How Will the iGaming Industry Fare in the Rest of 2019?

The iGaming industry is one that remains buoyant and continues to grow regardless of any other industry’s success or failure. The industry adapts each year to challenges and grows from opportunities presented both in the world of gaming and tech and in the trends that players might be interested in engaging with. Being halfway through 2019, it’s important to see what was promised from the world of iGaming this year and what there is still to come. So, here is a check-up review of the iGaming industry as we head into the second half of 2019.

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Slot Storytelling

For those who play online slots, there are a wealth of changes that look to be taking effect that will hopefully allow the 21% of revenue made on slots to challenge the 34% revenue from on table games. Those playing slots online will already notice how many themes there are that provide a storytelling approach to playing slots rather than just a numbers game. Wrapping the gameplay in a theme or audio-visual content shows the move towards fleshing out the slot game. Indeed, the number of crossovers there are with franchises has also increased so that fans of Game of Thrones, Family Guy, and Jurassic Park can indulge in slot games framed around the franchises they enjoy.

Mobile Optimization

70% of all gaming revenue comes from mobile gaming – which means developers should be thinking about how best to package a game for a mobile audience while retaining features that would be needed on desktop. Most iGaming sites do offer an app or mobile-optimized version of the site, but there are many that only provide a selection of the games on offer. Given that mobile is bringing in the money, perhaps we can see the rest of the catalogue of games being delivered onto mobile-ready platforms.

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Live Dealers

Games such as Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will reinvigorate the gamer’s desire to interact with something that isn’t just a programmed game. Thus, the popularity of live dealers for poker, roulette and blackjack will likely increase. The live streaming technology gives people an added depth to the gaming experience and increases excitement when it comes to table games. Indeed, those who want to indulge in the latest technology will be able to play the games to see how it works. The very facet of the tech itself may convert many over to the form of gaming. Live dealers show a marked advancement on the standard table game format that users have interacted with previously.

50 iGaming titles launch every month to add to the 3,000+ that currently exist – so the content and gameplay that is being engaged with is important to get right. The iGaming industry has a lot of growing room ahead of it, especially as other modes of gaming are evolving. The future is bright for iGaming and the industry understands the need to appeal to a wider range of people and is already making the necessary steps to do so.