is where 4RSGOLD comes into the picture.

Full disclosure, there are plenty of online exchanges that deal in Runescape gold. If you wish to consider another provider, please do so. For me, 4RSGOLD is ideal thanks to the plethora of payment options. Personally, I prefer dealing with Moneybookers or Paypal, but that’s just my choice. They even entertain Western Union and Euro Standard, so that’s neat for folks across the pond.

My experience since the first time I made an account till date has been nothing short of amazing. Select the server, coin quantity, provide your character name and email address. Choose from the many payment options, complete payment and your character will now have access to Runescape gold that you can spend to level up, get ovls or if you are like me then go for the Completionist Cape, Max Cape but before that do complete Plagues End.

On a prior occasion, the payment was successful although my game seemed to miss this transaction. The good thing is you don’t have to wait for a resolution thanks to their 24/7 support. I really can’t say if they provide all year round support but at least my issue was resolved in under one hour, which is spectacular. Other RS Gold platforms are equally good, but I haven’t received such quick customer support from any other place.

I have bought Runescape gold in the past, but approached 4RSGOLD on a recommendation from a friend. I know a lot of my loyal readers play Runescape – and as you know, I already recommend a lot of the best products out there. I haven’t really recommended game currencies before, but 4RSGOLD is definitely up there as being one of the best.

Get Back In The Game! You Will Love It

Were you like 132/138 level when you quit playing Runescape? You must have felt pretty content knowing that you reached a level others can only dream of and that’s probably why you decided to call it quits. Well, be ready to be surprised because nowadays almost everyone is either maxed out or close to maxing out. You have to spend your gold to get a higher thrill since maxing out is pretty straightforward. Just remember to get all the gold you need from 4RSGOLD now that you are back in the game.

Perfect Guest Room

Creating the Perfect Guest Room in Your Home

If you have a spare bedroom in your home, it can be a great idea to set up a guest room, which can be used if you have friends or family coming over to stay. By using your spare room as a guest bedroom, you will not only be able to benefit from a very practical and useful space in your home but you can also eliminate the risk of the room inadvertently becoming a junk room.

Setting up a guest bedroom in your home doesn’t have to be a difficult or costly. All you need is a pretty basic room that will be comfortable for any guest who is staying at your home. Remember, this room will only be used on occasion so simple, basic, yet comfortable are the qualities you should be aiming for in order to avoid spending more than you need to.

Tips to create a comfortable guest room without spending a fortune

There are a number of steps you can take in order to create a practical, comfortable guest room within a pretty low budget. This includes:

  • Freshen up the room with a lick of paint: Simply giving the room a lick of paint will help to freshen it up. Once you’ve done this, you can start looking at other areas of the room such as furniture, curtains and lighting. Opting for a warm neutral colour such as biscuit or cappuccino is an excellent idea for your guest room. If you want to liven the walls up a little buy one or two framed prints for the walls, which you can pick up really cheaply from a range of home ware retailers.
  • Buy a basic bed: Bear in mind that your guest room will only be used on occasion, so you don’t need to buy the best bed on the market. Choose something basic – not low quality though. Also, buy a good foam mattress for the bed, as this will be affordable for you and comfortable for your guests – take time to read through mattress review sites before you choose. You can then dress the bed up to make it look inviting, using things such as throws and cushions.
  • Lighting: The lighting requirements for your guest bedroom also only need to be simple. A basic light shade for the ceiling will be fine – you can colour co-ordinate this in line with your walls and fabrics or go for something like glass in order to add a touch of class to the guest room. Also, make sure you invest in a lamp for your guest to use.
  • Other furniture: There are some other items of furniture you will need to look at. One or two bedside tables are important so that you have somewhere to put the lamps and so that your guests have somewhere convenient to place their belongings. You might want to add a small dresser with a mirror if the room doesn’t have en-suite. Your guests will also need somewhere to put their clothes but rather than paying a fortune for a solid wardrobe, you can consider one of the very practical and pretty sturdy fabric ones available these days. You can even add a TV so that your guests can watch movies, shows, and news such as MSNBC Live.

With these steps, you can make sure your guests are able to feel welcome and comfortable in your guest room, but you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

Laptop Size

Choosing the Right Laptop Size

Choosing the right laptop for your needs involves looking at a range of different factors. There are many different laptops to choose from these days, with the range of laptop devices having rocketed over recent years. There are laptops of all sorts of sizes, colours, makes, models, and specifications, and you therefore need to choose carefully.

One of the decisions you will have to make is what size laptop to go for. Different sizes will suit different needs when it comes to laptops. It is important to think about where and when you will be using the laptop, how often you will be using it out and about, and whether you would be comfortable on a larger or smaller screen.

Making your choice

These days many people have a laptop instead of having a desktop computer at home. They don’t really take the laptop out and about, but find that it is a convenient alternative to the desktop because it can be used from any room in the home or even the garden if the user has wireless internet at home. Those that plan to use the laptop as an alternative to a desktop may find that the larger laptops are suitable, as they will provide a large screen for convenience and ease and the user doesn’t have to worry about lugging it around because they use it at home more than anything.

For those that have to take their computer out and about with them a lot, such as many business users, a tablet is often a good choice. They are very small and portable making them excellent tools for those that need to be hooked up to the internet whilst on the move. You can get tablets in different sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits in with your needs.

In addition to looking at the size of the computer that you have you also need to look at the specifications that come with the system to ensure that they are adequate for your needs. This is something that you should check when comparing the different laptops and netbooks. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the bigger the laptop the better the specifications as this is not necessarily the case. You will often find that some smaller laptops have higher specs than some of the larger ones, so always be sure to check things like memory, processor, hard disc drive capacity, and other specifications. Take the time to read through laptop review entries from other people before you make your decision, as this could help to ensure you make the right choice.

Another thing to bear in mind is that you should focus on more than just the cost of the computer. Buying a laptop can be a big investment for many people, which is why people are always on the lookout for good deals. However, make sure that you consider the size, price, and specs before you make your choice.


Should you be Getting into eSports and Making Money From Gaming?

It’s the dream of gamers all over the world to be able to play their favorite games and actually get paid for it. However, that fantasy has now become a reality as eSports have come to prominence on the world stage. In this modern era, in which technology is progressing at an extremely fast rate, gaming is being taken seriously and major competitions are offering up gargantuan cash prizes for elite gamers. So, what are the main eSports that you could look into mastering?

Dota 2

According to casino website Mr Green, Dota 2 is one of the most complex and difficult-to-master eSports out there, which is why the prize pools in the tournaments are so enormous. In fact, in 2017, the game was responsible for generating the highest ever eSports prize pool, which stood at over $20.8 million. The title from Valve Corporation is the most popular game on Steam, and it requires teams of five players to go head-to-head to take down a large structure defended by the opposition, referred to as an “Ancient”. Some of the best-known Dota 2 players are WehSing “SingSing” Yuen and Henrick “AdmiralBulldog” Ahnberg. To rise to the top, these players have clocked hours of gameplay, and display excellent map awareness.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive regularly has over 300,000 players battling it out on the Steam network at any given time and, with 25 million units sold, it’s one of the most successful PC games of all time. The game, developed by Hidden Path Entertainment in collaboration with Valve Corporation, has a bustling tournament scene, in which teams compete for prize pools that frequently surpass $250,000. It’s a first-person shooter that features two opposing teams – the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists – doing battle to complete objectives such as rescuing or guarding hostages. The top CS:GO teams in the world right now are SK, FaZe, and Astralis.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

While the other games on this list involve moving players around on the battlefield, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft provides a completely different playing experience. It is a turn-based card game that features numerous different cards, all with unique abilities. The aim of the game is to defeat your opponent in a one-on-one scenario but, to get to a stage where you are able to best some of the strongest in the world, you need to build up a strong deck and master playing with it. Although there is an element of chance involved, to get to the top in this game requires players to make use of skill and strategy. For this reason, it has often been compared to poker.

The eSports scene is only going to get bigger over the next few years and there is a chance that the games will even be held at the Olympics in the future. Now is a great time to get into eSports so choose a game you like the sound of and get practicing.

Game Streaming

What is the future of games streaming?

It’s clear that streaming video games is now big business. In just a handful of years we have seen how Twitch has become a household name through allowing video gamers to stream their gaming adventures all over the world in real time.

And ever since Amazon and Google got caught in a war to buy the Twitch brand name for a staggering $970 million, it seems that many other massive companies are realising the true potential of this fascinating new activity.

YouTube were quick to join in the battle with their YouTube Gaming channel that has also proved to be phenomenally successful for allowing amateur gamers to monetise their activities. And with many traditional broadcasters like BBC and ESPN making surprising moves into covering top esports events, it seems as though streaming is going to get evermore competitive.

As games streaming is a relatively new phenomenon, it’s been interesting to see how the activity is regulated. From the endless array of esports tournaments that appear every month, to the ongoing disputes about the antisocial behaviour of some of the top gaming stars, it can often feel like the video streaming realm is something of a Wild West.

It’s clear that trying to regulate the decentralised nature of games streaming is going to be incredibly difficult, particularly as the on-screen action crosses national borders.

But as many top brands like Blizzard and Electronic Arts are now providing their own licensing for esports and streaming events, it’s hoped that this new regulation can ensure a fairer and more transparent streaming process for everyone.

The game streaming revolution was preceded by poker tournaments that started appearing on our TV screens around a decade ago. These were operated by legitimate gambling institutions such as PokerStars, and whilst many online casino sites like InterCasino have to comply with various gambling commissions to ensure a fair and secure way to play, such regulations are largely absent from the games streaming realm.

However, as Blizzard’s licensed Overwatch League has promised to provide a degree of stability in the often chaotic streaming realm, it’s hoped that players can enjoy a more professionalised way to make money from their gaming exploits.

So whether it’s an amateur gamer using their Razer BlackWidow keyboard to compete in a Dota 2 tournament, or a casual player enjoying some casino games via the InterCasino UK website, it’s hoped that we can enjoy this fascinating phenomenon in a much more reliable way in the future.

Shopify & E-Commerce: A Beautiful Relationship

When you’re searching for a platform which has ease of use, form, functionality, and a simplified system with easy integrations, you should choose Shopify. There’s a certain essence with the platform which takes a dull and boring site to a new and exciting level of commerce. The Shopify platform has helped millions of e-commerce sites stand apart from the competition with unique designs, innovative styling, and an overall structure which promotes conversions and sales at a much higher rate than other content management systems. Read on to learn more about how you can optimize your Shopify store this coming holiday season and be the go- to shop within your niche!

On-Site SEO for Shopify Stores

Every site needs proper on-site SEO to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. With Shopify, it’s extremely easy to tweak and adjust many facets of your site straight from the platform without having to be knowledgeable in coding or design. Some of the best on-site optimizations consist of:

  • Image Optimization
  • Site Speed Adjustments
  • Optimized Headers
  • Proper Internal Linking Structure
  • OBLs (Outbound Links)
  • LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords
  • Integrated Keywords Throughout
  • 800+ Words
  • Sharing On Social Networks

Image Optimization

Being that the holidays are one of the most visually appealing times of the year, you’ll most likely be integrating many new images throughout your site to appeal to the increase in customer base. This process can eventually slow down your site to the point it may be so slow that your organic rankings you’ve worked so hard to achieve may disappear. To avoid this scenario, it’s important to optimize your images prior to placing them on the site. To do so, you can either choose to reduce the file size of the image in a tool such as Adobe Photoshop or you can simply go to: and choose to optimize your images with a simple drag and drop process. Once you have downloaded your optimized images, you’ll want to use the newly optimized images throughout your site. This will reduce server response time and help your site run fast and efficiently.

Site Speed Adjustments

Some of the simplest ways to reduce your site’s loading speed is to choose a host which offers premium hosting speeds. Shopify’s built-in hosting is one of the best on the market, but if you’re looking for other options, we’d recommend DigitalOcean hosting as they are one of the fastest on the planet. When you combine premium hosting with a CDN (content delivery network), such as CloudFlare, you can reduce your load times significantly.

Optimized Headers

Having optimized “H1s, H2s, H3s, etc…” will help search engines identify the importance of what the pages are about based on the numeric value of each header. The more important the content, the closer to the H1 header it should be (H1 is the most important). However, you should only have one H1 header as this is the most important in the set of headers. When you choose to have multiple H2s and H3s, you’re better explaining what the content is about by using a variety of keywords and identifying phrases to help both search engine crawlers and users.

Proper Internal Linking Structure

A proper internal linking structure is one which balances form and function. What we mean by this is when you choose to link pieces of content on your Shopify store between each other, there should be both a purpose and styling to the process. Say you have a Shopify store dedicated to Scandinavian clothing store and you have a home page with a navigation menu. Within this navigation menu, you have a few different options for other pages within your site’s hierarchy. When you click on “Men’s Clothing” you are then hopefully presented with “Men’s Jackets”, “Men’s Shoes”, “Men’s Hats”, etc… This internal linking structure serves both form and function in the sense you expect to see these men’s clothing options when you’re shopping on a retail-oriented Shopify store within the Scandinavian goods and textile niche. This process of interlinking content between each page with a purpose assists search engine robots as well. These search engine robots will appreciate a nice, easy-to-navigate structure and will subsequently reward your Shopify site with better crawl rates. This in turn helps with organic rankings of your Shopify online store.

OBLs (Outbound Links)

Outbound links are basically references within your content. When you wrote a paper in high school, you often had to cite resources, right? Outbound links are exactly that, just in SEO terms. So if you’re writing a content piece for your Shopify store blog and would like to reference a certain detail to prove a point within your content, you can reference a credible source such as a influencer within your niche in the form of a hyperlink. It’s always a good idea to have the OBL be a dofollow link as well. This helps the site you’re referencing gain some value from the reference in the form of “link-juice”.

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords

LSI Keywords are those which are basically synonyms of words you’re using throughout your content. If your Shopify store is centered around cowboy boots, you’ll want to use a variety of LSI keywords to describe your product within the product descriptions. These words can range from “luxurious” to “exquisite” to “high-quality” and so on. This increases the opportunity you will be found when people are searching for the products you sell, yet with different searching styles.

Integrated Keywords Throughout

Integrating keywords throughout your content allows you to rank for long-tail searches as well. Long-tail searches are those which resemble something along the lines of: “best cowboy boots for snowy winters”. When you have keywords related to such a search query, you’re able to subsequently rank for related searches. It ends up being a beautiful process when people who are searching for the products you sell come across your Shopify store through a random search similar to the one above.

800+ Words

Having your content be longer than 800 words will tell search engines you’ve dedicated a decent amount of time and effort into creating said content. Typically, the highest ranking content is over 800 words and for this reason it’s important to have the content within your Shopify store be well-researched, in-depth, and cater to your intended demographic. However, if you can convey the same value with 400 words instead of 800 words, that’s perfectly okay. It really all comes down to providing value in some way, shape, or form.

Sharing On Social Networks

Sharing on social networks will allow you have social signaling form major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This process signals to search engines that you’re active on all fronts and you will potentially be rewarded with referral traffic from your following on said social platforms. All in all, it’s a great way to generate further sales and increase your brand awareness.

Off-Site SEO for Shopify Stores

The best off-site SEO techniques you can apply to your Shopify store are those techniques which drive backlinks. Backlinks are the strongest form of off-site SEO and you can acquire these backlinks through developing great content, guest posting in relevant niche-oriented blogs, and simply providing excellent value for users searching for the products you provide. When people enjoy your content, they’ll be inclined to share it throughout their own site or inform their fiends and colleagues to share it their own site as well. As you increase the number of backlinks your site possesses, your domain rating will increase, as will your organic rankings. This process will more than pay for itself in the long run and once you reach the top 3 of a search, you’ll garner up the majority of the organic traffic.

Optimize Your Shopify Store and See Success!

Yes, some of the above tips and techniques may seem boring, exhaustive, and annoying, yet it truly does help your store’s success. There are so many advantages to taking the time to initially set up and continue to incorporate excellent SEO methods when operating your Shopify store. We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and feel free to share it with your fellow colleagues and friends if they’re interested in learning more about who to properly optimize a Shopify store! Feel free to ping this SEO company UK.

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