Best Foldable Devices You Can Buy Now

There has been a LOT of interest over the past year or so in foldable devices. When you heard those words again - ‘Hello, Moto’ - you were probably ready to rush out and buy whatever the heck it was they were selling. Nostalgia can do that to you. But this latest range of foldable devices (that’s smartphones if you were wondering) has nothing to do with nostalgia at all. Instead, they are all about that POW, BANG, X-FACTOR, WIIIILD, new factor.

How many times can it bend?

Are they worth the hype? Is a foldable screen all that neat? Well it certainly is if you want to be the coolest person on the block, but their degree of usefulness remains contentious among mobile enthusiasts, who’d prefer to see later generations of these devices before making a purchasing decision. But if you’re ready to grab ‘em while they’re novel, check out these contenders for the crown - plus a few sneaky additions you may enjoy.

Motorola Razr

Yes, this is the leader that kick-started all the fuss. The new Motorola Razr attempts to cash checks that took its old flip phones (back in 2004) all the way to the bank baby. If you didn’t have a flip phone back then, then it’s probably because all you could afford is a lousy second-tier Nokia.

The profile of the new Razr looks similar to the old one, slim fit to hold in your hand when closed. However, when opened up, you get a 6.2 inch foldable pOLED, HD display. It’s pretty gorgeous, and all foldable devices allow you to play HTML5 games in Oled glory, from casino games and slots to RPGs, and relaxing puzzle games. Plus, when closed, you can still take a selfie on the exterior screen too.

Is it worth the price tag? Go watch a bunch of YouTube reviews and check it out in a physical shop before making up your mind.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Are you a teenager or in your early twenties, or have one of these people to purchase for? If so, then the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the right purchase for eliciting squeals of glee. Watching the intro video for the phone, you’ll notice a purple hue to the flip phone, Billie Eilish pumping in the background, and references to items that appeal to this target audience - even avocado toast. Oh, and using it as a camera for your YouTube makeup tutorials. So many tropes in one ad. Is it making fun of itself? It it serious? Who’s to know!

Advertising aside, it’s fun for multitasking, as you can use one app on the top half of the flip and one app on the bottom half, and, the most important part, it’s small enough to fit in any pocket or mini purse.

Nintendo 3DS

Over phones yet? Those two really are the best out there, so why not get acquainted with a different device instead? Yes, we are aware that smartphones are good for gaming however they aren’t (usually) great or designed specifically for gaming, unlike the always playable Nintendo 3DS.

While the Switch has been the talk of Nintendo for the past few years, that’s no reason to sleep on the 3DS. It’s super affordable, is designed for gaming, with gaming pads and all, and, yes, it is foldable.

What kind of titles can you get on the latest Gameboy? You have a Kirby game, Detective Pikachu (plus a slew of other Pokemon titles to keep you busy), Luigi’s Mansion, Fire Emblem Warriors, Dragon Quest VIII, Final Fantasy Explorers and heaps more. Get into the game with this flip device that has proven its worthiness in the market for many years.

A wallet!

Hey, if you have extra money to spare, why not get a new wallet to hold it all in? If your old wallet is looking battered, then put in an upgrade here. When was the last time you got one of these babies? Is yours out of date or falling apart? While new tech seems pretty irresistible, sometimes we ignore the more pressing purchases that might just be right under our noses.

You can pair your wallet with or without a foldable or unfoldable phone. Do you really need a new phone yet? Or are you just captivated by a foldable screen? You can ponder this for some time as you look at your slick new wallet.