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Predictions for the mobile gaming market in 2018

Almost everyone that owns a mobile device these days has at least one gaming app downloaded, be it for traditional gaming or betting. With games, various sites and bookmakers like 1xbet, betting online has been made simpler to use and easier to navigate on the smaller mobile screens, gaming on the go is a convenient and enjoyable experience for many. There are now so many different games mobile games available on places like the Play Store and the App Store, you won’t believe how fast and how far mobile gaming has come from what they were, there are even places like All Car Leasing rounding up the most amazing racing games available on mobile gaming platforms, you can view the full list on their website. After another year of growth in the mobile sector, what does 2018 hold for the mobile gaming market?

AR here to stay

Pokemon Go, which was launched in 2016, has admittedly gone a bit stale. Many who played the augmented reality game from the beginning have grown bored of the common monsters and weren’t inspired by the legendary raid events that took place recently. Nevertheless, it’s still played all over the world, and Niantic is planning for more AR action to come in 2018.

Utilising another wildly popular franchise, Niantic will be releasing a Harry Potter AR game in 2018. Hopefully, the company has learned some lessons from Pokemon Go, which suffered a huge amount of problems in its foremost weeks and bring out a ready-to-go Harry Potter AR game for the world to enjoy.

Better betting apps

Almost every respected online betting site has an app for their gamers to play on the go. With apps for sports betting, casino gaming, and even for playing the lottery, people can get all of their gaming needs quickly via their apps.

However, with the field still being relatively new and operating systems updating and upgrading regularly, some betting apps have fallen behind. The mobile gambling market is growing at an exponential rate, with so many opting to play on the go, so the slower, less user-friendly apps will need to shape up and fast, as having a good app is crucial to keeping a player base these days. Also, the top of the range apps will be looking to stay at the top by fine-tuning their apps.

Higher quality games

Through 2017, console and PC video games held the majority of the global games market, with 58% to mobile gaming’s 42%. But, with the mobile gaming market expected to rise to $110 billion by 2018, it’s clear that people are making the most of mobile games.

With this surge in popularity, more top developers will be looking to make mobile games thanks to their relatively low cost to produce compared to the average video games production costs – such as that of Destiny ($500 million) or Grand Theft Auto V ($265 million) – and high revenue potential. This should result in higher quality mobile games being made as the better games will rise to the top of the very crowded mobile games marketplace and generate more revenue.

One very recent example of a very high-quality mobile game being released is South Park: Phone Destroyer. Created by Ubisoft (who also made The Stick of Truth, The Fractured But Whole, Watch Dogs, and Assassins Creed) Phone Destroyer has received stellar reviews through its first couple of weeks in circulation.

One of the reasons for this, alongside the much-loved South Park characters, is the fact that players can play on in continuously without needing to wait for energy to recharge. Add in the ability to earn cards – from which the game is based around – in regular play without needing to make microtransactions, as well as the unique and tactical gameplay, and it has the makings of a long-reigning chart-topper.

Hopefully, Phone Destroyer is a sign of more inventive, higher quality mobile games that have more immediate playing time available without the need to pay for more time on the game coming next year.

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2018, with increased quality hopefully being the focus thanks to the huge audience of mobile gamers ready to spend money on games.