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Amsterdam: My Abstract ABC Guide

Amsterdam is famous for so many things. Whether you’re a keen sightseer, budding blogger or a student looking to escape the exhausting university environment for something more exciting – there is something for everyone in Amsterdam.

The capital is built upon layers and layers of history, so much so that you could say Amsterdam is a mountain of historical monuments. From tourist hot-spots such as Anne Frank’s house and Van Gough’s museum to architectural attractions like Hubertus House, 17th-century canals and best of all, their famous cafes. Getting around all of these great sights in Amsterdam is easy if you have the right services, you can use taxi’s such as to pick you up from the airport and navigate you around the city, you may even want to ask the taxi driver for some advice on getting around the city.

However, unlike many, I got bored of hearing about the popular tourist attractions and wanted to take an abstract approach to exploring the city. So, I turned my attention to the finer things of capital and no, it wasn’t a waste of a journey! If anything, I advise you take a walk in my shoes for the day, and I guarantee that you’ll have a weird and wondrous experience.

That said, here’s my ABC guide of Amsterdam!

Amsterdam: My Abstract ABC Guide


Art is one of Amsterdam’s key sectors. However, rather than vent about Van Gough or rant about Rembrandt, I found a far more attractive alternative which I believe to be one of the best things to do in Amsterdam.

If you’re a fan of the rave culture, a nightclub owl or even want to see something a little more mesmerising, then Electric Ladyland is your best bet!

This bright and vibrant museum is the first and, quite possibly, the only fluorescent gallery around. With spectacular sculptures dotted about, this beautiful combination of science and art is perfect for those that want to embrace the beauty of Participatory Art. If you’ve taken a bite of a peculiar cake, then you’re trip could turn out to be, what I can only describe as, a raver’s rendition of Alice in Wonderland.

Just one advice, though. Don’t wear sunscreen as the chemicals will affect the artist’s work!


Although I did state that I was going to move away from Amsterdam’s classic attractions, I couldn’t help but mention this bizarre and brilliant little boat – well, it’s not exactly little. Especially since this oddly shaped floating shed is home to the most adorable little kittens!

Now, you would think that most cats hate water; however, this quirky boat is a result of a loving story, one which the cats and the tourists have taken to!

Back in 1966, a lady called Mrs Weelde – also known as Amsterdam’s Crazy Cat Lady – stumbled upon a family of kittens hiding under a tree. After taking care of them, more stray cats came to her door, with locals soon delivering kittens they could no longer care for. However, Mrs Weelde and her feline friends soon had no room, so two years down the line, she acquired a sailing barge which she converted into a cat sanctuary. To this day, the boat continues to take in abandoned animals seeking affection.

Who knew that cats and water would be a purrfect combination?


I could have chosen to write about something a little more exciting, such as the city’s famous cafés, concerts or even the condom museum which I’m sure a lot of milan escorts have visited so they can better take care of their customers, the local escorts too. However, this seemed to fit into my bizarre equation quite nicely.

Ctaste is one of Amsterdam’s most talked about dining experiences and one you may want to try. Rather than heighten your senses with the good stuff of Amsterdam, diners can book a table to eat their meals in the dark!

Although this may be a good idea for conscious eaters or an ideal place for blind dates, you may be thinking, why on earth would I want to do that?

For starters, the food is fab! Well, “excellent” according to Trip Advisor reviews, but Ctaste’s sensuous setting is enough of an excuse to spark a lot of fun! If that is, you like to get creative in the dark!