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What Makes The Best Casino Apps In 2019

Mobile devices have improved so much that they are now more powerful than a cheap desktop computer and each year they increase in size of their capabilities. The casino world has latched onto the growing trend of applications for smartphones and is now one of the leading sectors in the development of apps. Each year sees more gamblers make the switch to playing on their mobile due to the convenience it offers which is unrivaled by others. If you are wanting to find the best casino apps in the year ahead, there are many things you should look out for which I will go into more details below.


#1 – Responsive Casino Websites

You do not need to download a casino app to gamble on your mobile phone as there are many great websites such as Hippo Casino which is fully responsive. This means that the site adapts to whichever device is accessing it so you can play hippo game without downloading an application. Google has started to reward sites that are able to work as well on smartphones along with desktop so when you search for casinos, most of the top results will be fully responsive so you can gamble on your phone. By using a casino website rather than an app can be extremely rewarding as it will mean you get access to bigger jackpots along with a wider choice of games.


#2 – Dedicated Casino Games Apps

One of the most common trends heading into 2019 is players demanding dedicated apps rather than one stop shop applications. Most gamblers only like to gamble on a few selected options such as sports betting or casino games. They do not like to be bothered with other types of gambling which is why they choose ones that are only geared toward the thing they like the most. Next year expect to see more dedicated casino apps such as slots, blackjack, poker, and betting.


#3 – VR And AR Casino Apps

It has taken longer than expected but finally, VR and AR casinos are on their way. Expect to see an influx of these types of apps in 2019 due to technology finally allowing for easy development of this type of game. It will be a battle between both types of realities as to which one comes out on top so it will be interesting to see if virtual reality or augmented reality win the battle for supremacy in the casino world.



One of the main problems that have been holding back the casino app industry has been the speed of internet available. This has improved enough over the last few years so that it is possible to stream virtually anything in real-time on a smartphone. It means you can play in live poker tournaments or against dealers via a dedicated application. It has never been so easy to place a bet and it will only get easier as technology improves.