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Taking A Look At An E-Sports Team

Imagine for a moment if your life consisted of living in the same house with a group of friends playing video games and making money. With very little exaggeration that is exactly what some E-sports teams do. They live in the same house, practice the video games that they play, and promote brands that have chosen to sponsor them.

Optic Gaming is a popular E-Sports team with a lot of influence in their field. They are doing well enough that they have purchased a seven-bedroom house in the suburbs of Chicago. This home looks like something that would be owned by a high powered official but is instead occupied by video game playing twenty-somethings.

The image of video game players as slobs and unable to make money is something that certainly does not apply to those who are part of this team. They have found a way to make what they love to do work for them. The types of games that they play are “Call of Duty“, “Halo”, “Gears Of War”, and others. The one thing that you will find in common with all of these games is that they are team efforts.

Gaming House

The member of Optic Gaming has all of the latest technology to make team play possible and to make it possible for them to do very well with the games they play. They always have to be able to communicate with one another about strategy and what they are doing in the game at any given moment.

The CEO of Optic Gaming is a 37-year-old named Hector Rodriguez. He has worked to promote the team and has made them very popular. However, popularity is not the only point of doing this. He is hoping to draw in corporate sponsors who will put in the big bucks to make it worthwhile to keep playing. He has not had much trouble on that front. He has even managed to draw the eyes of companies as large as PepsiCo.

In total the team actually owns two houses and has a total of 22 players on it. Some are there solely to make content and put out videos of the team onto their various social media accounts. Other people are there to actually play the games. Either way, the group is a powerful one with a lot of reasons to keep an eye on them. They are becoming a force all by themselves. One member said that he went from being just a fan of the team to now being a member himself with nearly 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel that follow his every move.

The group has become so popular that almost any video they put up is sure to get millions of people to view it. They do not have to be actively playing against another team in order for people to be interested, they just need to put something out there and people will start watching.

This is the hidden industry that many people do not even realize exists, but it continues to grow by the day.