Best Genres of Online Games

Video games started life as a personable avenue for entertainment that required players to play next to each other. This trend began in arcades and continued in the home with consoles such as the Atari 2600 and Nintendo Entertainment System. For decades online gaming was little more than a dream, but as technology improved and the Internet became dominant, online gaming slowly became a reality. Today there are many online-only games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends. Here are our four best online games to play.

Run and gun

The title says it all, run and gun games are just that - running around a game world and shooting at other players. There are many titles in this category, but Fortnite leads the pack in terms of unique gameplay, distinct cartoon stylized graphics, player support, and ports to popular gaming platforms. Fornite can be considered an enhanced version of the usual run and gun format, in that having the best gaming speakers can give you an edge against other players: sound is one area that gamers don’t focus on when playing these games, but being able to hear footsteps or doors opening and closing can mean the difference between winning and losing this one.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

MMORPG titles have come a long way since the early days of online gaming, where these titles were represented as text games and went by the name of Multi-User Dungeons (MUD). Taking on the challenge of a whole persistent world full of creatures, towns and other players can be a daunting task. One example of a successful online RPG is World of Warcraft, an older title but one that is still going strong against fresher, younger content. While there are many options in this category that run the gamut of fantasy to futuristic, World of Warcraft will hold your imagination with free gameplay and intriguing quests.


While many gaming categories are being picked up for eSports competitive gaming there is an easier way to participate in online games, with cash at stake and you as the protagonist. Online casinos are known for the quality of their slot machines and the best online slots have a variety of themes and varying payouts available. Slots Online Canada ranks newly released slot games so players can maximize play time and potential winnings. You might find the historic Egyptian theme of Book of Dead most appealing or perhaps the self-explanatory Mega Moolah is more your thing. Whatever your tastes, there's a theme, site and bonus for you.

World Building

We all have played with Lego's building blocks at some point in our lives. This creativity-based toy set tricked us into learning things such as spatial relation, weights and balancing - subliminal education through play. Minecraft epitomizes the basics of Lego, but in an online world. Still quite popular within the world of online world building, fans are still producing mods that enhance the base game, often adding much-desired tweaks and improvements. Minecraft requires precision when placing blocks which means you need a good mouse to get the most out of your game.

Online gaming is not a single genre or category, it is everything and more that gamers have been enjoying for years but it allows for regular updates and fresh content. Online gaming can be a rewarding and exciting avenue for gamers to enjoy, no matter the genre.