How to Fix a Noisy Gaming Chair

Our friend Jerry over at Barnacules Nerdgasm posted a video today that helps with a problem I know we can all related to; Noisy gaming (or office) chairs.  Now it doesn’t bother me as much when I’m gaming but when I’m working and especially when I’m on a call with a client hearing my chair pop and click has been a pain in my side that I had no idea how to fix. In comes Jerry, he says:

I’ve discovered where the majority of the squeaking, popping and clicking noise is coming from on DX Racer, GT Omega & AK Racing gas piston gaming seats including all office chairs that use a piston to move up and down. Turns out the bearings and race just wear out and lose their lubrication and this simple video will show you how to restore your chair to perfect quiet operation in just a few minutes.

I couldn’t wait and went right to the garage to fix this rickety old chair I use every day and sure as shit his method works. If you haven’t subscribed to his Youtube channel, I highly suggest it as it’s full of interesting videos and good production quality.

  • Ernie says:

    Bro I need my chair fix mine is brand new but it’s making that noise

  • Anonymous says:

    Its still not working…

  • DIYGUY says:

    Yo, thanks for your tips! I sprayed oil all over the place and couldn’t stop the creaking. Luckily I found this article and was able to fix the chair! Cheers mate!

    I sprayed oil to the piston from above quite a lot and made around twenty down-up motions (sit ups) and the creaking sound is gone!

  • Brian Morgan says:

    Hey Jerry! Thanks for the how-to. It worked! Afterwards though, I did find a THIRD washer on the floor. I’m not sure where it was supposed to go. But hey, it’s twenty year old chair, and it has stopped creaking! Thanks!

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