Different Types of Online Slots

Slots are the most prevalent of all online casino games, and rightly so. The options available to players in slots are truly astronomical, with different types of games running into the thousands. Moreover, slots are also one of the most accessible games that gamblers can enjoy without having to overthink. But for a newcomer, the very variety of slots can be a little confusing, and thus it is always an excellent idea to read up and learn about the different types of slots, their odds, and their features in advance.

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Progressive Slots

The biggest earners in the slot world, progressive slots are a must if you dream of receiving that life-changing jackpot. While progressive slots function in the same way as any other slot, the only difference is that a little bit of your bet every time goes into a shared pool. This jackpot is worldwide, which means it is ever-increasing and runs into the millions before someone hits it big. There are several examples of people winning in progressive slots from a minimum bet, or their first spin, which adds to the charm and excitement of playing the game. Moreover, the variety of games in progressive slots is equally diverse, so that it appeals to all tastes.  

Fruit Machines

On the other spectrum of the slot industry are the classic fruit machines, which have been as popular in their physical avatar as they have been virtually. The fundamental nature of the game makes it perfect for beginners who are just starting on their gambling journey. However, in the digital format, even the fruit machines are a lot more interactive, packed with pleasing graphics and sounds.   

Theme-Based Slots

If on the one side, progressive slots have attracted people looking to make it big quickly, theme-based slots are all about enhancing the playing experience. That is why you’ll find that they are an integral part of all new casino sites 2020. Nowadays, there are slots featuring movies, musicians, and themes, such as vampires and romance, in abundance. This has opened up slots to a much wider audience who can bet as little or as high as they want and simultaneously be privy to some wholesome entertainment. It is due to the success of these slots that more and more celebrities from the fields of music, sports, and films are joining hands with game developers and casinos to present customers with something unique, exclusive, and gainful.

Video Slots

The term video slots is loosely associated with games that involve five reels of play as opposed to the classic 3-reel structure. Video slots also tend to be a lot similar to theme-based slots in that they comprise of advanced graphics and primarily more videos and music, to make the experience a lot more amusing. Keeping in mind the profitability factor, it is always best to go with a video slot whenever available, and also opt for one which has the maximum number of pay-lines so that you are earning something or the other with each winning spin.