How to Turn Your Gaming Hobby Into Something More Professional

Many of us dream of turning our hobbies into a career and for some of us it is possible. One thing is for sure though, when it comes to competitive gaming you have to be fierce to win. Long hours of practice, extreme discipline, and the ability to bounce back from defeat are all essential qualities of the pro-gamer. If you have all of those and you're serious about making it, then continue reading because we have some useful tips for you.

The first step might sound simple, but it is essential to decide in which field you want to progress. Some gamers enjoy playing casino games and that's great, but do you want to take your poker game or your blackjack game to the next level? Other gamers might enjoy games that are available on the Xbox, but which of those are you going to specialize in? A few eSports players have more than one game that they're successful in, but very few indeed have more than three. Looking at hobby gamers though, most have at least half a dozen titles that they enjoy and that is simply too many to truly be at the top of your game in. Once you've thought through your options and picked the game that you enjoy and have a natural flair for, it's time for the hard work to start.

Your bottom line is going to be the most important thing as you try to turn your hobby into a side hustle or even a career. For lovers of casino games the bottom line is obvious, your winnings minus your losses. Whilst there's nothing you can do to avoid that, it is possible to get yourself a healthier play wallet, to begin with. Looking out for casino bonus offers is a good place to start. This site lists all of the ones available from legitimate South African casinos, that have been tested for security, as well as the game variety on offer. Bonuses could range from free spins for slot machine players, to deposit match bonuses. These sorts of bonuses are the best to look for as they're useful for all varieties of games and will double the money that you have available to play with. Whilst this won't affect your win to lose ratio, it will enable you to play for longer for the same amount of money as you would have been spending anyway.

If you're seriously hoping to get into eSports gaming as a profession then you really do need to invest in the right kit. Whilst it's possible to beat your friends with just a console and a controller when it comes to beating people who train for eight hours per day, you're going to need all the help you can get. Not because you're not a brilliant gamer, but because they too will have all of the top-of-the-range equipment. Investing in an ergonomically designed controller should be your first port of call. Work out where you wish your controller offered a little more support, or you wished the buttons were farther apart. Make some notes and you'll be surprised at how close you can get to your ideal specifications with the controllers that already exist on the market. Some people even customize them by themselves using air-drying clay, or filed-down resin. You can take this to whatever point you deem necessary, but if it saves you even milliseconds on your reaction time, or fractions of centimeters on your aim then it could be the thing that makes the difference.

The other thing that you really must invest time in is staying healthy. Just as athletes need to be in peak physical condition, so too do eSports gamers. Whilst gaming as a hobby is unlikely to put any strain on your body, gaming as a job quite possibly will do. Many of us game of an evening sat on the sofa, or in an armchair. This might feel like the epitome of comfort, but it can wreak havoc on your back if you're playing for long periods of time. Treating yourself to one of the top gaming chairs might feel like an extravagance, but your back is incredibly important and deserves to be looked after properly. As well as always using a good quality gaming chair, it is also important to take some exercise each day. Workouts that focus on your core are particularly important as your core supports, guess what, your back. Yoga is a relaxing way to relieve anxieties from your mind and teach your body balance. It might not seem like a natural sport for a gamer to play, but many of the top eSports gamers swear by it. In this instance, if it's good enough for them, then it should probably be good enough for you.