The 5 Best Guest Posting Services to Dominate SEO

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Even though guest posting has become standard practice for people who want to grow their businesses organically, finding the best guest posting services has proved tricky. There are numerous spammy services, and identifying the right one from the vast sea of providers can prove pivotal for your SEO.

This is why I took it upon myself to research some renowned providers to see if they are worth your money. I budgeted $2,500 for each SEO company, prepared a few websites, and tasked them with improving each site’s ranking through guest posting. 

My research procedure was straightforward: I contacted each provider, tested the tools, and investigated their workflow, quality assurance, and output to give me a clear picture of how they’ll affect search engine rankings.

My research revealed that, indeed, there are numerous businesses in the market offering guest posting services, some of which are quite established while others are more recent. However, the most important thing to consider when choosing between these companies is how well they produce results.

I came up with my list after taking into account the following three criteria:

  • Quality control – I ensured that all of their bloggers, from the basic package up to the premium pricing packages, were being thoroughly vetted to ensure that they were genuine niche blogs with sizable organic traffic. 

I also confirmed that the keywords used to generate this organic traffic were relevant to the website’s niche, as spammy link and keyword usage has become increasingly common in recent years. 

  • Pricing – most guest posting services are rather pricey because they outsource work to freelancers and do not associate directly with the bloggers. When you factor in their rates, the prices almost double. 
  • Direct access and scalability – similarly, many agencies need more permanent in-house personnel and direct contact with bloggers. This can create problems as bloggers can sometimes remove the outbound links from their websites after a few months. 

RhinoRank emerged as the study’s undisputed winner, catapulting one of my niche sites into the top three for its primary KW after only three weeks. The other notable providers who made it into my list after analyzing the metrics for each delivered link are Niche Website Builders, Outreach Mama, Smash Digital, and Prosperity Media.

The complete analysis for each service provider and the reasoning behind my rankings are provided below. 

But first, let’s answer some of the persistent questions and clear any lingering doubts you might have.

What is a Guest Post Service? 

A guest post service is an agency that provides white-hat link-building strategies. The main goal of these strategies is to have your content published on another blog in exchange for a backlink. Guest posting services typically take care of everything, from contacting publishers to creating content.

Guest blogging will help you to:

  • Redirect visitors to your site.
  • Strengthen your online presence by connecting to authoritative websites.
  • Grow your company’s brand recognition and credibility
  • Network with other successful businesspeople.

In nearly all cases, the website hosting the guest content and the guest blogger benefit from the arrangement. To put it another way, if you join the guest blogging platform, you should also consider showcasing posts from other guest bloggers on your own website.

Can I Improve My SEO With Guest Posts?

A quick response: Establishing domain authority and climbing the search engine results pages (SERPs) can be accomplished through guest blogging, provided you exercise caution and consideration by only contributing high quality content to reputable websites.

However, many may worry that guest blogging will negatively affect their brand. This is due to the prevalence of “spam bloggers,” who offer financial incentives to blog owners in exchange for the right to publish low-quality content for link-building and search engine optimization (SEO). This is a big problem affecting the guest blogging industry and has caused many marketers to forego this strategy altogether.

For this reason, creating a guest blogging approach that improves your SEO equates to giving valuable, genuine, and quality information to educate readers rather than low-quality content that merely redirects people to your website.

Guest blogging is, therefore, a valuable strategy for boosting search engine rankings. Search engines assume that if someone else’s blog links back to your own site, it must contain useful and/or entertaining information for its users. Your blog will rise in Google’s PageRank as more people interact with it through comments, likes, and high quality links.

Are Guest Post Services Safe?

Yes, guest posting services are a safe way to build your SEO. In fact, it is recommended that you employ a guest posting service because they have perfected the procedure for obtaining high-quality guest post placements. But it’s essential to pick a reliable service, so do your homework.

It’s also cost-effective because you only have to shell out cash for guest blog posts that generate organic traffic. Doing it yourself would require you to pay for the services of graphic designers, writers, and search engine optimization experts. In addition, it would demand a significant amount of your time.

The 5 Best Guest Posting Services to Dominate SEO

Here are the five best guest posting services based on my research:

1. RhinoRank

Best Guest Posting Services

Rhino Rank‘s Guest Post system is fantastic. Rhino Rank’s relationship building is possible because they have a vast network of contacts that they use to help you or your business make connections that will result in mentions on prestigious, high-traffic websites and content. 

You can trust Rhino Rank’s excellent system because they thoroughly investigate your niche and website to gather as much relevant data as possible and provide you with only the most relevant high quality links.

Rhino Rank excels at introducing you to high-profile websites and individuals whose support and fanbase could prove pivotal for your venture. Lastly, the articles they pen are cutting-edge pieces of web content. You will definitely get your money’s worth here, as they employ a team of highly skilled writers. 

What they Promise

Many SEO firms offer guest posting services, but only some live up to their claims. Rhino Rank promises to get their clients featured on authoritative websites and in the articles of respected journalists, which, in turn, will increase the quality of the backlinks to their sites.

RhinoRank boosts your website rankings through its vast network of contacts. They also promise to deliver high quality guest posts through their team of professional writers.

Their Process 

  • You place your guest post orders.
  • Rhino Rank’s SEO specialists team studies your niche and website
  • They use the information gathered to plan a custom blogger outreach program for your website
  • The Rhino Rank team reaches out to journalists, website owners, business owners, and bloggers who run real, high authority sites relevant to your niche.
  • The team pitches niche-relevant ideas to the bloggers and convinces them to write high quality content for your websites.
  • Web admins approve the guest post
  • The Rhino Rank team then writes a high-quality blog with relevant and organic keywords to effectively promote your website’s SEO. 

Their Pricing

Best Guest Posting Services
  • DA 10+ at $75
  • DA 20+ at $95
  • DA 30+ at $120
  • DA 40+ at $205


  • The team at Rhino Rank consists of a plethora of brilliant writers.
  • They have responsive customer service.
  • They connect you to niche-relevant and authoritative websites
  • They are scalable and offer a pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • RhinoRank guarantees a quick turn-around time


  • Costs are incurred on a per-placement premise.
  • It can be expensive for individuals on a budget


It was clear that RhinoRank was the answer we’d been seeking. Their assistance was invaluable in optimizing my site and getting my products to the right people. Profitability makes it a worthy financial investment. I appreciate these guys’ efforts and believe I matter to them as a customer.

The RhinoRank team consistently went above and beyond to meet my guest posting needs. They are quick to respond, incredibly valuable and pragmatic, and always deliver high-quality connections. They are fantastic to work with and I highly recommend them for any SEO project you have!

  • Quality control: 5/5
  • Pricing: 4/5
  • Direct access and scalability: 5/5

2. Niche Website Builders

Best Guest Posting Services

Niche Website Builders is a web-based service that helps online business owners grow and improve by providing them with a full set of tools and a dedicated team of content creators, developers, and marketers. They are affordable, but you should still consider the required services and conduct a cost-benefit analysis before making a final purchase decision.

Niche Website Builders provide a high-quality guest posting service. They conduct manual outreach to discover the best websites in specific niches, where they place outbound links that significantly improve your search engine rankings.

There are no stagnant or overused repositories of web resources because they constantly update their system with the details of any new business relationships they make. 

When you use their guest posting service, they’ll have their in-house content team write a blog of your choosing and post it on a high-quality website, where you’ll get a backlink.

What they Promise

Despite the proliferation of similar businesses since its founding, Niche Website Builders remain the gold standard of all-in-one website management solutions.

Best Guest Posting Services

While other agencies may have specialized in just one facet of production or a narrow subset of websites, Niche Website Builders guarantee clients that they can handle virtually any site, regardless of how obscure.

Their Process

  • Choosing DR – You get to decide which reputable websites will host your outbound links. Options are available for customers of varying financial means.
  • 17+ point extensive screening process – Niche Website Builders thoroughly vet every website URL it creates with automated tools and human reviewers to ensure it lives up to their high standards for quality and authority.
  • Choosing word count – The length of your guest post is up to you (750, 1250, or 1750 words)
  • All inbound links are pre-approved – If you’ve signed up for their pre-approval service, they present you with every opportunity they find before they make any guest post placements.
  • Choosing web traffic levels – You get to decide whether you want a website url from a site with 1,000 visits, 5,000 visits, or more
  • Links from legitimate high authority sites – Thanks to their guest posting service, you get inbound links from high-quality websites they’ve researched and hand-picked.
  • Placement of followable, in-context links – Instead of being located in the article’s sidebar, footer, or author box, in-content links appears naturally within the text.

Their Pricing

Best Guest Posting Services
  • DR30+ from $150 per placement
  • DR45+ from $240 per placement
  • DR60+ from $310 per placement


  • The staff is skilled and experienced. 
  • They provide high-quality guest blogging services. 
  • The digital marketing blogs provided are niche relevant
  • High authority links are placed naturally within the blog
  • They guarantee high authority sites that rank well on Search engines. 


  • Most people find the services too expensive
  • Slow communication


I loved the experience with Niche Website Builders and would gladly use their services again. They were able to communicate adequately and provided a quality article that they linked to from my site. 

However, some of the connections were of low quality, but the good ones were fantastic.

  • Quality control: 5/5
  • Pricing: 3/5
  • Direct access and scalability: 5/5

3. Outreach Mama

Best Guest Posting Services

Outreach Mama provides a complete Guest Blogging Service, including guest post placement, outreach, and content creation. They provide high authority links from well-known digital marketing blogs to help you improve your search engine rankings. 

Outreach Mama employs both in-house and freelance writers to produce in-depth, informative content specific to each client’s industry. Then, it combines this content with outreach efforts to increase the likelihood of its publication on credible, high authority sites in your niche.

OutreachMama is excellent since it allows you to take as much or as little active part as you like. You can recommend websites for them to contact, block sites you don’t want to collaborate with, provide topical guidance, and impose other restrictions on their team. It’s also possible to step back and let them focus on what they do best while you focus on other projects.

Obviously, there are restrictions. You can give them some guidelines for the content they’re to generate and even provide them with a list of keywords to use, but you won’t be able to review it and either reject or approve it before it goes up. You must have faith that they can produce excellent material for you. They do this because they want to avoid delays caused by the client’s unpredictable pickiness and instead maintain timelines. 

What they Promise

Outreach Mama promises to take care of quest post placement, blogger outreach, and content creation. You may relax while they handle all SEO aspects of guest writing for you.

Best Guest Posting Services

They guarantee that your company’s name and products will be discussed in prominent business blogs. Using their guest posting service will boost your keyword ranks, increase website traffic, and raise your company’s profile in your field.

Their Process

Outreach Mama uses a five-step process:

  • Pick specific web pages to focus on – Outreach Mama collaborates with you to select the most relevant and engaging posts to feature in the guest post. They assist in the development of a solution if you don’t already have one. 
  • Identify relevant blogs for guest posting – They search their database and contact relevant industry blogs to identify guest posting opportunities and negotiate terms. The list is subject to your final approval.
  • Conceptualization and Proposal – As soon as you settle on a set of digital marketing blogs to pursue, they begin developing content concepts that adhere to the blogs’ standards and pitching them to the blog editors while keeping you in the loop.
  • Creating Original Content – Outreach Mama’s professional writers craft guest blog posts that adhere to their guidelines and advertise your company.
  • Reporting and Publication – They contact you when the articles containing your links go live. You can track your progress via monthly guest post reports that they send out.

Their Pricing

Outreach Mama offers the following guest post link-building packages:

Best Guest Posting Services
  • Five guest post links for $1,100
  • Ten guest post links for $2,100/Month
  • 15 guest post links for $3,000/Month


  • They are competitively priced
  • They write high quality guest posts
  • They provide links to authoritative sites
  • They let you choose the websites you want your guest blog posts on
  • They handle all aspects of guest posting


  • You can’t review the guest posts before they are published
  • Links can sometimes be deleted from the website


In a market flooded with similar services, many of which use dubious practices like cutting corners and charging exorbitant prices for the sake of profit alone, OutreachMama is a welcome exception. They have quickly risen to become one of the best guest posting services thanks to the small but devoted team of networking professionals, their pool of talented writers, and their ability to combine these resources effectively. 

I was generally happy with their services, other than not getting to review my guest posts before they were published.

  • Quality control: 4/5
  • Pricing: 5/5
  • Direct access and scalability: 4/5

4. Smash Digital

Best Guest Posting Services

Smash Digital has earned a solid reputation for being an innovative service provider that is quick to venture beyond the norm.

They have some radical opinions that contradict traditional thinking on what is often recognized as standard SEO services. Therefore their notions may only be for some. In spite of this, it is essential to remember that they still depend on guest posting to get the desired inbound links.

Smash Digital deserves a spot on the list, given its unique approach, which may strike a chord with some of you.

What they Promise

Site owners can make a lot of money online using guest posting effectively, but this can be challenging if you are new to the industry. Smash Digital aims to simplify the tedious elements of guest posting and make it a streamlined process so you can start making money online. 

Best Guest Posting Services

They understand that even though guest posting is a great SEO strategy, it can often be time-consuming. They take on this burden and offer their guest posting services with flexible packages.

With Smash Digital, you are guaranteed guest post links to authoritative sites that rank well on Google.   

Their Process

  • You place your guest post orders.
  • Smash Digital’s SEO specialists team studies your niche and website
  • They use the information gathered to plan custom blogger outreach services for your website
  • The Smash Digital team reaches out to journalists, website owners, business owners, and bloggers who run real sites relevant to your niche
  • The team pitches niche-relevant ideas to the bloggers and convinces them to write content for your websites
  • Web admins approve the guest post
  • The Smash Digital team then writes a high-quality blog with relevant and organic keywords to effectively promote your website’s SEO. 

Their Pricing

It will cost you around $600 per link to add your links to authoritative 50+ DA sites. As one goes lower on the DA scale, one should expect to pay less. 

Pricing begins at $1,199 a month for the most basic plan, which grants you access to a reporting tool that displays the current status of your links.


  • They deliver high quality guest posts
  • They have quick turnaround times
  • They provide guest post links to high authority websites
  • Working with them exposed me to new concepts that I had never considered previously because of the scope of their approach.
  • They have a skilled and dedicated team


  • Their services are expensive 
  • Slow communication


Smash Digital is an incredible agency for anyone who wants to optimize their SEO and increase website traffic. The diversity of services and good content quality make it possible for practically any business, regardless of the service’s intended use, to use it. 

However, their expensive rates are a turn-off for many, and some customers complain that communication could be faster and more responsive. 

  • Quality control: 4/5
  • Pricing: 3/5
  • Direct access and scalability: 4/5

5. Prosperity Media

Best Guest Posting Services

Prosperity Media believes in specializing in their industry rather than claiming to be “a jack of all trades.” Their sole focus in SEO is increasing their clients’ revenue from organic search results. They have a lot of experience using guest posts to create a sustainable return on investment for SEO in highly competitive areas.

Prosperity Media’s in-house team consists of professionals with extensive experience in search engine optimization and a knack for coming up with engaging content. They provide links from well-known blogs to help you improve your search engine rankings.

What they Promise

It takes a lot of effort to secure guest postings. Link acquisition from authoritative industry blogs requires keyword research into potential targets, contact with editors, pitching of guest blog ideas, and the persistent pursuit of links. Prosperity Media promises to simplify this tedious task for their clients by providing an easy-to-use solution that handles all aspects of publishing a guest article.

Best Guest Posting Services

They have numerous partners, and their number is expected to rise as their outreach service identifies other bloggers in your field. They look for blogs offering more than just backlinks, such as advertising space for developing businesses.

Their Process

  • You place your guest post orders.
  • Prosperity Media’s SEO specialists team studies your niche and website
  • They use the information gathered to plan custom blogger outreach services for your website
  • The Prosperity Media team reaches out to journalists, website owners, business owners, and bloggers who run real sites relevant to your niche
  • The team pitches niche-relevant ideas to the bloggers and convinces them to write content for your websites
  • Web admins approve the guest post
  • The Prosperity Media team then writes a high-quality blog with relevant and organic keywords to effectively promote your website’s SEO. 

Their Pricing

Prosperity Media’s prices are custom-made for your website’s specific SEO needs. Knowing what they can do and what it will cost gives you greater room for negotiating the price. Be sure to contact them for a price quote when determining your budget. 


  • Rather than using Black Hat methods, they stick to an ethical white hat SEO strategy.
  • They could articulate their capabilities, provide detailed explanations of their processes, establish reasonable goals for the undertaking, and exceed those goals.
  • Their team is resourceful and capable.
  • They deliver high quality guest posts.
  • They provide guest post links to high authority websites


  • The turnaround time is long
  • Slow communication 


Purchasing a package from Prosperity Media is a great way to increase your internet presence and reach. Most of their clients expressed great satisfaction with the results and were pleased by the quality of their guest posts. 

However, the slow turnaround time puts it below other providers in my rankings. 

  • Quality control: 4/5
  • Pricing: 3/5
  • Direct access and scalability: 3/5

Bottom Line

Currently, the most proactive strategy for obtaining backlinks is to conduct custom blogger outreach and publish guest posts on relevant authoritative websites. Regrettably, this is time-consuming and requires expertise and patience. 

The resources we’ve compiled here will be useful to you as you seek out guest posting services.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is guest posting Black Hat SEO?

I can’t categorize guest posting as either blackhat or whitehat; it all boils down to the guest post’s intended purpose or the way it’s typically practiced. 

Guest blogging is publishing your work on another person’s website in exchange for exposure and possibly a link back to your own. It is considered a white hat if the guest blogger can establish their expertise, produce high quality guest posts, and provide genuine value to their target audience.

On the other hand, guest posting is considered a black hat technique when it is used to demand unwarranted additional value, avoid necessary checks and balances, or abuse search engine loopholes. Black hat SEO also includes guest posting solely for link building tactics. 

Does Google penalize guest posts?

As Google has made clear, guest posts are acceptable. This strategy is only problematic when the goal is to increase organic search rankings primarily through link building to the website itself. 

If you’re trying to trick Google into delivering you free, organic search traffic, you’ll want to avoid spam and black hat SEO techniques at all costs. Many marketers and bloggers resort to plagiarizing others’ work or writing material riddled with inappropriate keywords to rank higher in search results. However, readers will not gain anything of value from such posts.

Some digital marketers also use low-quality private blogs or unrelated sites to distribute blog posts. As an illustration, they might publish a weight-loss-related guest post on a blog unrelated to health and fitness and then link to a sales page for kitchenware. That’s ludicrous and serves no purpose for the readers. Likewise, it will be a bad converter.

People will only use Google to find credible information if it maintains a spammy content ranking. For this reason, Google penalizes such sites. Therefore, if you want to do guest blogging properly and keep your Google rankings intact, you shouldn’t resort to those spammy, antiquated black hat SEO techniques.

Google has been known to take action against specific types of links that are built in bulk. As such, we’d recommend combining guest posts with other types of links – such as niche edits, directory links, editorial links, HARO links etc.

Is guest posting still effective?

Yes, guest blogging is a highly effective tactic when it comes to search engine optimization. Guest posting is great for search engine optimization since it introduces your content or brand to a larger target audience and generates connections to your site.

How long should a guest post be?

Approximately 500-1000 words.

The best guest posts are informative, varied in length, and on-topic. However, some argue that guest blogs should be far longer than the typical 500–1000 words. Around 2500 words, at the very least. Evidence suggests that having more content on your website increases its chances of ranking highly in Google search results.

What is the difference between a guest post and sponsored post?

Guest posts are articles you create for other websites with a wider target audience than yours. The objective is to disseminate valuable knowledge and elevate your profile as an expert in your field. 

On the other hand, sponsored articles advertise your brand by paying a fee to a website.  You’ll be responsible for most of the articles, but the site may occasionally take over for you. Overall, it’s a more straightforward approach to branding and advertising.

Why is guest posting one of the best options in SEO?

Guest posting is one of the best SEO strategies because it has numerous benefits. They include increased exposure for your business, additional visitors to your site via links in the guest post, credibility as an authority figure, and improved search engine optimization (SEO) through backlinks.

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