The New Trick Online Casinos are Using and How You Can Make the Most of It

If you hadn’t already guessed from the sheer number of adverts found across television, radio and internet, there are literally hundreds of online casinos competing against one another for - well, you.

Because online casinos generally use the same ten or so major companies to provide their services with games, the functional differences between online casinos are becoming less distinct. There’s no doubt that some are better than others, of course, but the differences are usually only evident after some time - when you have experienced the speed of withdrawing your cash or their customer support, for example.

Are Monthly Casino Offers the Solution?

This situation has led to casinos offering increasingly large sign-up bonuses and welcome offers to draw in customers. Great for consumers like you and me and essential for casinos if they want to beat out the competition. And now there’s a new wrinkle – monthly casino offers.

Put simply, monthly casino offers take the top casino offers that we’ve come to know and love (like free spins, matched deposits and free cash), but issue them on limited-time monthly cycles.

This allows them to do a couple of things. Firstly, casinos can run high-value welcome offers for limited times only, taking a temporary hit to their profits to bring in a huge influx of new customers, without compromising their own financial success down the line. Of course, online casinos aren't the first companies to recognise the power of limited time offers.

Secondly, it encourages customers to hop on board quicker. Casino comparison websites can often encourage customers to hang fire and wait for better offers. With monthly casino offers though, customers are encouraged to sign up before the cut-off date, potentially helping customers take the plunge.

What Kinds of Bonuses are Included?

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Much like a regular sign-up offer, monthly casino offers may include:

Matched Deposit Bonus – Matched deposit bonuses double, triple or even quadruple your initial deposit.

Free Spins – Slots have always been a huge part of the online casino industry and often, as a sign-up bonus, you’ll get a number of free spins on your choice of slot game. Should one of those spins result in a big win? Well, it may be yours to keep or otherwise to use to bet again.

No Deposit Bets/Spins – Don’t want to put any skin in the game? With no deposit bets/spins, you don’t have to. Simply sign up for an account and enjoy your free bet or spins.

How Can You Make the Most of These Offers?

The simple answer to the question of how you can make the most of monthly casino offers is to shop around. By regularly checking for limited-time monthly offers, you can catch great deals at casinos of which you aren’t already a member. It's like switching your energy company when they raise their prices - it just makes good financial sense.

It’s more of a hassle than simply logging in to your current casino account and playing a game or two, but when you can make your money go that much further, taking 10 minutes to create an account at a new casino has to be worth it.