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FIFA 18 Is Finally Here But What Has Changed?

Every year, EA sports pumps out yet another edition of its highest grossing titles in the FIFA segment and this year, they got out FIFA 18 like clockwork. The initial expectation was that the game would be different in the career mode, maybe in the story mode but no one expected the game dynamics to change so drastically.

Yes, defending is a complete redo since the last edition but there’s a lot of good things going for FIFA 18 that I feel wasn’t there in the past versions. Firstly, the story mode continues where it left off previously, and you get another dose of Alex Hunter’s glamorous life. Living vicariously off a virtual superstar never felt this good!

Alex plays with the best in the world and takes on new challenges in Fifa 18

Then there’s the animation and graphics that has leaped forward generations in just one year. Fifa never looked this good like it does now. PES can’t even compare anymore to the graphics and overall excitement the animations generate. Instead of actions creating frames, each frame is not controlled by you. Hence, you get smoother transitions and better total animations. It looks great and plays even better.

Anyone who relied on the right control stick to switch players, anticipate opposition moves, intercept passes and mainly play a waiting game when defending, won’t find FIFA 18’s defense too challenging to learn. However, if you never anticipated moves and mostly reacted to situations, you are in for a huge shock.

With FIFA 17, the demo was enough to get you acquainted with the changes such that you could jump right into FUT and start having fun. Here, be ready to lose coins and points as you stumble through FUT trying your level best to defend against other players. Good news is that majority of players are just learning the physics of this edition and probably will be just as bad as you are defending.

Nevertheless, it is best to stock up on FIFA 18 coins, build an impressive FUT team and better your odds at winning. All that’s left then is to regularly practice till you get the hang of the game dynamics.