What Book Writing Software to Choose

Just like any other creative labor, literary work also benefits from the use of various tools that help the writer in achieving better performance. As time went by, writing tools experienced improvements, while the digital era enabled the development of book writing software to facilitate the demanding writing process. In this article we are going to introduce some of the best software solutions you can put your hands on in order to write better, faster, and much easier.


Unlike generic word processors which can serve any given purpose, Scrivener is a tool designed specifically for writers. Its main features are a simplified user interface which allows you to concentrate on your work by leaving out unnecessary toolbars and icons. Furthermore, you can outline your story simply by saving separate subheadings as sub-files, so you can jump right at the part of your content that you wish to work on. In addition, you can move your content around as you see fit, there's also a useful plotting feature that enables you to create a story plot for your fiction writing projects. Finally, the software allows you to publish your work on several online platforms seamlessly without navigating outside the software environment.


When deadline draws near there is no room for unwanted distractions. The latest research shows that an average user spends more than 2 hours each day going through their social media news feeds and messaging. Freedom is not a writing software, yet it is a useful app that allows you to create a list of websites and apps that can shift your focus from work. You can set a schedule according to your work needs and the software will automatically block listed apps and websites during your most productive period.


This is a minimalistic word processor that allows you to work in a distraction-free environment by leaving you with nothing but a blank page and your imagination to fill the workspace with amazing content. However, FocusWriter is not just a featureless outsider that pales in comparison to other writing programs, it grants you the chance to track your statistics live, has a spell-checking feature, and places at your disposal the ability to set daily goals. With a series of customizable themes and adjustable background, you can create a personalized working environment for added comfort during your creative endeavor.


Among numerous novel writing software solutions, HemingwayApp, a browser-based application allows you to proofread your work, and improve your writing using the suggestions for a simpler and more stylish expression of your thoughts. The app will also help you with SEO enhancement, which is essential for web content.

Proofreading is a time-consuming process which can drag you away from your college obligations. Without proofreading software like this one, you would be compelled to look for an online service that writes your essays while you are struggling to make your content ready for publishing. With HemingwayApp you get a free proofreading and editing assistance without too much effort.


One of the best things about being a writer is that you can set up your office anywhere you like, as long as you have access to a computer and internet for research purposes. Dropbox is a tool that allows you to upload your content and keep it safe and available wherever you might be. You can start writing on your laptop and continue your work in a different place, using a different machine simply by accessing your Dropbox folder. In addition, if you’re collaborating with a fellow writer or editor, you can share access and allow people to edit your content if you wish.


Available as a free version and premium software, Grammarly is arguably the best proofreading software solution on the market. It allows you to upload your files, fix spelling and grammar issues, and download the improved version of your content while keeping the original formatting unharmed. Moreover, the premium version allows plagiarism check and features in-depth proofreading and style improvement suggestions.


This piece of software is built especially for Apple Mac users, and its main purpose is to help you create and publish eBooks. The software offers a string of versatile design options that you can set up in a manner that fits your target audience or eBook genre. It has an abundant choice of formatting options, connects you with publishing platforms like Kindle, Apple Books, and others, and lets you share the links to your social media accounts, with just a click so your audience could get their hands on your latest work more easily.

Final Words

These were some of the best writing tools you could find according to their purpose, ease of use, and functionality. Most of these software solutions are available as free and paid versions, depending on your personal and professional requirements. It doesn’t matter which of these apps you decide to use, as well as you put them in service of your growth as an author.

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