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Three Gaming Franchises that have been Revitalised by New Online Releases

2017 has been a fantastic year of game releases online for gamers worldwide, breathing new life into some of the longest-standing gaming franchises that have required a much-needed uplift and a new lease of life. Let’s take a look at three of the most world-renowned gaming titles to release something new to the online gaming community in recent months.

1. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has only been available for a little over a month on PC but already it has captured the imagination of the online gaming community. This online-only multiplayer game is already one of the top ten most viewed games on the Twitch live streaming network. As with the original, Destiny 2 is made up of live online gaming in two formats – player versus environment and player versus player action – the latter of which has become an iconic form of live online gaming today. Destiny 2 fanatics stream their own gameplay live to thousands of Twitch viewers every day in very similar high-definition quality to the immersive streams of online casino live games best in UK, in terms of the clarity of audio and visuals, to teach and inspire fellow gamers.

The Destiny franchise marked the first console franchise for developers, Bungie since their all-conquering Halo series. Further good news for fans of this new mythical sci-fi world is that the Destiny franchise is going nowhere fast. Bungie and Activision signed a ten-year agreement with at least one more title likely to come to market before the turn of the decade.

2. Call of Duty: WWII

The Call of Duty franchise experienced significant criticism following the launch of last year’s space-influenced Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The release was considered too bombastic and extravagant and fanatics feared the game’s developers, Sledgehammer Games were veering too far away from its roots. Fortunately, Sledgehammer Games appeared to listen carefully to its customers, designing an intriguing and hard-hitting return to World War II for 2017.

Call of Duty: WWII also reverts to the popular first-person shooter series which has been received very positively not only be its long-standing fans but the gaming community as a whole. The heart-wrenching campaign mode is particularly powerful, playing an American soldier named Red Daniels, who just wants to make his girl back home proud. An impressive new multiplayer mode, War, has also taken things to another level. The concept is that one multiplayer team is on the attack while the other is defending and standing its ground in three different scenarios. The teams switch sides after two rounds, giving you the chance to experience both aspects in fascinating detail. Online multiplayer is as difficult as ever, so you might want to get some practice in on an Aim trainer before you start playing online.

3. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

It has been three years since Ubisoft published a game from the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon tactical-shooter franchise. Phantoms was considered a major flop by the game’s publishers and developers in 2014, so much so that it was decided to shut it down on December 1, 2016, citing development issues which prevented the title from reaching the Nintendo Wii U. Fast forward 36 months and we’re delighted to say the latest release has restored our faith in the franchise.

With a shed-load of action for both single player and online co-op play, Wildlands is a much-needed return to form for Ubisoft. It’s lightyears away from Advanced Warfighter both in terms of its location in the heart of the Bolivian mountains and the way in which it plays. It’s arguably the most cliched storyline in the Ghost Recon franchise, but if you can look beyond that and enjoy the thrill-a-minute action rather than acting as the stealthy practitioner then you will be as rewarded as we were!

These gaming franchises will by no means be the first or the last to go off the rails and find their feet once again; we’re just relieved that they took the time to rediscover the soul of these games which have captured the imagination of millions worldwide.