Surviveware Large First Aid Kit Product Review

If you are an outdoorsy person who loves hiking or going out into the wilderness, then you know how important it is to have a first aid kit with you to prepare for an emergency. 

With the number of first aid kits out there in the market, you will want a complete and well-organized kit on the go to be prepared for every emergency that may come your way. And one of the best first aid kits now in the market is the Surviveware Large First Aid Kit.

In this review, we will talk about the features like materials and internal organization and the pros and cons of this kit. So without further ado, here are our thoughts about the Surviveware Large First Aid Kit.


This 3.25 lb.10-inch portable first aid kit is perfect for people who like to carry many emergency supplies. It is also a 200-piece kit that ranges from basic first aid kit materials like different kinds of bandages, gauzes, and antiseptics to more specific emergencies like a CPR kit. Along with those are instructions for particular emergencies that you may encounter in the wilderness, such as first aid for hypothermia and snakebites. This kit can be the base of your first aid kit because it allows you to personalize it according to your needs since there is no one-size-fits-all for an emergency kit.


The Surviveware Large First Aid Kit’s bag is made from 600 denier polyester fabric, one of the most common materials used for construction bags. This construction guarantees that your first aid kit bag can handle the outdoor environment for a long time. In addition to that, the bag is also water-resistant, keeping the contents inside dry in its laminated pouches.


The Surviveware Large First Aid Kit has two grab handles, one at the top and one at the side, allowing you to have flexible handling. This kit also has a removable panel with d rings at the back with MOLLE and PALS attachment points and a strap that can be attached to your car seat. You just need to reroute the strap then attach it on your car seat. These features add to the portability of the first aid kit; you can attach it wherever and however you want.


As mentioned earlier, the kit has 200 pieces that include:

  • a 7.5" shears

  • an 18" splint

  • Adhesive Bandages: five large butterfly bandages - five medium butterfly bandages, five large standard bandages, thirty standard bandages, five square bandages, five mini bandages, five H-shaped bandages, 

  • a cold pack,

  • a combine Dressing

  • Six conforming bandages

  • Five gauze swabs

  • Twenty earbuds

  • An Emergency Blanket

  • Four eye pads, 

  • A First Aid Handbook

  • Five hydro gels

  • A hypoallergenic adhesive tape

  • Ten non-adhesive dressing

  • Six laminated baggies 

  • A refuse bag

  • A pressure bandage

  • Ten safety pins

  • Ten splinter probes

  • Nine strip closures

  • Two triangular bandages 

  • Tweezers

  • An emergency whistle

  • Two wound dressings

These contents are segregated to their laminated pouches labeled for burns, insect bites/stings, wound closures, and many more! They are well organized, and you won’t have any trouble finding what you need for your emergency. It also has a customizable personal first aid kit that you can carry around if you cannot bring the whole kit itself; that is pretty convenient, right?

Pros and Cons


  • The kit has a very durable construction with its 600D polyester material, plus it is waterproof, which is very suitable for the outdoor environment, rain or shine!

  • The kit offers flexibility regarding how you can carry or attach it to your car or your tent with its grab handles and attachment systems.

  • It is well organized and labeled that you won’t have any trouble locating what bandage or tool you need if you are in an emergency.

  • It has an accurate and easy-to-read instruction manual for emergencies like how to perform CPR for different ages, first aid for burns, wounds, and other common emergencies that you might encounter outdoors.


  • The kit might be too large or too heavy to carry in your bag if you are hiking or on foot in a trail.
  • Though it is almost a complete set for a first aid kit, it lacks a tourniquet for its price of $100; should include it there. Plus, fractures are common during hiking or other outdoor related activities.

Final Thoughts

The Surviveware Large First Aid Kit is a pretty good first aid kit to have around if you plan to have a camping trip or other outdoor activities. For a $100 first aid kit, we would say that it is worth every penny since it offers various features that will make bringing this first aid kit pretty convenient. In addition to that, this first aid kit is highly customizable; you can add your medications or other medical needs for your next outdoor activity, which is pretty neat for a first aid kit!