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Overwatch: How to play as Zarya

Zarya is one of the strongest characters in the game but so often used improperly and that renders her nearly useless. We put together a few tips on how to play Zarya but frankly the biggest point to make is PING YOUR ULT STATUS. Zarya has one of the best ults in the game but it is without a doubt the most critical so use in combination with another ult say Genji, Soldier or someone else with serious killing power. There is not much that is more frustrating in OW than watching Zarya solo-ult only to get a single kill or just see the enemy team floating around behind a Reinhardt shield.
So here we go, our top tips for playing Zarya.

Zarya Tips:

  • Her beam is far stronger than the explosive charge. Explosive charge requires direct hits to be most effective. You have to use your particle barrier to increase the weapon’s damage. At 100% charge, she is deadly.
  • Particle Barrier for you: engage only after you are being shot. This will increase your cannon strength. Shield only lasts for 2 seconds and has a 10-second cooldown. Use wisely
  • Use the projected barrier to shield your team! A barrier on a teammate from a charging Reinhardt can save their life and increase your charge.
  • Best uses for projected barrier – flanking ally, ally’s caught in an ultimate, ally who is in the middle of the fight (think Winston), when ally is using their ult (McCree, Pharah)
  • Use explosive charge at a distance or in face to face battles.
  • Shoot the Graviton surge at enemy feet to avoid it being
  • Call out your ultimate! Ping your status!
  • Combos great with following ultimates – Reaper, D.VA, Junkrat, Tracer, Pharah, Hanzo, Soldier, Genji
  • Use your explosive charge during the ultimate as they should all be direct hits.
  • Zarya is a good counter to: Winston (absorbs his cannon easily), Genji (deflect does not work on beam), Mei (Particle barrier stops freezing)
  • Zarya is weak against: Pharah (Hard to hit), Widowmaker (too far away), Bastion (Sentry form destroys her quickly).
  • Although a tank, try and keep your distance until you have 50% charge or higher to be more effective.
  • Need to move in and out of battle, build your charge and barrier allies.
  • Use your microphone and team up your ultimate with an ally!!!

Teamwork makes the dreamwork.  Your system has a microphone, use it!