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Our favorite Vapes

For the last few years, there has been a notable growth in vaping, leading to mass production of vaping equipment and products. Products such vape juice have increased in the market from different producers; the e-cig industry is big business. This makes it difficult for you to select the high-quality vape juice to use. Due to these, vapers have learned that they can prepare their own e-juice at home. However, not everyone can make a good vaping juice.

For enjoying a good vape you need high-quality vape juice. Always go for superior brands from a shop similar to Vape Wild vape shop, as you are assured of high-quality products. Also, buying a vape juice from reputable brands gives you a chance to try different high-quality flavors.

The following are one of the best and high-quality brands of e-juice you can get from any popular online store of your choice. These brands are from reputable manufacturers. So they are free from contaminants. Also, they have a wide array of flavors you can choose from. They are:

1. Bombshell
This high-quality e-juice comes in 5 different flavors. Each of the 5 bottle flavors is represented by iconic celebrity women. These e-juices are richly flavored to make every vape an exciting moment.
Bombshell – 60 mL – Lucille
This e-juice vape is a mix of pineapple and creamy coconut flavor. It is creamy, fruity and smooth. It is sweet and you will not stop vaping on it. It is coil friendly.
Bombshell – 60mL – Elizabeth
The flavor of this e-juice is a Decadent Cream Cheese Frosted Cinnamon. This gives it a cinnamon-like taste. The flavor is well balanced on the juice so that it does not overpower the juice. It comes with a 60 ml stylish bottle.
BOMBSHELL – 60ML – Marilyn
This brand is named after the famous actress Marilyn. It is richly flavored with strawberry and marshmallow fluffs. This e-juice is suitable for those who love fruity smell. Puffing on this e-liquid will make every puff worthwhile and exciting.
BOMBSHELL – 60ML – Audrey
This e-juice named after Audrey is flavored with lemon bar. It comes in a stylish 60 ml bottle.
BOMBSHELL – 60 mL – Sophia
This e-juice comes in an elegant bottle named after Sophia. This vape is flavored with raspberry, lemonade Italian ice. Puffing on this vape gives you a refreshing, sweet and cooling effect.

2. The Classic Black Label
Made in Hawaii, this brand of e-juice comes in nine different flavors and at a very affordable price. The flavors range from fresh tropical to fruity sweets scents to make every vape precious.
Club House – The Classic Black Label
This vape juice is flavored with apple and cinnamon flavors to stimulate your taste buds. It comes in a 60 ml bottle.
Classic Vape – Silver Platter Cheesecake
This e-juice has a smooth French vanilla cheesecake. It contains 70% VG and 30% propylene glycol. It comes in a 30 ml bottle.
Yacht Club – The Classic Black Label
This vape juice is a blend of crisp and tart blueberry jam flavors. It has well balanced sweetened flavors that are suitable for your breakfast. It is mixed in a ratio of 70% VG and 30 PG. It comes in a 60 ml bottle.
Legacy 650 – The Classic Black Label
This e-juice is made with premium nicotine, the best USP Kosher PG and VG and high-quality flavorings. The vape is flavored with a blend of tropical fruits and coconut cream for a high-quality taste. It contains 70% of VG and 30% of PG and it comes in a 60 ml bottle.
VIP – The Classic Black Label
VIP is a blend of sour blue raspberry and sweet tangy gum candies. It was specially made for those who love sour candy e-juice. This classy VIP vape will take your vaping experience to another level.
Platinum Chalice – The Classic Black Label
This vape e-liquid is a blend of sweet watermelon, Fuji apple, and lime. It has a ratio of 70% VG and 30%PG. Every vape is full of fruity goodness. Platinum Chalice comes in a chubby gorilla classy 60 ml bottle.

3 vape Craft 120 ml
This vape juice comes in 3 pieces. It is made with high-quality nicotine, ingredients, and flavors. It is made in an ISO clean environment without skipping any process.

4. Vapor Anonymous
This brand of e-juice is available in six different flavors are made with nicotine salt. They are packaged in 60 ml bottles. These fruity and creamy rich flavors will give you a great vaping experience. They are:
Milk of the Gods
This is creamy flavored e-juice with a taste of golden nectar and cinnamon.
This vape e-juice is richly flavored with creamy pineapple.
Twelve steps
This e-liquid is a perfect blend of delicious apricot and honeydew. It has a sour fruity taste for an exciting vape.
Vapeaholic e-liquid is a blend of orange cream, strawberry, coconut, and water to create an amazing tropical paradise. It will leave you feeling refreshed after every vape.
The sponsor
This vape is a mix of juicy pink strawberry chewy candy. It has a sweet candy smell and taste that will cheer you up with every vape.

5. Vaping Devices
If you want to purchase premium vaping devices, check out the for only the quality ones available in any of the popular online store. The level of your enjoyment depends on the vaping products you use. High-quality vaping products guarantees a great vaping time. Also, check out for vaping accessories such as cases to keep your device protected. They come in different assorted colors and styles to suit your taste and preference. For these and more products you can place your order from any popular online store or you could look at a website such as Vapeboss NZ to get a variety of products.

If you are new to vaping, take your time to first understand the vaping products in the market. Vaping Starter Kits are suitable for beginners as they offer you everything to get you started. Online stores will help you access different and quality vape products you can choose from.