Space and Stars Related Slots That You Can Play Now

When it comes to playing the slot machines, there are endless options out there. Whether you choose to play for coins on your smartphone or at a local bar with a gaming site, you can choose from many things.

According to Science Daily, people prefer brightly-colored slot machines. It seems to be a lot more fun and keeps your attention for longer periods. Of course, many of these games are online, as well. This allows you to play when you have a little free time. Some of them enable you to win real money while others are just to kill time and have a little fun. Still, you can use these slots games to practice for when you’re out and want to play at a casino.

Why Choose Space or Star Themes

It seems that everyone is now focused on the stars and space right now. Of course, part of that started as a child because you could look up and see the vast amount of stars. It seemed never-ending and probably made you feel small and insignificant. For many adults, the feeling never goes away, and they still gaze up at the stars at times.

We’re going to discuss a variety of slot machine games that feature a space or stars theme.

Space Digger

If you’re amazed about undiscovered planets and their rocky surfaces, you may enjoy playing Space Digger. This is an engaging slot game with a RTP (return to player) percentage of more than 95 percent. Therefore, you have a good chance of winning with this one. The wild symbol for the game is a digger that hasn’t been invented yet in real life. It can be used to mine some of the distant planet’s landscapes. When you stack the wild symbols, you can activate the different features. There are also many bonus games that factor in precious gems, too. Of course, this slot game is sure to amaze and excite you.

Starmada Exiles

Have you ever played space pirates as a kid? Most people didn’t, but the thought amuses them now and makes them want to give it a try. Though you may not feel like dressing up and creating the space, you can find a variety of pirate characters on Starmada Exiles. Here, the milky way and seven seas collide when some exiled pirates are forced into space. It’s a colorful game, and they want to fill up their boots with bounteous space treasure. You can help them find it, and the rarest of treasure is going to provide you with some big wins. There’s a scatter symbol, which looks like a planet and activates the Plunder Bonus.

This game has a RTP of roughly 96 percent. Therefore, if you want to be a space pirate, Starmada Exiles might help you win big.


The Starburst slot game features brightly-colored gemstones and has many intergalactic adventures. It’s a three-row, five-reel game and has 10 different pay lines. You can view hypnotic backgrounds while you watch bursts of light throughout the screen. There are free spins you can win, which also light the screen up. Dive deep into space with this game here.

You’re going to find that the game is easy to play, but it does take a little time to figure everything out. It’s possible to tailor the action through the bet size. You can choose from a penny all the way up to a dollar. Therefore, you put in a little and can get back quite a lot.

Solar Se7en

Solar Se7en is a game with a lot of excitement for everyone. You get 40 pay lines within the game, so you could – effectively – boost your bet and win by up to 800 times. The symbols look like strange fruits from far-away planets, aliens, and some sevens. It seems to be a fun way to spend some time, so why not try it?

Stars Awakening

Stars Awakening features planets and aliens for the symbols. You don’t have to spend tons of money to play it, either. If you’re new to slots playing, this can help you save money while you learn. You get 20 different pay lines and five reels. Therefore, you’ve got many ways to win. If you’ve been thinking about it, now is the time to try this space-themed slot machine.

Galactic Streak

Galactic Streak is similar to Stars Awakening because the symbols look like stars, planets, and aliens. There are only four reels, but still 20 pay lines, so you’re sure to have fun and get a great slot-playing experience. Of course, the goal is to earn some money, and this one has an excellent RTP. Each planet features different payouts, so you want to line up those high-value ones when possible.


There are endless space and stars related slots from which to choose. If you are into slot machine playing or want to get into it, you’re going to be impressed with the colors, features, and stylings of any of them.