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All You Need To Know About Old School Runescape Gold

For those who prefer playing the older school version of Runescape, here is a brief yet informative piece on everything that you should know about Old School Runescape Gold.

Abbreviated to OSRS Gold, you can basically mine gold ore anywhere below level 40 in the game. Always remember, the time taken for the gold to reappear would always be 60 seconds post-mining, the mining experience being at 65-level of course.

OSRS Gold Trivia

Always remember that selling gold ore is extremely profitable and this would help you gain instant points, even more than when you sell regular bars. As far as gaining smith experience is concerned, gold bar smelting is an easy process once you have it mined, and you can put it to good use for upping your experience. Based on whether you possess the goldsmith gauntlet or not, the points you gain for smelting will be 56.2 in case of the former and 22.5 in case of the latter. Therefore Old School Runescape Gold or OSRS Gold is a much-coveted ore and asset for players.

Choices, Locations and More

While there are detailed maps available online, the most important location to remember would be Al Kharid.  This is the Scorpion Mine to be specific, and as the name suggests, you will have to beware of combating scorpions in your quest for OSRS Gold.

As far as other choices and locations for Old School Runescape Gold go, the Rimmington mine with 2 rocks, Lunar Isle Mine with 6 rocks, North Crandor Mine with 3 rocks, Agility Pyramid Mine with 5 rocks and Grand Tree Mine with 4 rocks, are some of the most popular mining sites. And most importantly, the list of dreaded monsters that you would need to be prepared for combat include the Marble Gargoyle, Skeleton Brute, Insatiable Bloodveld, Angry Barbarian Spirit, Thermonuclear Smoke Devil and several more. Proceed with caution!

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  • November 16, 2017
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