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Gamification – Take Advantage Of The Ripe Opportunity For Marketing

Gamification has completely changed the marketing arena – allowing marketers from all walks of life to address and directly communicate with a very unique audience. As each year passes, the video games market continues to grow at a phenomenal rate.

Young children are accustomed with gaming from an early age, while teenagers consider a normal part of their day-to-day life. Now, we’re starting to see that these habits persist through adulthood, and adults are continuing to adopt the same gaming habits they developed as young children.

What does this present for marketers?

A ripe opportunity to connect with an audience that is extremely loyal. And by loyal, I mean the type of audience that will continue to game until their retirement.

The entry-barrier to gaming is now lower than it has ever been before. If we look back 20-years, gaming consoles were extraordinarily expensive and not available to most middle class families. Now? The latest XBOX, PlayStation or Nintendo console can be picked up for the equivalent of 1 weeks wages for most people. And, with that said, there’s nothing saying that gaming has to be exclusive to consoles either. Simple online-based games and mobile games are equally as successful as their console counterparts.

Market your brand – continue to “touch” your customers via gaming

Let’s face it. We’re in an era where all new start-ups seem to understand the marketing arena. I mean, every new business seems to go through the same process. A website is designed and built, Search Engine Optimisation is performed from the offset, and link outreach becomes the “norm”. As businesses grow, they adopt even more marketing strategies, such as Pay-Per-Click advertising. If you’re investing heavily in various methods of digital marketing, you’ll want to make sure you’re enlisting the services of a competent SEO or PPC Company.

Yes, marketing is expensive – and rightfully so. As every year goes past that a business is in operation, their marketing expenses typically increase too as the advertising market becomes saturated.

“We’re finding that more and more businesses are choosing to put SEO at the forefront of their business plans. It is the number one way to drive new customers to any business, drive sales, increase revenue and develop brand loyalty.” – If you’re looking to work with a Charlotte SEO company, you may want to check out the provided link.

Nonetheless, finding money to pay for marketing is not always easy for businesses with large overheads. Some businesses, however, are turning to utility bill comparison websites such as Utility Bidder to help them save money on their gas, electricity, and water.

Ultimately, finding ways to reduce costs allows businesses to invest the money that would normally be spent on these overheads in more worthwhile areas.

But, brands still struggle to connect with their audience.

Yes, brands do utilise advertising platforms such as Facebook to remarket to their audience(s). But, just how many businesses utilise the gaming market to develop their brand consistently?

There’s so many ripe opportunities. Just look at Twitch. One of the world’s largest websites – solely dedicated to gamers streaming themselves playing. As part of the platform, viewers who aren’t “subscribed” have to periodically watch 30-second adverts. That right there is a way to connect with your audience, and stay connected.

Don’t miss the chance to grow your business through integrated marketing on gaming platforms – whether that’s console, or online.

Stay tuned for Part 2 – utilising advertising and media powerhouses to drive consistent ROI in the gaming sector.