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How to Make Your Meals Healthier Without Changing Your Entire Diet

You don’t need a personal chef, like Hollywood stars do, the eat healthy. In fact, a few simple changes will help a lot. Find out which ones here

Healthy eating has become an obsession of today’s world. Slow cookers, steam cookers, instant pots – all of those are a sign that people want to have a home-cooked meal, and preferably one that is not hastily made. Even the number of papers written on this topic, as guys from will tell you, has more than doubled just this year. The trend towards healthy eating is a positive one. After all, the Americans and the British are among the first in obesity ratings, so going slow on fattening food will do us all good.

What people don’t usually want to talk about is that healthy eating requires a lot of effort. You strike out restaurants, because obviously, food cooked by somebody at a kitchen you have never seen cannot be full-heartedly considered healthy. You can’t have takeout, because it’s usually Chinese or some other Asian food with lots of pepper and other spices. And you can’t really spend all your time cooking in the kitchen, can you?

That’s why healthy eating is usually a hardly achievable dream for people that work normal schedules.

But there are a few things that you can do to make your eating habits healthier. Here they are.

Choose fish over meat when you can

There are a few benefits to this. First, fish includes an array of useful things, like vitamins and acids, that meat doesn’t. Second, it will take much less time to cook. Cooking ribs can take hours, while baking fish takes only a few minutes. People usually lack things that are present in fish in their diets, so there is a good chance you lack them, too.

Cook lunches to take to work for a few days in advance

There are various sources that will teach you how to cook 5 lunches in one go. You can then Tupperware them and store in the fridge. The easiest way is to take a large piece of meat or fish (see the recommendation above) and cook it in 2 or 3 different ways, and add one or two types of garnish. No need for elaborate cooking – the simpler, the better.

Bake or boil instead of frying

As easy as that you can reduce the consumption of fried food as well as fried oil. It will help a lot to cleanse your body and it will also save time, as baking usually needs less attention from you than frying. All those instant pots and slow cookers might help here, too.

Add vegetables

You don’t need to become a vegetarian to eat healthy. Simply buy a few more vegetables and add them to your meals whenever possible. It doesn’t require much effort but will contribute into the healthiness of your meals greatly.

Have breakfast, preferably non-coffee one

Not having breakfast is very, VERY bad for you, and the cup of coffee that you have in the morning is no substitute for it. That’s why you need to revisit your morning routines. No time? Then get up 10 minutes earlier – it will suffice to get a bowl of cereals or a few pieces of toast. Whatever you eat in the morning will help you eat healthier.